9 front-line female medical staff of war epidemic shaved their hair

 9 front-line female medical staff of war epidemic shaved their hair

In order to fully support Hubei Province in carrying out the medical treatment of pneumonia epidemic caused by new coronavirus infection, on February 6, receiving the emergency notice from the superior, we went to Wuhan for support. The East Hospital of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xian Jiaotong University quickly set up a medical assistance team to prepare medical materials, pack and pack luggage, and conduct personal protection training. The team was assembled in the first time and ready for delivery.

Female medical staff shaved their hair. Supply map

In order to save the time of wearing and taking off protective clothing and reduce the possibility of infection, the east hospital immediately recruited hair cutting volunteers to cut hair for all the members of the expedition.

At 7:00 on February 7, 15 medical staff of the East Hospital, as members of the Hubei anti epidemic medical team supported by the First Affiliated Hospital of Xian Jiaotong University, joined the rescue team of the general hospital and rushed to Wuhan, the first line of the epidemic.

For the first time, the team members who participated in such rescue dare not relax at all. Under the guidance of the team leader, they seriously carried out the protection training and practical exercise. Through careful and rigorous training, the team members have mastered various skills. After trying on the protective clothing, everyone felt that the hair was too cumbersome. It happened that a teacher brought a pusher to push the hair, so everyone shaved their hair and put it into the fight against the new coronavirus pneumonia in a full working state.

Female medical staff cut their heads and shaved their heads: lets have a look at Wuhan when my hair is long and flowing

A few days ago, 228 medical and nursing personnel from the medical team of Xian International Center Hospital, which was well-known in Wuhan, decided to cut their hair collectively for the convenience of wearing protective clothing. In the temporary barber shop of the hotel, three barbers worked for 11 and a half hours, cutting flat or even bareheaded heads for the team members. A female team member said, I can grow my hair again after I have a haircut. When my hair is long and flowing, Ill have a look at Wuhan. Salute!