Hot wire! Hong Kong legislator: Li Bo has been discharged from hospital

 Hot wire! Hong Kong legislator: Li Bo has been discharged from hospital

Peifan went to visit Li Sheng and Li Tai yesterday. Li Sheng told me that there were many skin parts not buried in the mouth after the last skin grafting on his left hand. The doctor suggested another skin grafting operation. But Li Sheng said that the previous experience was too painful. Besides the pain of the wound after the skin grafting, the place where the skin was cut on the thigh would also be very painful, so he didnt want to do the skin grafting operation again. Now the wound on his left hand should be cleaned every day , let the skin grow slowly, hope no more surgery.

Li Sheng said that other skin grafts and cut thigh wounds are not too painful, but often very itchy. However, there are still many left-hand wounds and serious edema. A slight touch of the joint will cause great pain. The right hand should continue to wear pressure gloves, but it will swell and generate blisters. After the blisters break, the wound should be handled carefully. At present, Li Shengs hands are not fully extended and his fingers are not flexible. The newly grown skin will pull when he is depressed and moving, and the new skin is tender. Occasionally, he will have some pain when pulling, and the chest and neck will have similar situations. During this visit, I found that the ears on both sides of Lisheng were not the same size. After careful questioning, I found that the left ear shell of Lisheng had also been burned, so the left ear was thinner than the right ear. Fortunately, it had no effect on hearing.

Li Sheng is very happy to be able to go home and walk around more, but still dare not drink the beer he has always wanted to drink. He said that it would be good to be with his family. Ask him how he felt when he recalled being burned that day. He said that he was a little impulsive at that time, but he would not be afraid in the future. When he met with injustice, he would still stand up. He did not do anything wrong. He slept well when the wound was not marked. The police have come to collect the confession. Li Sheng hopes to get the murderer and bring him to justice as soon as possible.

Yesterday Pei fan handed over the citizens wish card and the fourth batch of cheques to Li Tai and Li Sheng. Thank you for your care and support. I hope you can keep healthy under the haze of new pneumonia. Thank you for your wifes care. The road to recovery is long. Lets continue to cheer for the Li Sheng family!

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