Wanghong mansion has 5 living rooms and European style square shoes, which cant be put away

 Wanghong mansion has 5 living rooms and European style square shoes, which cant be put away

As we all know, the house price in Beijing is quite terrible. Take her dog kennel for example, a 10 square meter space is worth 500000 yuan. No wonder people say they cant even afford a toilet in Beijing. Its hard to buy a kennel with the money of a housewife.

The whole house has five living rooms, and the outdoor courtyard is also made into a small European style square. At first glance, it looks like a wish pool in Roman holiday. Square is very open and sunny all day. Sitting here and drinking afternoon tea is like a ladys enjoyment.

The masters bedroom is on the second floor. Although the decoration is not perfect, it cant hide its moat air. On the surface, the dresser is very simple. In fact, the drawer is filled with all kinds of big brand cosmetics, even the bathroom drawer, which is all big and small beauty instruments. Dont say to live in a million mansions, the household elder sister just has these drawers to be happy.

Her cloakroom is on the lower floor. Jeans occupy several drawers inside. It is also divided into blue department, black department, wide leg pants, water dyeing... All kinds of famous brand bags are classified and put in different wall cabinets. My friend conservatively estimated the value of the whole house, which is equivalent to a Bentley~

Unlike us, the number of rich peoples goods is calculated by the room area. Because there are too many shoes, she specially arranged a room for shoes. However, I didnt expect that there were so many shoes that I couldnt even fit them in the room, so I had to throw away more than 20 pairs. We may think that there is so much space here. Its OK to put it down. But in the eyes of rich people, beauty is more important than storage.

The overall layout of her home is still a little bit confusing. The bedroom is on the second floor, the cloakroom is on the lower floor, but the shoes are on the lower floor. She has to take the elevator to change clothes every day after getting up. Its too troublesome to go out of the door at ordinary times. To learn more about the interior view of the mansion, please see the atlas below