Chinese couple in Japan to buy 2 suites for 15 years

 Chinese couple in Japan to buy 2 suites for 15 years

The documentary why I live here once introduced the story of a Chinese couple struggling in Japan. Around 2000, Mr. Zhou and Mrs. Zhou came to Japan to study. They were looking forward to their jobs after graduation. However, Japanese enterprises at that time seldom recruited foreign employees. Although both husband and wife studied in famous universities, they could not find good jobs after graduation, so they had to work in food factories.

After countless dark moments, the couple finally ushered in a glimmer of dawn after more than ten years of struggle. With their accumulated savings and resources over the years, they jointly set up a real estate company, lived a relatively comfortable life, and took a pair of daughters from home to Japan, a family reunion.

Now, their family of four live in a senior apartment in Yokohama. The surrounding environment is very good, clean and quiet. The size of the house is not large, the pattern of two rooms and one hall looks quite advanced as a whole. It costs about 3 million yuan to buy it.

The apartment has a very good landscape, the interior layout is compact but not crowded, from the kitchen to the bathroom, every detail can see the intimate and clever Japanese storage.

If you think that you can only afford to live in this small room after so many years of struggle, its a big mistake! The couple also bought a traditional Japanese style villa in the countryside, and planned to transform it into a home stay. When there were no guests, they spent their holidays.

This house has a history of hundreds of years, but it is well preserved. It has a gate, tatami and big Kang Table Just like the house I saw in Japanese animation when I was a child. There are still many old objects in the house, such as the medal of the 19th Meiji period, the old puppets, and the antique paintings

There is also a hundred year old well in the yard! And such a house, only needs about 1 million yuan to be able to earn money~

To see the interior view of the two houses and learn about the inspirational story of the couple, please poke the atlas below