Youve taken our festivals, not our reunions

 Youve taken our festivals, not our reunions

In this greeting, the verbs are not used correctly. What is hiding. We are fighting. The deeper we hide, the more stable we are, and the earlier and faster the virus goes.

So far, there is no sign of the virus retreating. This guy is cunning and stubborn. This resistance war is still in the stage of strategic stalemate, with fierce attack and defense. It can be seen from the evening news broadcast that the central guidance group actually inspected the reconstruction of leishenshan hospital and the other two centralized isolation points on the Lantern Festival, demanding that all receivables be collected without delay.

The epidemic data on this day is still grim, with 2656 newly confirmed cases and 3916 suspected cases. However, in the three days before looking back, the number of confirmed cases was 3694, 3143 and 3399 respectively, and the number of suspected cases was 5328, 4833 and 4214 respectively. There seems to be a slow decline in growth. The number of newly diagnosed cases outside Hubei Province has dropped for 5 days. It is expected that this trend will be consolidated in the next few days.

Many people are concerned about when the turning point will come. Even the most authoritative and credible experts are cautious. The change of the epidemic situation is very complicated. It is a serious scientific problem to judge the turning point, which must be clearly grasped by the campaign headquarters. However, there is a judgment that we can make with common sense: as long as we have firm confidence and work together in the same boat, every day we fight, we are one day closer to the turning point.

The efforts of the Chinese people are in the eyes of the whole world. U.N. Secretary General Guterres said Tuesday at the headquarters of the African Union in Addis Ababa that China has made remarkable efforts to curb the spread of the new coronavirus. Four days earlier, at a press conference at the UN headquarters in New York, he fully recognized Chinas efforts to prevent and control the epidemic and called on the international community to work together.

Lantern Festival, the climax of emotional release of hundreds of millions of people, appears at night. In the folk custom, the night of Shangyuan should be a night of watching lights and reunion. This night this year, it was said that we have lost a certain sense of Reunion - warriors fighting in the front line of anti epidemic, more people cant go to the garden, watch the lights, and get together at home. In fact, from another point of view, we have not lost the Reunion - a small family that sticks to its purpose, is more closely reunited; a body that cannot be reunited, but a heart that is more closely reunited.

At night, many landmark buildings in many cities across the country lights up, full of China refuels and Wuhan refuels. This is an unforgettable unique Lantern Festival. Under the neon, although there are few people and cars on the street, there is a warm current. Coronavirus, you take away our festival and our reunion.

There was no audience at the Lantern Festival Party of CCTV, and the theme was anti epidemic. Journalists and artists alternately appeared on the stage, emotional reports, poetry recitation and other touching. At present, the news content of the evening party is very high. News Hosts and artists are telling stories about people and things from the front line of anti epidemic. Those who have names and surnames, who dont remember their names, but those who fight are ordinary heroes.

It seems that after more than ten days in the house, everyone has a big appetite. After defeating the epidemic situation, we really have to eat 12345 meals, and help the employees of the catering enterprises who are not easy to stick to recover their income.

On the night of the Lantern Festival, the owner of a catering company recorded a video of greeting to his employees and swiped it. His employees are very lovely and take the initiative to write a letter to the boss saying that they will not be paid during the shutdown. The boss tore up the letter in public in the video, saying that we will share weal and woe with each other if the salary is paid as it is. Brighter end of videou2014u2014

The boss said, Im confident in winning the resistance war. He earnestly urged the employees to study hard and study the business as soon as possible, because there are not many days when you can make money while lying down.