U.S. media hype China or buy Su 57, focus on different capabilities and j-20 equipment at the same time

 U.S. media hype China or buy Su 57, focus on different capabilities and j-20 equipment at the same time

At last years lima-2019, Viktor kladov, a senior executive of Russias State Technology Group, said of the future arms trade between China and Russia: China has received 24 Su-35 fighters ordered. In the next two years, China needs to decide whether to buy more Su-35 fighter planes and actually produce and assemble them at home or buy a new fifth generation fighter plane. This may be an export opportunity for su-57e fighters.

At present, it is not clear what is the difference between the foreign trade version of the su-57e fighter and the su-57 basic model. Russia originally planned to deliver its first mass-produced su-57 fighter to the Russian army by the end of 2019. Russian arms export companies have begun to engage with major potential customers and conduct long and complex procurement negotiations.

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Its too early for Russia to push the su-57 fighter to the international weapons market as soon as it enters the production cycle, but its not without benefits. First, if a high-profile contract can be signed with China in advance, there will be a positive spillover effect, which will stimulate the interest of other potential customers. Chinas potential purchase of the su-57 fighter may have caused a stir in public opinion in India, but it remains to be seen whether it will stimulate Indias purchase of the aircraft. Secondly, it needs to be clarified that the Russian military industry is building a long-term development plan with the su-57 fighter as the core. Its goal is not to let the Russian aviation forces purchase the aircraft in large quantities in a short period of time, but to use the su-57 to phase out the old fighter, so that the su-57 will become the main air superiority fighter of Russia in the coming decades. The ability to export is crucial to the plan, as the proceeds from the sale of the Su -57 can be reinvested to further expand the production, parts supply and logistics chain of the aircraft.

According to the report, the benefits of exporting the su-57 to Russia are obvious, but what needs more careful consideration is what China can get. At present, the Chinese air force has equipped j-20 fighters. It is believed that the j-20 and su-57 can serve in the same air force because they have different operational roles. Previously, David Akers, a military expert in national interest magazine, analyzed that the j-20 is a fast and penetrating combat platform, that is to say, the goal of j-20 is to break through complex air defense systems and target key infrastructure or ground teams. This is a completely different concept from the su-57. The su-57 fighter is an air superiority platform, which can use the stealth characteristics to realize the incomparable air combat potential. However, some defense experts are skeptical about whether the Chinese air force is interested in purchasing su-57 fighters.

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