Several facts behind the death of Li Wenliang

 Several facts behind the death of Li Wenliang

1u3001 Why did Li Wenliang die?

Seriously, I was really surprised and shocked to see the news of Li Wenliangs death! Because according to the early published death cases of new crown pneumonia, most of them are middle-aged and elderly people with poor physical quality and complications, while young adults like Li Wenliang, who are only 34 years old, have good physical quality and immune function, if not destroyed, they should not die.

But I recall that I once saw an interview about him and felt relieved, or that his death was unexpected and expected. Because he mentioned in that interview that he took a lot of Western medicine, including antibiotics, hormones and antiviral drugs. One of them is immunoglobulin, which is very expensive, and the dosage is very large. It costs 56000 yuan every day.

Of course, the cost is not as big as that of Ridgway, who is said to be a 24-hour effective special drug by rumor media recently. Redceway is said to cost 40000 yuan per 100cl, which is much more expensive than gold and more money than robbing banks. And please note that this is a specially developed anti Ebola drug, which has not passed the clinical verification. Of course, in the clinical trial stage, according to the internationally accepted rules, it should be free of charge.

The expensive western medicine will bring the double blow of body and spirit to the patients. On the one hand, the western medicine such as antibiotics and hormones will bring harm to peoples body. It is the third poison of the medicine. The side effect of the western medicine is especially big. As I said in yesterdays article, during the period of SARS, more than half of the patients in Beijing left the sequela after using the western medicine. On the other hand, anxiety caused by economic pressure will also damage the immune system, and even lead to despair and suicide. The treatment cost of nearly ten thousand yuan per day is not something that ordinary working families can afford for a long time. As long as they are poor, they will know what kind of suffering it is. The suffering itself will worsen the disease and hurt the immune system until their lives are destroyed.

Li Wenliang was infected with the new coronavirus when he received an 82 year old patient on January 8, and began to have fever and other symptoms and receive treatment on January 10, which has been 28 days so far. In such a long time, if he does not take western medicine all the time, but tries Chinese medicine, it is likely to be cured!

Yesterday, I mentioned Mr. Deng Tietao. Deng Yingqiu, one of his disciples, and his wife, both medical staff, were infected with SARS virus during the reception. Later, they took the traditional Chinese medicine he prescribed. After only ten days, they recovered. They continued to fight against SARS. In fact, they are the doctors and nurses who recover from SARS and snipers who fight against SARS. Because they have antibodies in their bodies, they will no longer be afraid of SARS.

In the fight against the new crown epidemic, TCM also played an important role and achieved good results. According to statistics, as of 0:00 on February 5, 214 cases were treated with Qingfei Paidu Decoction in four pilot provinces, three days as a course of treatment, the total effective rate was more than 90%, of which more than 60% of the patients symptoms and imaging performance improved significantly, 30% of the patients symptoms were stable and no aggravation.

In fact, all over the country use cases cured with traditional Chinese medicine. The curative effect of pneumonia No.1 developed in Guangdong is more reliable than that of radcivir, but there is no media competing to publicize it. The media would rather blow up the double Huanglian whirlwind to make rumors of radcivir, rather than publicize pneumonia No.1 as a symptomatic traditional Chinese medicine.

2u3001 Who was the first Whistler?

Most of todays media are emphasizing the identity of Li Wenliang as a whistleblower when they report his death, but none of them report that he is a Communist Party member. The term whistleblower comes from overseas. Three days ago, German media Frankfurt report published a signed article entitled erschlugals erster alarm, in which the author called Dr. Li Wenliang hero. He also expressed sincere admiration for the efforts of eight rumor makers including Li Wenliang.

Later, British and American media began to call Li Wenliang a whistleblower, and the import was transferred to domestic sales. New media, etc. successively called Li Wenliang a whistleblower with great honor. How many people know Doctor Zhang Jixian who found and reported the epidemic? How many people know that Dr. Song Yingjie, the first one to fall on the front line of anti epidemic? If something goes wrong, there must be a demon!

Obviously, Comrade Zhang Jixian, not Li Wenliang, was the first to report the epidemic. Why Zhang Jixian?

Lets take a look at Zhang Jixians schedule for reporting the epidemic situation. According to Mr. Shi Wei, on December 26, Dr. Zhang Jixian found pneumonia patients caused by unknown virus when he received the doctor. He felt strange and was acutely aware of the problem. On December 27, Zhang Jixian reported to the president in charge in time. At the same time, the hospital immediately reported to Jianghan District CDC.

On December 28 and 29, another 4 patients with the same symptoms were added, all from the South China seafood market. Zhang Jixian acutely realized that the situation was not right, and immediately reported to the hospital, and suggested that the hospital hold a multi department consultation.

On the afternoon of December 29 (Sunday), the hospital decided to report directly to the disease control office of the provincial and municipal health and Health Commission. After receiving the report, the disease control department of the provincial and Municipal Health Committee responded quickly and instructed Wuhan CDC, Jinyintan hospital and Jianghan CDC to go to the hospital to start epidemiological investigation.

On December 30, Wuhan Municipal Health Committee issued an internal notice.

On December 31, Wuhan health and Health Commission officially (and for the first time) announced that viral pneumonia had been found in Wuhan area, and the patients had been isolated for treatment, and pointed out that the viral pneumonia was related to the seafood market in South China.

He is the real Whistler of Wuhan new crown pneumonia

From this schedule, Zhang Jixians response is very fast and in line with professional norms. He made great contributions in finding the epidemic situation and reporting it in time. In contrast, Li Wenliangs Wuhan Central Hospital confirmed seven patients with new crown before December 30 (the seven patients cant be confirmed in a day, and the time it takes to receive patients may be earlier than that of Zhang Jixians Hubei integrated hospital of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine), but it didnt report it in time. After Li Wenliangs incident, it admonished him and didnt ask for medical staff The leaders of the hospital obviously failed to do their best to protect them. However, the media never paid attention to this point. They all took Wuhan public security as an example to suppress eight rumor mongers, which covered up the fact that the leaders of Wuhan Central Hospital might be derelict.

On December 30, 2019, Li Wenliang released the epidemic in his classmates wechat group. The seven patients were all related to the South China fruit and seafood market and isolated in the emergency department of Houhu hospital area of their hospital. His motivation and purpose of releasing information may be to remind his classmates and family members to pay attention to preventing this. This time was three days later than Zhang Jixians report of the epidemic, and also after the official epidemiological investigation and the internal notification issued by Wuhan Health Care Commission.

This is the problem. Li Wenliang reminded all the students in the group not to spread it outside, so that their families and relatives could take precautions. But soon someone leaked it, and his wechat chat record spread all over the Internet, and also spread abroad. The anti Chinese forces outside China naturally get the treasure, and all kinds of rumors are fabricated!

Rumors naturally brought social panic. After receiving the report, Wuhan Public Security Bureau was reasonable to intervene in the investigation, because panic is actually more terrible than virus. According to the current law, the authority to issue the epidemic situation of infectious diseases is vested in the State Council. Lets think about it. If the public can release the epidemic information at will, there will be chaos in the world. Every day, there will be rumors to release all kinds of epidemic information.

Therefore, for the foreign media, he is a whistleblower, but for the mainland people, in fact, he is not, because on December 31, Wuhan health and Health Commission issued an official announcement to the outside world, the procedure is actually very fast, and has nothing to do with Li Wenliang. Because Wuhan health and Health Commission reported the epidemic situation to the superior government before Li Wenliang, from the municipal level to the provincial level, then to the central level, and then back, obviously it could not be reported on December 31. Therefore, the contribution of Li Wenliangs wechat chat in the disclosure of epidemic information cannot be overstated.

Li Wenliang must have been treated unfairly, especially because he was on CCTV and was stigmatized like seven other rumor mongers. But this kind of passive involvement is not really a great grievance. After all, it is only to assist in the investigation and has not been punished. We dont have to exaggerate his grievances. In particular, we should guard against people with ulterior motives using this matter to attack the government and the system, and shape him into an anti system hero.

3u3001 Beware of overseas media that eat human blood steamed bread

Li Wenliangs death is a tragedy. As ordinary people, we should not only mourn him, but also turn grief into strength, win the national anti epidemic war wholeheartedly, eliminate the new coronavirus as soon as possible, lift the closure and separation as soon as possible, and return a prosperous, progressive and free China to us as soon as possible!

We should be alert to all the articles and rumours that aim at the government and the system to mourn Li Wenliang! We can criticize the inaction and dereliction of duty of government officials in a practical and realistic way, but we cant enlarge this criticism, which is brought by the external media to a rhythm, turned into a negative system, and denied the color revolution of the government.

This is the Nobel Peace Prize

This is Harvards flag at half mast

This is a fund. Its built with you. Go to Han Hong and ask for it. She raised 300 million yuan

Now some people are harbouring misfortunes, even putting forward the so-called five major appeals. They dont care about Chinas anti epidemic situation at all. Their goal is to create panic and confusion, to separate our cadres and masses, and to destroy our national anti epidemic war!

This is a war of public opinion. Those foreign media label Li Wenliang as a whistleblower and portray him as a hero against the system, just like those doctors who carry coffins or corpses. They are all villains who eat human blood bread.

You cant be too CNN

They created all kinds of ridiculous rumors, including the public letter of help from Li Wenliangs wife Fu Xuejie, Li Wenliangs injustice before his death, his body was tortured by electric shock after his death, and all kinds of sensational rumors. If you want to see the picture, you can add my assistant wechat study8786 to watch it. If you look disgusted, this man has no moral bottom line. The mainland is not Hong Kong. Dont underestimate the awareness of the mainland people!

Its a prophecy. Maybe he really went to save the earth. Lets wish him good luck

In fact, as long as we think about it, song Yingjie, the first young man in Hunan who died in the front line of anti epidemic, is only 28 years old. Why didnt foreign media report? Zhang Jixian, the first to report the epidemic, stuck to his post and sounded the first epidemic alarm for the country and society. Why didnt foreign media say that he was the whistleblower of the new crown of the epidemic? Think more, we will understand everything!

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