Everton are going to be taken to the Champions League

 Everton are going to be taken to the Champions League

Everton took the lead in 18 minutes. Walcott forced a breakthrough on the right side and sent a precise cross. Bernard volleyed through the middle of the penalty area.

In 51 minutes, Crystal Palace equalised. Zhaha made a straight pass in the middle of the field. Bentek shot low from the right foot of the penalty area. The ball went into the net from the crotch of Everton goalkeeper. The goal was benteks first goal of the season.

In the 88th minute, Everton secured the victory 3-1. In the left corner pass of Daniele, Richardson hit the crossbeam with a header, and Calvert Lewin shot in from close range.

In this game, there was a funny scene. Walcott left the field in the 26th minute injured, Ancelotti quickly replaced Sidibe. But Sidibe forgot to wear socks on his left leg. At the referees warning, he hurried back to the dressing room to wear socks. Ancelotti once gazed at Sidibes smooth left leg. There must be something in the Italians heart that he didnt know how to say

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