Manchester United midfielder claims there is a big problem in the dressing room

 Manchester United midfielder claims there is a big problem in the dressing room

Manchester United are only eighth in the Premier Leagues latest standings, six points behind Chelsea, who are fourth. Supercomputer predicts they will be eighth this season, just as they are now. United will not be in Europe next season if they fail to win the FA Cup. For this century old giant, the situation is undoubtedly very embarrassing.

Fred told himself in public: we (Manchester United) lack a lot of things. First of all, we need to improve our performance on the pitch. We lack creativity, especially in midfield. In addition, we have to play as a whole. There is a lack of unity in our team. We have too many problems

Impetuosity is also a big problem in our team. We must stop running like this and try our best on the field. We need to set a goal, then focus on that goal, to fight. We have to work hard together, there are some players in the team who have different goals. In addition, some players always think of solving problems by themselves (alone), which is wrong Fred said.

United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is also on pins and needles because of his poor record. The Daily Mail said pochetino was still waiting for Manchester Uniteds call and the Argentinean has been at home since being sacked by Tottenham in November. Solskjaer will be fired if United fail to make it to the top six this season. At that time, pochetinos chance will come.

The daily mirror said bochettino is not in a hurry to find a home. He still wants to return to the Premier League, and Manchester United are undoubtedly the best place to go. Before, Manchester United had considered pochetino, but manager SOHO did not lead the teams fault, so the senior United decided to look again.

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