How to build a hospital in 10 days

 How to build a hospital in 10 days

How to do it?

February 2, 10 days for infrastructure maniacs

The huoshenshan hospital was built in a vacant lot

February 6, after 10 days and nights of hard work

Leishenshan hospital passed the acceptance and gradually handed over

Xiaoxin keeps records for you all the time

u2192 construction of Wuhan huoshenshan hospital

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Combing the construction process of huoshenshan hospital

Sorted out the manual of incomplete construction of Huoshen mountain

Show us the power behind the miracle

Incomplete manual of Huoshen mountain construction

Expedition (gale song) GEM expedition (gale song)

First of all, you need an urgent order: under the leadership of CSCEC, Wuhan Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Wuhan Municipal Administration, Hanyang municipal administration and other enterprises participate in the construction, command 7500 builders and nearly 1000 mechanical equipment on the beach slope of 50000 square meters by the Zhiyin Lake in Wuhan, and establish a military status for all Chinese and the suffering people of Wuhan - ten days, build a 1000 bed building The hospital for help.

Then you need Beijing Zhongyuan International Engineering Design and Research Institute to complete the design and construction drawings of Xiaotangshan Hospital 17 years ago in 78 minutes. Then it was submitted to Wuhan CITIC Architectural Design Institute without reservation, and Dr. Huang Xige, a national survey and design master, repeatedly told the gain and loss of experience.

You need CITIC Architectural Design Institute to convene 60 designers within one hour, set up public welfare projects, contact hundreds of BIM designers across the country to participate in the battle, and make every effort to fight: come up with the design plan within 24 hours, and negotiate with the construction unit to finalize the construction drawing paper within 60 hours.

You need Wuhan aviation development group to quickly enter the site and start the construction of site leveling, roads and drainage works; at the same time, an emergency engineering construction team composed of many industry leading enterprises, such as high-energy environment, Dongfang Yuhong, Xingyuan environment and Yinjiang environmental protection, is responsible for the construction of anti-seepage works, sewage treatment and medical waste transfer facilities; and also calls for the construction of China Railway under China Railway Industry in the most difficult time Heavy industry Co., Ltd. and China Railway 11th Bureau and 14th Bureau under China Railway Construction Group rushed to increase aid to catch up with the construction period.

You need Yiwei lithium energy. Before the completion of the power cable laying, you need to provide an emergency silent generator car to solve the emergency power supply problem of key equipment such as communication base station.

You need Huawei, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, China Tower, China Electronics, China information technology and other front and rear enterprises to work closely and cooperatively. After completing 5g signal coverage in 36 hours, you also need to deliver computing and storage equipment of cloud resources and core systems, and build a remote consultation system with the PLA General Hospital.

Then you can set up a camera behind the three osmanthus trees to broadcast live, and call tens of millions of cloud supervisors to watch the ash delivery and mud retching supported by Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion Heavy Industry and XCMG machinery busy for 24 hours.

You need CNPC on-site fuel truck, and expropriate Sinopec Zhiyin Avenue gas station to provide oil guarantee for the project site, and provide instant noodles, boiled water, meeting place and temporary toilet.

You need all the production personnel of Ezhou power plant of China Three Gorges group to be stationed in the plant to guarantee the power consumption in Wuhan; China Railway Construction Expressway gives priority to the release of huoshenshan hospital materials; Baowu steel, Zhejiang business Zhongtuo and Minmetals development provide steel; China building materials provide gypsum board and keel.

You also need to supply thousands of workers with three meals a day with the food delivered by China export and the grain and oil donated by COFCO group. In one day, Hubei Zhongbai warehouse and Alibabas taoxianda need to build a contactless cash register supermarket to provide convenient and safe supplies for workers and medical workers.

During the construction, you need 3500 sets of large-scale flame-retardant cables from Hubei Aerospace cable company of China Aerospace Science and technology group, cement from Huaxin Co., Ltd., fire retardant coating from Hebei Junhui, galvanized round steel from Zhengda pipe, rubber and plastic thermal insulation materials from Huamei energy conservation, 5931 toilets and faucets for Huida and Hengjie sanitary wares, fire alarm for Bay safety, Jiaqiang energy conservation, etc Assembly type integrated room, ductile iron pipe of Xinxing Jihua, municipal and construction pipe of Yonggao Co., Ltd., 4800 sets of steel components of China Minmetals First Metallurgical Co., Ltd., 50 sets of power supply equipment of Zhuzhou megmit, 2000 sets of valves of Shanghai Guanlong company.

After the house is built and decorated, you need 100 management personnel and 500 construction personnel of CSCEC Shenzhen Decoration Co., Ltd. to finish the indoor and outdoor rubber laying, the floor tile laying of toilet and buffer room and the indoor decoration of more than 200 wards within 3 days.

After finishing the decoration, you need a complete set of more than 2000 computer equipment and professional IT service team stationed at the site provided by Lenovo Group; all public LCD screens provided by TCL electronics; tablet computers provided by Xiaomi; network and safety equipment provided by Ziguang, Fenghuo communication, Qian information; Internet hospital cloud platform provided by Weining health.

Professional equipment is indispensable. You need Lianying medical, Shanghai xintou, CT equipment of Neusoft group, special medical air conditioning for ICU and operating room of Weifang Yashi Co., Ltd., thermal imaging chip of Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association, 930 sets of UV disinfection lamps of Shanghai xinnuofei, professional lighting equipment of OPP lighting, 2000 electronic thermometers and 700 finger clip oximeters of Lepu medical Huiqing technology and the professional air purifier of aojiahua, the medical service robot of Orion starry sky; the property management team and bed materials of eurada home.

All of the above materials transportation relies on the domestic and global green channel jointly opened by Chinese logistics giants such as Shunfeng, Zhongtong, Shentong, Yunda, EMS, Alibaba logistics platform, etc., to transport rescue materials for Wuhan from all over the world free of charge.

Finally, let the professional team install the Gree air conditioner, wait for Haiers engineers to rush to the scene because the road is closed and the refrigerator is on their back, and put the Meidi water dispenser and water heater in place. Outside, dozens of negative pressure ambulances donated by Yutong Bus and Jiangling group are ready to go.

If you think about it, someone will provide it in time; if you dont think about it, someone will provide it.

The filing cabinet worth 200000 yuan, 14 furniture enterprises in Luoyang rushed to work overnight, and only after the delivery did they tell you dont need to buy, we donate.

The 8000 Jin wax gourd, Shanghai green and coriander were directly transported to the construction site by Wang Guohui, a veteran of Baiji Town, Shenqiu, Henan Province, who drove 300 kilometers.

The 400 benches are donated by Jinchen, the owner of Taobao, who has been in business for less than a year.

Of course, the most important thing is to have a group

Kind, industrious and brave working people!

In February, Wuhan was extremely cold and humid, and it was sleepy

They curled up in cold iron pipes

Go to sleep

Every second of rest is luxury

The angel in white is fighting the disease

And hes racing against time

No restrictions on men and women

Let countless heroines come out together!

They said there was no limit to men and women, so we came.

u25b3 an uncle who hasnt slept for 48 hours in a row said to the camera: dare not sleep, seize the construction period, that is to save other peoples lives!

Whats the miracle of Huoshen mountain

There are only a bunch of Chinese workers who dont want to die

Disease kills people every day

And they rob people in front of the sick

One day earlier, maybe one more person can be saved

Youve been working hard

For many people

3 p.m. for the first meal

At the beginning of Spring Festival Gala on New Years Eve

Construction workers just finished the days work

I was going to be reunited with my wife and children

But it is the task of building a hospital

On New Years Eve, put down the dishes and chopsticks

They squatted on the construction site all night

Its drizzling outside, rain and sweat

Mix it into the most special new years Eve meal

Spring Festival is supposed to be a day of reunion

Continuous operation for more than ten hours

No time to drink

If youre not tired, you cant

And countless volunteers from all over the world

Spontaneous relay

Waiting for notice, ready to go

Man in, position in!

The streets of huoshenshan hospital

There are a lot of free ferry cars

One force, one force

Just say by car? Free.

There is a man of Shandong Architecture who is tired to the ground

He once secretly wrote will: within ten days, he must complete the task!

Yes, just 10 days

A hospital for thousands of people has been built!

Yes, just 10 days

Chinas near magical pace of construction over the years

Infrastructure maniac!

However, these foreigners do not know

What kind of infrastructure maniac

Only speed of life and death

Dont shock, cheer

As long as we never give up

Hold your breath and bear the pain

The dragon of the whole village gives you the hardest scales

Even if I am scarred

Many netizens were moved after reading

Many students also said

More and more netizens leave messages to pray at the bottom

Come on, Wuhan

State owned enterprises and private enterprises fight against the epidemic together

(function() {(window. Slotbydup = window. Slotbydup| []). Push ({ID: u5811557, container: ssp_, async: true});)) (); in fact, there is no manual of the incomplete construction of Huoshen mountain 10 day hospital, which is the most urgent need for us to win in the face of the epidemic situation in the face of the people and the people! Source: Xiaoxin, state-owned capital editor: Han Jiapeng, nn9841


There is no manual of incomplete construction of Huoshen mountain

This is what we are facing

The power of one mind

The war epidemic will win!