The mortality rate of new crown pneumonia first published in Hubei is the highest in Tianmen City: 5.08percent

 The mortality rate of new crown pneumonia first published in Hubei is the highest in Tianmen City: 5.08percent

As of 24:00 on February 8, 2020, 27100 new coronavirus pneumonia cases have been reported in Hubei Province, including 14982 in Wuhan, 2436 in Xiaogan, 2141 in Huanggang, 997 in Jingzhou, 988 in Xiangyang, 984 in Suizhou, 760 in Huangshi, 711 in Yichang, 663 in Jingmen, 639 in Ezhou, 493 in Xianning, 467 in Shiyan, 379 in Xiantao and 19 in Tianmen There were 7 cases, 171 cases in Enshi Prefecture, 82 cases in Qianjiang City and 10 cases in Shennongjia forest area.

It is worth noting that the data released by the health and Health Commission of Hubei Province also detailed the case fatality rate of all cities in the province for the first time.

According to the report, 1439 cases were cured and discharged in Hubei Province. 780 cases died in the whole province with a mortality rate of 2.88%, including 10 cases in Tianmen, 5.08%, 608 cases in Wuhan, 4.06%, 21 cases in Ezhou, 3.29%, 19 cases in Jingmen, 2.87%, 2 cases in Qianjiang, 2.44%, 43 cases in Huanggang, 2.01%, 5 cases in Xiantao, 1.32%, 13 cases in Jingzhou, 1.30%, 29 cases in Xiaogan The mortality rate was 1.19%, 8 in Yichang, 1.13%, 9 in Suizhou, 0.91%, 4 in Xianning, 0.81%, 7 in Xiangyang, 0.71%, and 2 in Huangshi, 0.26%. At present, 20993 cases are still in hospital, including 4093 cases of severe illness and 1154 cases of critical illness, all of which have received isolation treatment in designated medical institutions. There are 23638 suspected cases, of which 12918 are intensively isolated and 1128 are excluded on the same day. The total number of close contacts was 123827, and 70438 were under medical observation.

The surging news reporter noted that after Huanggang became the third confirmed case in 2000 cities on July 7, the number of 997 cases in Jingzhou City, 988 cases in Xiangyang City and 984 cases in Suizhou City on August 8 was close to one thousand.

From 0:00 to 24:00 on February 8, 2147 new cases of coronavirus pneumonia were found in Hubei Province, including 1379 in Wuhan, 123 in Xiaogan and 100 in Huanggang.