Strengthening mass prevention and control in Wuhan police area and mobilizing 2000 militia to participate in epidemic prevention

 Strengthening mass prevention and control in Wuhan police area and mobilizing 2000 militia to participate in epidemic prevention

Wuhan police area organizes militia to assist the transport capacity support team of the troops stationed in Hubei Province to load and transport living materials to distribution centers in Wuhan. Hong Peishu photo

Xinhua news agency, Wuhan, Feb. 8 (Reporter Jia Qilong, Li Yun): since the outbreak, the Wuhan police area has mobilized 2000 militia members to assist the local government in carrying out propaganda, security, transportation, investigation and other service support tasks.

On February 7, in Yuejin community, Caidian District, Wuhan, reporters saw Liu Yang, a militia in camouflage suits, helping community cadres to step in and measure the temperature of residents one by one. In order to strengthen the screening of febrile patients, Wuhan city launched community cadres to take the grid as a unit to understand whether the residents have febrile conditions. On the 7th, nearly 300 militia in Caidian District signed up to help the local community check the fever. In addition, 90 militiamen, according to the requirements of their superiors, carried out the tasks of material transportation and multiple highway sealing and control in huoshenshan hospital.

After the outbreak, we mobilized 2000 militia members for the first time, giving full play to the advantages of geographical location and popularity, and assisting the local government in carrying out propaganda, security, containment, transportation, investigation and other tasks. The Ministry of human resources and armed forces of the 13 districts, together with local public security, civil affairs, health and other departments, formed a grid investigation and control working group to establish a full coverage prevention and control pattern of joint prevention and control, and group prevention and control. He Songli, commander of Wuhan police area, said.

Reporters in many road exits, communities and rural areas in Wuhan saw that militia patrols were on duty 24 hours a day, checking vehicles and taking body temperature. Set up fixed screening registration points at important traffic sections and intersections of villages and towns, carry out universal protection education in street communities, improve prevention and control strategies and measures, and prevent the spread of the epidemic.

As long as the anti epidemic war is not over, we will continue to stick to the front line of anti epidemic and make modest contributions to society. Yang Jiaqiang, commander of the militia company in zhuanyang street, assisted the police in control and inspection for 72 hours, and was sent to the hospital for treatment due to overwork.

Xiao Hao, a militia member in Xiangkou street, Hannan District, learned that the residents in the area lacked masks. He walked to a pharmacy and bought 2000 medical masks for the masses.

In recent days, according to the requirements of the higher authorities, some of the militia in Wuhan have undertaken the unloading tasks of living materials, huoshenshan hospital and two shelter hospitals medical materials. In just five days, the militia loaded nearly a thousand tons of various materials all night.

Duting prevention and control team entered the village to publicize the knowledge of prevention and control. Zhang Le she

(function() {(window. Slotbydup = window. Slotbydup| []). Push ({ID: u5811557, container: ssp_, async: true});}) (); officers and soldiers in Wuhan police garrison load protective clothing and masks. Photograph by Hong peishu source: editor in charge of Xinhuanet: Li xiu nn2587

Wuhan police area officers and soldiers carry protective clothing and masks. Hong Peishu photo