Guard strictly! Oguchi national security players dare not relax for a moment wearing tight masks

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Guoan celebrates his life for the Olympics! (source: Netease sports)

For the clubs action, Augusto also sent a message to express his gratitude, and also sent a message to the medical workers who are fighting the epidemic: I want to thank the fans for their blessing.. Today I feel your blessing is my greatest gift. At this difficult time, I would also like to say a word to those friends who are fighting the epidemic in Wuhan and all over the country. I wish you a speedy recovery. Come on China, come on Wuhan!

As the recent outbreak continues, even in South Korea, Guoan players dare to take off their masks when they celebrate their birthday. But there are still players like Vieira who wear them tightly and dare not relax at all.

Source: editor in charge of sports of Netease: Xu Zexin ufe50 bjs4919