Reverse Bells agent: Zhongchao is willing to pay him the highest salary in the world, but Real Madrid doesnt sell it

 Reverse Bells agent: Zhongchao is willing to pay him the highest salary in the world, but Real Madrid doesnt sell it

Bell is our player and Im happy with all the players. I know what you want to ask. I have 25 players and every game there will be people who are not in the squad. Theres nothing wrong with bell. Im happy with his performance. Zidane said, bell left Bernabeu 1-4 early? I dont think he doesnt respect his teammates. Internal affairs, we solve them internally, I will not be influenced by the outside world.

Will bell stay with real until the end of his contract in the summer of 2022? Zidane doesnt care: no, it wont be a problem. Because thats what his contract is like, I believe he and his agent want him to stay at Real Madrid. I talk to bell a lot, but I wont make it public. Bell has lost several games before, for a reason. I know Bells ability and I want him to be ready to play. Im not beating bell. I need bell. Theres no behind the scenes significance in his losing the list.

Why didnt bell leave Real Madrid? The media think hes for an annual salary of 17 million euros. However, agent Barnett denied: he has previously obtained an offer that cant be refused by CSL, but Real Madrid dont sell it and CSL teams cant afford to pay the transfer fee.. He really wanted to go to China at that time. He thought he could help Chinese football become better. And the contract is really very generous. Bell instinctively gets the highest salary in the world in China.

Did bell leave Bernabeu early in the game? He doesnt want to be stuck in traffic. He cant be killed for this. Barnett continued, bell loves Real Madrid. He doesnt care what the fans say. Media reports are rubbish. They say bell doesnt speak Spanish. People who say that are idiots. Last week, he met Saur in my office. They talked in Spanish for more than ten minutes. Bell thinks he doesnt need to prove anything to anyone at all, and Im disgusted by the outside worlds comments on him.

Zidane doesnt like bell? Barnett denied: I assure you Zidane likes Belle, Real Madrid likes belle. Between Zidane and bell, there is no problem. I dont care what the outside world says. I think Florentino still loves Belle and they have a very good relationship

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