Beijing: no N95 medical protective mask is allowed to be worn by public officials who do well in the management of returning to work

 Beijing: no N95 medical protective mask is allowed to be worn by public officials who do well in the management of returning to work

The meeting pointed out that in view of the still severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, we should strengthen assessment, study and judgment, strictly implement various prevention and control measures for risk points, resolutely prevent the spread of epidemic, and firmly grasp the initiative of epidemic prevention and control. We should adhere to scientific and orderly prevention and control according to law. In Beijing units and colleges and universities should implement the main responsibility, the territory should move forward, and work together to do a good job in epidemic prevention. In rural areas, we should strengthen epidemic control, publicity and guidance, guide villagers to reduce gathering and dining, and cultivate good health habits. Property management should fulfill the responsibility of epidemic prevention in community prevention and control, and urban enterprises should take a good lead. We will help vagrants and beggars and prevent and control epidemics in accordance with the law. Urge and remind individuals to fulfill their legal obligations of epidemic prevention and control, and severely crack down on all kinds of behaviors such as resistance to epidemic prevention and control and disruption of market order.

At the meeting, it was required to further manage the screening of returned personnel from other places. Relevant control measures should be strictly in place, and the community should pay a return visit one by one every day to master the dynamic situation. All units shall take responsibility and work with the community to implement the control measures for the returnees in key areas. We will establish a coordination mechanism for response to the epidemic in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, strengthen joint prevention, control and governance, and guide the orderly flow of people in the three regions.

The meeting stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring and screening of fever personnel and cut off the source of infection to the maximum extent. All units shall comprehensively monitor the temperature of personnel and seek medical advice in case of fever. The hospital carries on the comprehensive screening to the patients with fever. Strengthen the management of drugstores, find out the fever personnel and establish a daily report system. We should strengthen the rescue and management of critical cases. We should coordinate the strength of hospitals and centers for Disease Control and prevention, one person, one plan, scientific treatment, strengthen nursing, and strive to improve the cure rate and reduce the mortality rate. Pay attention to the prevention and control of hospital infection. Care for medical staff and strengthen personal protection. Strengthen the training and enrich the epidemiological investigation force.

It was pointed out in the meeting that the management after the resumption of construction site should be done well. The site personnel shall be recruited and transported point to point, and the labor company shall be urged to take the responsibility of investigation. Closed management shall be carried out on the construction site, and various prevention and control measures shall be implemented, such as wearing masks, taking temperature and accommodation. Implement the prevention and control guidelines of the canteen of the unit, scientifically arrange the meal at wrong time in turn, and clean, disinfect and ventilate the dining place. We should do a good job in ensuring supply and price stability, encourage shopping malls and markets to innovate service methods, give full play to the role of e-commerce, and ensure the supply of living materials for citizens. We should strengthen publicity and guide the public to use protective equipment scientifically and effectively. Public officials shall not wear N95 medical protective masks.

In order to ensure that all N95 masks are used by front-line medical staff, the provincial leading group for epidemic prevention and control has issued a notice requiring party and government leaders, civil servants and all kinds of public officials at all levels of the province not to purchase and use N95 masks.