Hot wire! Catering giant Xibei: saved : the bank finally made a move

 Hot wire! Catering giant Xibei: saved : the bank finally made a move

SPDBs quick assistance to Xibei

120 million loans received in four days

On February 1, Jia Guolong publicly said that under the influence of the epidemic, 400 offline stores in Xibei were basically closed and only more than 100 take out businesses were retained. It is estimated that the monthly revenue loss before and after the Spring Festival will be 700-800 million yuan, and the monthly expenditure of more than 20000 employees will be about 150 million yuan. If the epidemic cannot be effectively controlled, the cash flow on the enterprises account will not last for three months.

In a flash, many customers began to support and worry about the news. On the public address of Xibe, many people leave messages to cheer them up.

Sibys cash flow crisis has made banks move quickly.

Two days after the news came out, Liu Yongyan, vice president of Xibei catering group received a call from Beijing Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. That night, Beijing Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank established a working group composed of leaders of the branch, multi departments and sub branches, and put forward a set of comprehensive credit and financial service solutions. In the morning of the next day, the two sides jointly determined the content of cooperation through video conference.

On February 6, Beijing Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank completed the approval of credit line of RMB 530 million for Xibei catering, and on February 7, after the remote online underwriting and signing of the guarantee contract, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank launched a working capital loan of RMB 120 million, which was recorded into Xibei catering group.

From the communication between the two sides to the capital entry, SPDB took 4 days.

It is understood that SPDBs assistance to Xibei is not only to provide loans quickly, but also to get involved in the production and operation cycle of the enterprise and cut into the whole business chain of the enterprise.

The plan of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to Xibei includes three aspects. First, it provides Xibei catering with short-term liquidity loans and trade financing lines, so as to ease the short-term liquidity tension of enterprises and guarantee the payment of employees wages and the purchase of basic raw materials.

Secondly, SPDB provides medium-term liquidity loans and 1 + n supply chain financing lines for Xibei catering. Among them, the loan is used for enterprise rent, store renovation and other expenditures, replacing the existing loans due to reduce the financial cost; 1 + n supply chain financing is used to solve the financing needs of a large number of small suppliers in the upper reaches of Xibei catering, to ensure the stability of its supply chain.

In addition, in view of the fact that Xibei catering is focusing on online sales and take out services, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank takes advantage of its own platform, channels, customer resources and other advantages to help enterprises alleviate sales pressure.

Provide credit support

Banks have taken action to bail out Enterprises

Jia said that in recent days, the government and relevant departments recommended a number of financial institutions, and many banks took the initiative to find them. Xibeis dilemma is a microcosm of the test facing the catering industry, and the help Xibei received is also a reflection of the recent warm enterprise action from local governments to banks.

From February 2 to now, more and more provinces and cities have launched warm enterprise policy, and many banking industries have introduced measures to rescue enterprises greatly affected by the epidemic, including loan extension, reduction and exemption of default interest, loan renewal, improvement of business approval efficiency and other support measures.

On February 7, the export import bank said that small, medium-sized and micro enterprises in Hubei Province and the entities in the wholesale, retail and logistics industries affected by the epidemic were exempt from the interest on the full month loan in February, so as to reduce the impact of the epidemic on the production and operation of the relevant enterprises and the financial burden, work with the enterprises to overcome the difficulties and help them survive the difficult period and recover stable development. The arrangement involves loans of nearly 160 billion yuan and interest free payments of about 600 million yuan.

On February 5, in response to the deployment call of the central bank, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the Zhejiang provincial Party committee and the provincial government, Zheshang Bank launched six measures to support small and micro businesses, involving loan grace, active renewal, increased credit, green channel, etc. For example, in terms of providing grace services, the period from February 3, 2020 to March 20, 2020 is set as the policy grace period (adjusted according to the situation of the epidemic situation). During the grace period of the policy, if the small and micro enterprises in the relevant industries affected by the epidemic are unable to repay the due loans normally temporarily and overdue, no penalty interest and compound interest will be charged, and the credit records of customers will not be affected.

On February 6, industrial bank further introduced special support measures from credit policy, green channel, science and technology application, credit investigation guarantee, due diligence and exemption mechanism, and worked with small and medium-sized enterprises to overcome difficulties and achieve stable development. These include wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering, logistics and transportation, cultural tourism and other industries with great impact on the epidemic, as well as enterprises with development prospects but temporary difficulties affected by the epidemic, which meet the conditions, will be extended, extended or renewed. The extension and extension period can be as long as six months. The overdue interest and penalty interest of small and micro enterprises of national standard will be reduced or reduced, and the loan interest rate will be lowered We will increase credit loans, medium - and long-term loans and other means to support relevant enterprises in overcoming the impact of the epidemic.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has formulated five kinds of financing emergency plans for small and micro enterprises. By means of loan extension, adjustment of interest payment method for unexpired loans, reduction of default interest and other measures, we will effectively help the enterprises in trouble to reduce the pressure of repayment of principal and interest and fully support them to resume production and operation.

Nine measures have been taken by the credit approval line of China Construction Bank to ensure the timeliness of the approval decision, and it is mentioned to optimize the application procedures for refinancing business for enterprises greatly affected by the epidemic.

Suffering from severe injury or SARS

Catering industry actively saves itself

Government and banks aid policies have come one after another, and the catering industry is also actively helping itself.

Jia Guolong mentioned in a letter from Xibei to 21870 employees that Xibei and all the catering industries in the country are experiencing an unprecedented test due to the sudden epidemic. More than 4 / 5 of Xibeis stores across the country have been affected by the epidemic and closed down the catering business. Gradually open the take out business, now there are nearly 200 outlets taking out is steadily operating, take out performance is also constantly improving. In addition, the company also thought of many ways to get through the difficulty. The headquarters staff took the lead in saying that they were willing to postpone the payment and fully support the front-line partners.

In addition to the take out business, Xibei and Dongpo, Meizhou, also work together to make the best fresh food every day, and process the raw vegetables into the standard pure vegetables by the way of charging by piece. The catering enterprises mainly provide warehouses and human resources.

Last week, Haidilao, Xibei and other catering enterprises joined JDs catering retail development alliance to promote catering brands to expand the production of semi-finished instant food.

Meizhou Dongpo also launched a convenient affordable food station. Using the enterprises own food reserves and resource supply chain, we will provide affordable fruits, vegetables, seasonings, fresh products, finished products, semi-finished products, etc. from Sichuan for the people of all cities, and lead the enterprise up and down to sell vegetables in front of its own stores.

However, more small and medium-sized catering enterprises are still struggling in the face of assistance and self-help. Some securities companies expect that the catering industry will be hit or exceed SARS.

Wanlian Securities said that under the epidemic, the catering and tourism industry suffered a heavy blow, which may exceed SARS, and the industry is expected to reshuffle. More than 100 scenic spots were closed, and many enterprises were closed. Emergency notices have also been issued to require local restaurants and hotels to be closed. And ordinary people also respond to the governments initiative and resolutely do not go out, which has brought a huge blow to the industry, and it is worth the Spring Festival Golden Week, and the impact on the industry throughout the year may exceed the SARS period. The epidemic may cause a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises to close down and merge, and the industry will reshuffle, which will benefit the leading enterprises.

Huachuang securities also said that in the near future, there are many restaurants closed, and the passenger flow of restaurants opened is about 20-30% of the normal period. It is expected to recover after the festival, but it is difficult to recover before the inflection point of the epidemic. Therefore, the restaurants are in a state of loss during the Spring Festival, and the approximate rate after the festival will also be considered for operation near the variable cost line, and more small and medium-sized restaurants may be closed.

Source: responsible editor of China Fund News: Zhong Qiming, nf5619