Im a member of the Communist Party of China

 Im a member of the Communist Party of China

On the morning of the 3rd, Ding Wenbo, an emergency doctor, received a 71 year old patient. Her old companion had been diagnosed with pneumonia caused by the new type of coronavirus. She suddenly fainted with fever. Ding Wenbo comforted the family and quickly took his wife and mother to the hospital.

Ding Wenbo, a critical patient like this, has to receive more than ten visits every day. With 17 years of Party age, he once participated in the fight against SARS. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the number of telephone alarms in Wuhan emergency center has increased dramatically, from more than 2000 a day to more than 10000. Ding Wenbo and more than 700 emergency rescuers in the city are fighting day and night in the front line of the fight against the epidemic.

In the laboratory department of Wuhan lung hospital, many people have red and swollen hands. They do nucleic acid test every day and directly face the sample virus. They need to wear gloves for a long time and vigorously kill the virus after the end. Because of the large sample size, the party members in the branch have extended their working hours actively, sometimes they have to leave work at 4 a.m.

Taking CT and chest radiograph is one of the key links in the diagnosis of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection. The radiologist should go to the isolation ward to make bedside chest film for the patient. The diagnosis doctor should check 300 to 400 person times a day. Each CT needs to see 600 to 900 pictures. A patient needs to repeatedly check 2 to 3 times to form a text report. Fan Yanqing, director of the radiology department and Secretary of the Party branch of the Medical Technology Department of Wuhan Jinyintan hospital, has led her colleagues in the general department to fight against the new coronavirus infection of pneumonia day and night since the end of December.

I didnt tell Mingchang about it. I dont think its necessary to tell you that there are battlefields everywhere! This is a letter of invitation from Zhang Zhan, Secretary of the Party branch of Department II of respiratory and critical care medicine, peoples Hospital of Wuhan University. Mingchang is her husband. As a respiratory doctor who once fought against SARS, she first asked the hospital for battle. Since the outbreak, more than 7000 employees of Wuhan University Peoples hospital have given up their Spring Festival holidays and devoted themselves to fighting the epidemic. On January 30, the Eastern Hospital area of the hospital was transformed into a centralized treatment point for pneumonia patients infected with new coronavirus, and their medical treatment tasks were more onerous. From January 18 to now, Zhang Zhan has always been in the emergency observation room.