The former worlds richest man is engaged! My father donated 700 million fiance for the epidemic. He is the national hero of Egypt

 The former worlds richest man is engaged! My father donated 700 million fiance for the epidemic. He is the national hero of Egypt

Recently, the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced its commitment to invest up to $100 million (about RMB 700 million) in grants to support the global response to the new coronavirus epidemic. And of that $100 million, each has a clear direction.

According to the Gates Foundation, US $20 million of this will be used to accelerate the discovery, isolation and treatment of people infected with the new coronavirus, including targeted donations to the China National Health and Health Commission and the China Center for Disease Control and prevention. In addition, there are $20 million to help the public health sector in sub Saharan Africa and South Asia. The remaining $60 million will be used to accelerate the identification, development and testing of new coronavirus vaccines, treatment and diagnostic tools in 2019.

In the eyes of her daughter Jennifer, the father, who has made a lot of money in charity, is stingy. For decades, the same clothes were worn one day, and children were not allowed to use mobile phones before the age of 14. The thrifty and low-key character of the old father was passed on to his next generation.

Gates daughter and fiance

On January 30, 2020, hundreds of millions of Jennifer promised her boyfriends proposal in the snow. Simple and pure, no luxury castle, no gorgeous background, only ice and snow, and the true feelings of two young people. When Nasser put a ring on his fiancee, Jennifer wept with joy.


Nasser, you are so kind. You gave me a big surprise last week. This place is what we yearn for. Its very meaningful. I cant wait to use the rest of our lives to learn, grow, laugh, love each other, love you a million times is not enough. Jennifer, 23, wrote on the social platform. The old father gates commented: I am very excited! Congratulations!

Taking advantage of the skiing holiday, Nasser, 29, completed the proposal. The scene of the proposal was too simple. After the successful proposal, Nasser threw dog food on the social platform: now I feel that I am the luckiest and happiest person in the world. Jennifer, youre all I can imagine, maybe more. I cant wait to spend my life with you. I cant imagine my life without you. I love you, beyond your imagination, thank you for making every day of my life like a dream. Jennifer replied, I cry again. Life is so beautiful. You are everything to me.

As soon as the news of Jennifers engagement came out, Nasser immediately became the focus of attention. People were curious about the future son-in-law of gates?

Nasser was born in Chicago, the United States, and grew up in Kuwait as a child. His parents run an architectural design company in this Gulf country. Although it cant be compared with the rich gates, his family is rich, which is not consistent with the imagination of the poor boy reported by the media before.

When he was a child, Nassers parents arranged many sports for him, such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc., while Nasser only liked riding, once you are addicted to riding, its hard to give up. At the age of ten, Nasser received a dream gift. His parents gave him a five-year-old chestnut mare.

Nasser in childhood

As a teenager, Nassers parents decided to send him to Europe to train with famous coaches such as Marcus bilbaum to improve his ability and vision. Its hard for a child to adapt to the cruel competitive sports. Its true that sometimes I dont want to practice, Nasser said, because I was young at that time, and I didnt know what it meant to persist. I have to say, my parents have been encouraging me. Whenever I feel down, or feel that this project is not suitable for me, they let me stick to it, because they dont want me to feel that I am a halfway person.

Laura kraut

In addition to bilbaum, Nasser trained with US Olympic player Laura Kraut. Laura was very good. She was the first coach to help me reach a really high level. She took me a big step and gave me a lot of confidence, Nasser said. She taught me to be a fighter, persevere, persevere. There will always be bad times when Im often depressed, when she will come to pick me up and say, you have to move on to the next task.


The loneliness of leaving home as a teenager and the boredom of training made Nasar choose to endure. In addition to his daily Equestrian Training, Nasars lessons have always been ranked first. After graduating from high school, proficient in English, Arabic and French, he successfully enrolled in Stanford University and obtained a degree in economics in 2013.

In school, Nasar not only has to face heavy academic pressure, at the same time, he tries to spare time to participate in equestrian competitions as big and small as possible.

In 2011, Nasser participated in the Pan Asian Games held in Doha, and won the fifth place for himself, and helped the Egyptian team to win the bronze medal of the group. In 2012, as an alternate rider, he was qualified to compete in the London Olympic qualifying competition. In 2013, 2014 and 2017, Nasser was qualified for the final of the Fei world cup of handicapped equestrian.

Laura Kraut spoke highly of Nasser: I dont think its surprising that he is one of the most talented young riders in recent years to reach the height he is today.

Nasser won the hits Grand Prix in the 2018 Western equestrian field obstacle race. Thinking back that night, Nasser was very happy. Its so cool for me to have that huge check for 350000 dollars. I have to fold it to put it in the trunk. Now its amazing to think of it.

Its 2019. Nasser helped Egypt win the CsIO4 national cup and make history. He won the qualification of Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. The last time Egypt Equestrian Team participated in the Olympic Games was 60 years ago.

After qualifying for the Olympics, Nassers world ranking rose to 41st, up from 330th a year ago. Nasser once shared his secret: there is no shortcut, you have to work hard, understand your horse racing, build a system, so that you can be confident.


Nassers success depends on his girlfriends company and support. In life, Jennifer is like his little fan sister. Their social platform doesnt surpass pigeon eggs. 90% of the dynamics are related to equestrian. Its because of equestrian that they choose to hold hands for the rest of their lives.

They fell in love in 2017 and kept a low profile until they were discovered by the media. On Valentines day, Nasser posted a picture of the two having dinner in Miami Beach. A lucky guy, this year convinced this beautiful woman to be my lover.

At the end of 2017, Nasser brought his girlfriend back to Kuwait, where he grew up. The unforgettable time in Kuwait with my family and old friends, taking Jennifer home, let her relive my childhood. It means the world to me. Everyone here likes her very much, including Wang Xingren

Jennifer and her fiance family

Nasser and Jennifer both attended Stanford University, but their relationship didnt start on campus. Nasser graduated with a degree in economics in 2013, while Jennifer didnt enter school until 2014. They passed each other at Stanford, and then met at the Panther club in Paris. The same equestrian hobby put them on the red line.

Like Nasser, Jennifer was interested in riding when she was a child. Later, she succeeded in persuading her parents to learn equestrian skills in a local barn, which never stopped.

I never thought I could get to this level, said Jennifer. I always thought it was just a childhood hobby, and Im glad that riding still has a place in my life. The gates and his wife are fully supportive of Jennifers interest in buying a luxury property in Wellington, Florida, where equestrian enthusiasts gather. In addition to material support, the gates and his wife often go to the competition site to cheer for their daughter.

Jennifer has competed with many other celebrities. In addition to Steves daughter Eve, her rivals are Michael Bloombergs daughter Georgia, Bruce Springsteens daughter Jessica and Steve Spielbergs daughter Daisy channel.

One is a descendant of a construction tycoon, and the other is the daughter of a former richest man in the world. The news of Nasser and Jennifers recent engagement caused a stir in Egypt. On social media, Nassers compatriots became lemon essence. A twitter user from Egypt wrote: how could an Egyptian from manuf possibly marry Jennifer gates? He is not only Egyptian, but also from minuf. However, he is about to marry the daughter of the richest man in the world. What kind of ghost is this?

In the eyes of ordinary Egyptians, millions of dollars are unattainable, but in Jennifers own eyes, she is lucky. Hes a professional, and Im just an amateur. Said Jennifer. So its incredible that we can share our love and passion for horses together.


Opening Jennifers social account, its not hard to find that Jennifer can hardly find the life fragment of famous ladys painting style except for riding. There are no luxury houses, yachts, pigeon eggs, and occasionally send a few photos with gates. They are also very grounded, just like ordinary father and daughter. During her study in Stanford, Jennifer didnt have the airs of the richest woman at all. She was also dressed in pure color and comfortable. Many students didnt know that the simple girl was Bill Gatess daughter.

Jennifers low-key character is closely related to Bill Gatess strict tutoring. Many years ago, the couple reached an agreement to strictly limit childrens screen viewing time to no more than 45 minutes a day and no more than one hour on weekends. Gates recalled that the family never looked at their cell phones when they were eating, and that the children didnt have their own cell phones until they were 14, which Jennifer and her brothers had been complaining about.

Once, Jennifers computer broke down, and gates let her do it by herself. Sometimes I ask for help, but it certainly doesnt include my dad. Hes not that good either. Said Jennifer.

Gates and his daughter

Our educational philosophy is very clear, the Gates said in an interview program. We donate most of our assets to charity foundations to help children find what they are really interested in and let them try freely, rather than directly throwing money on them. Otherwise, they may achieve nothing.

According to the Washington Post, the Gates left only $10 million for each child. In 2000, they founded the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In 2010, gates and Buffett jointly established the charity pledge foundation, promising to donate at least half of their assets in their lifetime.

Today, the Gates Foundation has become the worlds largest private philanthropy opportunity, with more than $30 billion in donations. In 2017 alone, it donated $4.78 billion, ranking as the most generous philanthropist in the United States. The Gates Foundation attaches great importance to the health and poverty problems of the third world countries, especially polio, and has donated nearly three billion dollars in this field. Gates gave up the throne of the richest man in the world because of his generous hand.

For many years, gates advocated the concept of poor support, but he didnt take death for granted. When it took money to cultivate childrens hobbies, he had no weakness. In order to facilitate his daughters training, gates bought many horse farms across the United States. In 2016, gates spent $37 million to buy a luxury house in Wellington, the capital of equestrian in the world, and it was Steves daughter Eve who bought the opposite ranch. In addition, the father spent nearly 16 million US dollars (about 100 million yuan) to buy a 124 acre horse farm consisting of three adjacent plots in North Salem, New York, as a graduation gift for his 22-year-old daughter.

When she was at Stanford, Jennifer took into account her studies and competitions. She once won some competitions and ranked 19th in the national equestrian association obstacle course. However, she has made a new plan for her career development, entered the Icahn Medical College in New York to continue her studies and made equestrian a hobby. Influenced by her father, Jennifer has always been concerned about children and teenagers. When she was studying in Stanford, she took a special course to understand the juvenile justice system and foster care system. In the future, Jennifer is likely to join in philanthropy like gates.

Jennifer received a lot of blessings after the announcement of her engagement, but her first priority was to prepare for the exam. In addition to athletes, Nasser also has another identity. In Southern California, he runs a horse farm named after him, now worth 20 million dollars. This year, however, his most important task is the Tokyo Olympics. For the future, Nasser has a wish to put more medals on his neck.

This pair of young people will start a new journey.

Source of this article: Netease sports manuscript editor in charge: Zhao Ruiqi