Secretary of Hubei provincial Party committee: all suspected patients in Wuhan will be tested within two days

 Secretary of Hubei provincial Party committee: all suspected patients in Wuhan will be tested within two days

1u3001 We will improve our command and coordination capabilities in wartime. Implement the 24-hour duty system in wartime, improve the command and coordination mechanism; strengthen the dispatching ability of the headquarters, and the municipal leaders are responsible for their respective responsibilities, and all functional departments participate in the duty, timely coordinate and solve the medical treatment, traffic security, material supply, market supervision and other problems encountered in the prevention and control work; open the gates of the headquarters at all levels, and ensure that the municipal headquarters are directly dispatched to the streets and communities.

2u3001 Four categories of personnel should be implemented and treated intensively. Accurately grasp the number of confirmed patients, suspected patients, symptomatic patients in fever clinic, symptomatic patients in close contacts, as well as the number of available beds, used beds, and remaining beds in hospitals, isolation points, shelter, etc., to ensure the dynamic accuracy; carry out the centralized treatment and isolation of four categories of personnel; continue to collect hotels, schools and other places, and transform them Form a centralized isolation point and increase the bed supply.

3u3001 We will do our best to prevent and control the source. We should pay attention to the comprehensive investigation work, ensure that no one is left behind and no one is left behind, resolutely cut off the transmission channels and stop the spread of the epidemic; dispatch officials to enrich the grassroots investigation and prevention and control forces; strengthen the analysis, research and judgment, and use big data technology to provide support for epidemiological investigation and epidemic prevention and control.

4u3001 We will coordinate the allocation and guarantee of medical materials. Plan the material allocation of each hospital, isolation point and medical team in advance, refine the requirements catalogue of N95 masks, protective clothing, hydraulic pumps, negative pressure vehicles, ambulances, etc.; do a good job in the scheduling of key medical prevention and control materials, and resolutely focus the medical treatment and protection resources on the first line of fighting against the epidemic; increase the hospital, isolation point environment, sewage, medical waste treatment and killing efforts, and firmly prevent the hospital feeling Dye.

5u3001 In two days, all suspected patients accumulated in the city will be tested, and medical strength and resources will be released to focus on the confirmed patients.

6u3001 Strengthen publicity, education and public opinion guidance. We should vigorously publicize the care and concern of the CPC Central Committee for Hubei, the strong support of various provinces and cities for Hubei, and the touching deeds of Party organizations at all levels and Party cadres fighting in the front line of war epidemic. We should do a good job in social stability control, resolve the unstable factors in the bud, supply the market of necessities, and ensure the price stability of fresh vegetables, grain, oil and meat.

7u3001 Refine the assessment measures, improve the treatment rate and cure rate, and reduce the infection rate and mortality. The responsibility of the territory shall be compacted layer by layer, so as to promote each district and hospital to strengthen the source control, timely treat patients and improve the treatment effect.

Ma Guoqiang participated in relevant activities.