Tens of millions of netizens watch the Lantern Festival and send blessings to Wuhan

 Tens of millions of netizens watch the Lantern Festival and send blessings to Wuhan

But at present,

The Lantern Festival is a reunion,

How many people bid farewell to their families and rushed to the front line,

So that we can sit around in the home of more people.

Todays Lantern night,

CCTV news common battle epidemic

Continuous live broadcast of Lantern Festival

The family can sit around with lights..

Tens of millions of netizens through CCTV news client

And micro-blog, fast hand, jitter, B station, etc.

Internet platform participates in interaction,

On the same full moon night, I watched Wuhan pray for peace,

Netizen warm heart message cheer for Wuhan!

Netizen Yu V9: the mountains and rivers are different, the wind and the moon are the same day. Do you mean that you have no clothes, and you have the same clothes as your son. Friendship, family, if the end of the world, very time, very concerned, I wish the holidays, family well-being. Bless Wuhan, God bless China!

Netizen Zhao Tiantian: today is the 15th day of the first month. I wish all the front-line medical staff, government officials, military and police researchers, media staff, delivery delivery delivery brother, community and Village Gate anti epidemic personnel a happy Lantern Festival!! You guard every city as hard as you can! At present, I would like to see the most news: the new coronavirus has been successfully controlled, and there is no human infection. Protect yourself and your family. We will work together to overcome the difficulties! Come on, China!

Netizen spring: I will definitely remember this Lantern Festival! Although there is no gorgeous blessing or lively Lantern Festival, a simple if you are OK, I will be OK is the warmest greeting. After all, in the present, for many people, safe is the biggest expectation. Dear friends, please keep this lantern festival safe.

Netizen builds dream with love: ushered in the first full moon night of the year of the rat! I hope that all the perseverance at this moment is to the reunion in the future! Come on, Wuhan! Come on, China!

Netizen haisea of love: I decided to go to Wuhan once when the epidemic is over. I havent been to Wuhan. I feel that this trip to Wuhan will be wonderful. Come on, Wuhan, come on, hot and dry noodles!

Netizen rainysky_bf07f9: come on, Wuhan! When the epidemic is over, we will climb the Yellow Crane Tower together! Take a good look at this beautiful hero city!

Icxflyaway: to all the anti epidemic fighters fighting at all posts on the front line! You are working hard! Happy Lantern Festival to you! Safe and healthy! I believe that with the joint efforts of all people, China will surely win this battle at the fastest speed! We are looking forward to the happy face of your soldiers and their families! Once again, we are with you!

Netizen xiaoyuxuan: the beginning of 2020 is a bit bitter. I hope that the next day will be as sweet as sesame bean paste. Although the city is empty, there are still thousands of lights that will not go out; although the lights are small, the family is safe and happy.

Netizens look for a pair of eyes: the Lantern Festival embodies peoples wish for peace and prosperity, and their yearning for a happy life. Spring, just at the beginning, all the good things are worth looking forward to; I believe that everything will have new vitality. Through the long cold winter, the spring has never failed. Bright and warm days will come!

Net friend Jingdang: the 2020 with high expectations, at the beginning, I was a little overwhelmed, just waiting for the spring to bloom, the sun will re illuminate the land of Wuhan, the cherry blossom will bloom again according to the time; everyone will take off their masks, go where they want to go, and embrace the people they want to see.

Netizen Wang Xiujuan: Im a teacher. I like reading and traveling. Before the winter vacation, I planned several tourist destinations. The first one is Wuhan. I want to go to the East Lake. For this trip, I also bought a red sweater specially. After all, its new years day, and red is very festive. But a sudden epidemic stranded the trip. The sweaters were always packed in bags and never taken out for the new year. I want to wear it when we win the epidemic, and Wuhan will be the first stop of my trip in 2020. Come on, Wuhan! When the cherry blossoms are blooming, we will meet each other in East Lake, and we will see each other!

The brightest star in the night sky is the unity of all the Chinese people.

Lu Jing, netizen A: we have shouldered the first day of junior high school and evaded the tenth five year plan. I believe everything will be better. Come on China, come on Wuhan!

Netizen Hui estimated: because of keeping a wish, so I believe that there is no spring will not come, at this moment, everything is worth sticking to.

Pray for the disease to pass as soon as possible, and pray for every festival and family to be healthy, happy, and reunited!