Coagulate the benevolence of doctors with the original intention of the system

 Coagulate the benevolence of doctors with the original intention of the system

Sichuan Huaxi, Shanghai Zhongshan, Guangzhou Zhongshan, Shandong Qilu The troops are from all directions. In the front, tens of thousands of their colleagues have been fighting side by side with local medical staff for many days. This is not the first reinforcement, and probably not the last.

In this photo, we cant see what each of them looks like, but it doesnt prevent us from remembering them firmly.

At the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held on February 3, it was emphasized that medical personnel should continue to be dispatched from all over the country to help Wuhan according to the needs and we should try our best to gather the best and strong forces, the most serious patients and carry out unified treatment. The next day, the central government made arrangements for the meeting of the leading group of epidemic situation work, focusing on the dominant forces, dispatching high-level medical teams to take over the construction of the critical care hospital or ward.

Obviously, yesterdays concentrated expedition was to implement this requirement of the Central Committee. When the outbreak prevention and control interdiction war started, the crisis occurred suddenly, most of which were temporary commandos. With the development of the situation, there has been a change in response - severe patients have been gradually concentrated, and the medical team mainly composed of ICU critical medical staff has been sent in the process of reconstruction. Each hospitals team is a self-contained combat force that can directly take over the hospital or ward.

In the prevention and control of the epidemic, a deeper motivation is being demonstrated. Also yesterday, the national health and Health Commission revealed that it has established counterpart support relationships between 16 provinces to support Wuhan and other cities in order to improve the medical treatment capacity in the way of one province, one city. In other words, in addition to the national team, local medical forces were mobilized in 16 provinces. Counterpart support, a good way of concentrating on major tasks, has once again come into use in an emergency.

Counterpart support is a proven and effective institutional arrangement. It has played an important role in various previous disaster relief, reconstruction, East West cooperation and poverty alleviation. In this way, local enthusiasm can be fully mobilized, more resources can be gathered, and responsibilities can be clear due to counterpart, which is convenient for testing results.

The system is created and implemented by people. Central command, national mobilization, counterpart support, one package to the end, national team and local team go to battle side by side There is a system behind the action, and there is an internal logic in the system. It is to put peoples life safety and physical health first. When the people encounter the spread of the epidemic, they need to take effective institutional measures, and send a strong and powerful medical team to the people who need it most.

Needless to say, in the early prevention and control of the epidemic situation in Wuhan, Hubei Province, problems and deficiencies have been exposed, including weaknesses in the governance system and capacity. At present, the first is to stop the problems caused by the short board in time and stop losses; the second is to give full play to the advantages of the system, solve the problems as soon as possible and develop its strengths; the third is to summarize experience, learn lessons and improve.

System is not a cold provision. A system that works effectively and conforms to Chinas national conditions and reality is warm and embodies the value pursuit of the countrys stability. So we say that the system is original. This initial intention is the original intention of those who explore, formulate and implement the system.

In those big photos of the time of the expedition, it is a vivid individual life. Each of them decided to stand in the group photo queue because of their common kindness and initiative. The original intention of the system has been embodied in the whole process of mobilization, assembly, departure, arrival and mobilization.

The strength will be enhanced if the benevolence of doctors is combined with the original intention of the system. May they go strong and return in peace.