Those who are blocked by the designated hospital nurses back to the community in Henan: afraid that she will carry the virus

 Those who are blocked by the designated hospital nurses back to the community in Henan: afraid that she will carry the virus

No admittance for medical staff? According to reports, recently, a nurse from Nanshan hospital in Nanyang, Henan Province, was blocked from returning to the community after work. The blocker thought that Nanshan hospital was a designated hospital for new crown pneumonia, and was afraid that she would bring the virus home to infect others. After reporting to the hospital, Nanyang City prevention and control headquarters has issued a notice to solve the travel problem of medical staff, and made a temporary work permit as a pass.

This act of obstruction lacks human feelings and even human nature. Medical staff should be respected, not discriminated, and treated with courtesy, not with difficulty. Even his own home can not return, the practice of the blocker obviously violated the legitimate rights and interests of the nurse, should be strongly condemned.

However, according to the investigation, this kind of vulgar extreme practice is not an isolated case, which has been staged in many communities. Not only are medical staff discriminated against, but also their families are rejected or even isolated. At the same time, I cant help asking: whats the conscience of treating medical staff like this? What is morality? What is the spirit of rule of law? If everyone is not willing to be a doctor again, where are those who block the way to see a doctor?

In fact, there is no need to worry about the medical staff taking the virus back to the community. They are professionals who know how to prevent themselves and what they should do to avoid taking the virus home. If the medical staff are labeled due to ignorance, they should master basic medical knowledge in time; if they deliberately fail to get along with the medical staff, relevant departments should intervene in accordance with laws and regulations, and fail to get along with these people.

The majority of medical staff stick to their posts and carry forward the spirit of respecting and protecting lives, saving lives and injuries, being willing to contribute, and loving the boundless territory. They cant make them bleed and cry after sweating. Especially in the critical stage of epidemic prevention and control, countless medical staff use responsibility to honor trust and life to lift mission, which is the most direct firewall between us and the virus. Those who obstruct the medical staff from going home are like climbing a ladder. The means are pathetic, which makes the medical staff sad and cold hearted. Finally, the chance of seeking medical treatment and medicine may be cut off.

Care and protect the medical and health personnel, protect the physical and mental health of medical personnel In recent days, the Party Central Committee has repeatedly stressed the need to treat medical staff well. General secretary Xi Jinping once stressed: in the face of the threat of major infectious diseases and the fight against major natural disasters, the vast number of medical personnel are fearless, unhesitation, courageously forward and sacrifice themselves to save lives, and have won high praise from the whole society. Respect for medical staff is our responsibility and the ethical requirement for the normal operation of the society.

Some medical staff called: I have no regrets in the front line to fight the epidemic. Would you not cut off my way home and discriminate against my children? This is a request full of helplessness and a complaint full of sadness. We are a civilized society. Can those who are paid by others freeze and starve in the snow?

Will medical staff take the virus out of the hospital? Experts give answers

Medical staff will not carry virus when leaving the hospital, please respect and treat them well! Feng Luzhao, an expert in respiratory infectious diseases: even if medical staff contact patients in the isolation ward, they will strictly follow the requirements, enter the ward for work after scientific protection, and will go through correct disinfection and hospital infection protection measures. When they leave the ward and hospital, they will not carry the virus. Please rest assured. Medical staff are soldiers fighting the epidemic. I hope they can be respected and treated well.