The four tiantuan will learn from Wuhan! Netizen: Wang bombed to win in China

 The four tiantuan will learn from Wuhan! Netizen: Wang bombed to win in China

The four tiantuan will learn from Wuhan! Netizen: Wang fried, China will win! (source: global network)

Beixiehe, nanxiangya, dongqilu and xihuaxi all went to support Wuhan!

The elite regiment met in Wuhan, and the two sides shouted greetings to each other from the air

On February 7, the medical assistance teams of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University and Huaxi Hospital of Sichuan University met at Wuhan Tianhe Airport, and they will jointly take over the east hospital area of Wuhan University Peoples hospital.

At the airport, they reported to each other to refuel, which was inexplicably touched

Beixiehe, nanxiangya, dongqilu, xihuaxi are here!

In addition to the East Qilu, West China, North Xiehe, South Xiangya medical teams also support Wuhan!

It is reported that at 13:00 on February 7, the second batch of 142 members of the national medical team of Hubei and anti epidemic aid from Beijing Union Medical College rushed to Wuhan.

On the afternoon of February 7, 130 people (30 doctors and 100 nurses) from the third group of national medical team of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University went to Hubei for assistance, and they will take over the critical ward of West Hospital of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital.

According to the hospital, in order to meet the needs of protection, the members of the third group of Hubei national medical team from Xiangya Hospital of Central South University did the same thing before the expedition: haircut, male doctors shaved their hair, and female nurses cut their hair short.

Photo source: @ Xiangya Hospital, Central South University

Netizen: all four tiantuan are Wang fried! China will win!

South Xiangya, North Xiehe, East Qilu, West Huaxi is a saying that many people who study medicine have heard.

According to a report by Xinhua news agency, they are known as the four century old stores of Chinese medical education and the four famous brands of medical education in the 1930s. They have continuously refreshed the height of Chinese medical education from history to today. To be careful

Some netizens said that beixiehe, nanxiangya, dongqilu and xihuaxi, the top medical profession in China, Wang bombed and brought tiantuan teachers from all provinces to Wuhan! Today, I see the most heartbreaking sentence is: the dragon in the whole village has given you the hardest Lin, even if you are scarred, so, Wuhan, come on!

On February 7, the national health and Health Commission said that more than 11000 doctors and nurses in Wuhan and Hubei had been rescued, of which more than 3000 were doctors and nurses of intensive care.

Guo Yanhong, inspector general of the Health Administration Bureau of the State Health Commission, said:

In fact, there are contradictions between medical resources and patients needs in some cities except Wuhan

16 provinces provide one-to-one support to Wuhan in the form of one province, one city

And give full support to Hubei Province in strengthening the treatment of patients and safeguarding the life safety and health of the people.

The national health care has been assigned

The countrys strongest and highest level of critical care expert team

In charge of guidance, consultation and inspection in Wuhan.

See elite corps to support Hubei, netizens said, all over the country with their own Wang fried, spring will come!

Netizens shouted to the medical team members: they must come back safely!

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