Hong Kong Police donated masks to Wuhan and were forced to apologize by Hong Kong netizens

 Hong Kong Police donated masks to Wuhan and were forced to apologize by Hong Kong netizens

According to the express information on the Internet, these masks were sent to the first peoples Hospital of Jiangxia District, Wuhan city. According to the statement of police chief Chen kaigang, these masks were purchased by him with his own salary and were found in stock only when he went to a processing factory in South Korea to ask through friends.

Chen Sir donated these masks with great care: in order to save the time for front-line medical staff to screen, he first checked the model of the masks. There are 520 masks, which means I love you. The box says donated by Hong Kong Police.

However, some Hong Kong netizens were angered by Chen Sirs willingness to pay out of his own pocket. Before that, many users used insulting language such as black police to insult Chen sir, blaming him for no matter Hong Kong people live or die, kneeling and licking the mainland.

Source: Liandeng community, Hong Kong

However, do these Hong Kong netizens really not care about the Hong Kong people?

In fact, there will be 6000 masks purchased by Chen Sir and his friends from abroad and donated to hospitals in Hong Kong next week.

Masks Chen Sir and his friends are going to donate to Hong Kong hospitals. Photo source: seaport sirhabasir Weibo

In order to save Hong Kongs precious medical resources, Chen sir, as a police officer, said he did not use near water to occupy masks from Hong Kongs correctional industry, which has close ties with the police.

As for why it was shipped to Wuhan first, Chen Sir explained: during the epidemic, everyone lacked masks, but first of all, we need to protect the brave and retrograde medical staff. Only by protecting them can we protect more people, because they are the people who can treat patients, control the spread of the epidemic, and develop appropriate drugs.

Whats even more ridiculous is that even the netizens on the Internet are praising the striking medical staff in Hong Kong who are supposed to be the main force of the anti epidemic but are on the run when they insult a policeman who has paid for his work and bears extra responsibility for fighting the epidemic.

Under another topic, a post thanking doctors and nurses for their strike was rated as the highest praise. According to Liandeng netizens, it was the desperate efforts of these medical staff that made the Hong Kong SAR government willing to close the customs and prevent mainland people from spreading the virus southward.

However, this statement cannot stand scrutiny at all: according to the statistics of the SAR government, 90% of the people who commute to and from the two places are Hong Kong people. The so-called stop going south also stops Hong Kong natives.

In the days when some Hong Kong medical staff were deserters, the Hong Kong Medical Authority issued a statement on February 7 saying that a large number of medical staff were absent from public hospitals on that day and emergency services were affected.

A large number of medical absences in public hospitals in Hong Kong

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The magic scene shows that these Internet users are really making trouble with life.