Beijing: patients who go to fever clinic for medical treatment can hold social security card for real-time settlement

 Beijing: patients who go to fever clinic for medical treatment can hold social security card for real-time settlement

Measures for the convenience of the people

1. Patients who need to go to the medical insurance designated medical institution with fever clinic registered by the health department for medical treatment due to their illness can have real-time settlement with social security card and enjoy medical insurance reimbursement treatment.

2. For patients with definite diagnosis and need long-term medication, on the premise of ensuring medication safety, doctors can appropriately increase the dosage according to the condition and reduce the number of medical visits.

3. Individuals can handle the change of designated hospitals through the enterprise or social security institute online, and entrust the enterprise to send necessary information to the medical insurance (Social Security) department through e-mail or fax to apply for maternity allowance, which can be paid after the qualified registration.

4. Patients staying in other places and unable to return to Beijing in time can first seek medical treatment in the local area due to their illness needs. After returning to Beijing, they entrust enterprises or social security institutions to go through the procedures of medical treatment in other places to the medical insurance (Social Security) department. The medical expenses advanced by individuals shall be reimbursed manually according to the reimbursement regulations.

5. The registration of outpatient special diseases sinks to the hospital, and the patients can complete the registration procedures in the process of medical treatment without going to the enterprise and the medical insurance Department of each district.

6. The insured patients who stay in other places and cannot return to Beijing in time and need to go through the registration or renewal procedures of outpatient special diseases can go through the procedures in the medical insurance department after the epidemic. During this period, the individual enjoys the treatment of outpatient special diseases continuously.

Strengthen the service guarantee measures for hospitals

7. For large-scale medical insurance designated hospitals, the medical insurance fund of the next month shall be prepaid in advance at the end of each month. For the designated hospitals for treatment of new crown pneumonia, special funds for treatment will also be paid in advance according to actual needs to ensure sufficient funds for treatment.

8. For the renewal of the medical insurance agreement of designated hospitals and pharmacies in 2020, we will fully implement electronic management, prevent hospitals and pharmacies from running away, and handle the whole process online.

Reducing burden and optimizing service measures for enterprises

10. In January and February 2020, the collection period of social insurance premiums will be extended to the end of March 2020, and the time limit can be extended according to the epidemic situation, during which the personal treatment can be enjoyed normally. Ten kinds of industrial enterprises, such as tourism and accommodation, which are greatly affected by the epidemic, can apply for deferment of payment to the end of July 2020 if they are difficult to operate. If an enterprise fails to handle the insurance registration, payment and other businesses of its employees within the time limit, it shall complete the supplementary business within three months after the end of the epidemic, and shall not charge late fees, affect the record of individual rights and interests, and reduce the pressure on the enterprises operation.

11. The social insurance registration, collection, change and supplementary payment businesses are handled on-line by using the Beijing social insurance online service platform, and the enterprises do not need to run away and meet each other.

12. For enterprises, units and hospitals that need to declare medical expenses to the medical insurance department, the time limit for declaration shall be extended. If there is a great pressure on the advance payment of funds, the applicant can make an appointment with the medical insurance department in advance and advocate the appointment.

Strengthening epidemic prevention and control, optimizing medical insurance service

In the face of the epidemic situation, the medical insurance departments at all levels should optimize the work flow, innovate the service mode, reduce the personnel gathering, ensure the insured people to enjoy the medical insurance treatment in time, and ensure the smooth and orderly development of the handling service work.