1 N95 for 5 disposable medical masks media: good abacus

 1 N95 for 5 disposable medical masks media: good abacus

According to personal wishes, the masks shall be replaced according to the proportion of 1:5 (one medical protective mask shall be replaced by five disposable medical masks), which shall be registered and recycled by each unit and then handed over to the material support group of the provincial headquarters for dealing with the new type of coronavirus infected pneumonia.

Notice of Heilongjiang Provincial Peoples government. Photo source: xinhua.com

Since then, the topic of replacing one N95 with five disposable medical masks in Heilongjiang Province has been hot on Weibo, and netizens have expressed their approval and support for it.

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In fact, in addition to Heilongjiang, some provinces and cities have also called on healthy people who are not suspected or infected to replace their N95 masks with medical surgical masks.

For example, Jiangxi Province and Ningxia Province proposed to save the use of medical materials, and to use more high-quality medical materials for medical personnel in the front line of prevention and control.

Zhejiang Province and Jilin Province require that except for special post protection needs, public servants are not allowed to purchase and use N95 level masks.

In addition to stipulating that public officials shall not wear medical N95 masks, Weifang City also requires that all purchased or stored medical N95 masks be donated to front-line medical staff for use.

Since the outbreak of new coronavirus infected pneumonia, masks have become a scarce product to be snapped up. Among them, N95 masks, because of its high level of protection, are in a dilemma of one mask is hard to find.

u25b2 photo source: @ official Weibo of Beijing News

However, for the uninfected ordinary people, the protection ability of N95 mask is how to kill chickens with a butchers knife. As long as there is no direct contact with suspected patients or patients, there is no need for over protection. In general open-air public places, we can choose to wear general medical surgical mask, which can isolate the virus, reduce the risk of respiratory infection, and get better ventilation effect. In this regard, the relevant departments of the state and many experts have stressed for many times.

u25b2 guidelines for the use of pneumonia masks for the prevention of new coronavirus infection issued by the disease control bureau of the National Health Commission. Photo source: Peoples daily

In an interview with the media, academician Zhong Nanshan also mentioned that ordinary people dont have to wear N95 masks in their daily life. General masks (such as surgical masks) can prevent most of the droplets with virus from entering the respiratory tract. Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of China CDC, also said that masks with high protective effects such as N95 and kn95 are not necessary for ordinary people.

Of course, many people are not N95, but in the context of the scarcity of mask resources, there is no choice of space, and they can use whatever they buy. Therefore, the policy of one N95 for five disposable medical masks issued by Heilongjiang not only pays attention to the needs of the general public, but also provides substantive support for N95 to lean to the front line of anti epidemic, reflecting the flexibility of the policy.

In the face of the current situation of medical resource shortage under the epidemic situation, the fundamental strategy is to return to work and production and improve production capacity and supply. In addition, xJB Feiteng said that in order to effectively improve the utilization rate of medical resources, similar to one N95 for five disposable medical masks might as well come more.

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