The informatization level of rocket Army missile weapon equipment has been greatly improved

 The informatization level of rocket Army missile weapon equipment has been greatly improved

Knowing the time and calendar, when spring occurs is the growth characteristics of all things. In the new year, all officers and men in the army will be inspired, accelerated in transformation, and made unremitting efforts to push forward the reform and strengthening of the armed forces in depth. From today on, this newspaper has set up a column of reform and implementation in the military camp, in-depth reporting on the vivid practice of promoting reform and implementation at all levels, as well as the new development and changes of the army and the new appearance and new atmosphere of officers and soldiers.

At the beginning of the new year, the vast Gobi drips into ice, and a fire shock drill of rocket army begins. Erect the missile, set the parameters, fire and launch In a moment, a new missile roared out and hit the target accurately.

u201c5u30014u30013u30012u30011u2026u2026u201d Once upon a time, with the sonorous and powerful seconds reading of the commander, the picture of the horn operator pressing the ignition button on time has become the eternal memory of generations of missile soldiers, witnessing the birth of one by one hundred engines and hundred brigades. Now, the classic command of these missiles is gradually fading out in the military arena, and the long sword says goodbye to the era of seconds reading.

In recent years, with the development of information weapons and equipment, the mode of combat effectiveness generation has changed from platform oriented to information oriented. The launch without relying on no position, no parking and the intelligent launch without reading seconds and one key ignition will promote the strategic capability of the missile force to improve rapidly.

He Xianda, the second-class chief of a missile brigade, has undergone thousands of second reading trainings, and now he is busy transforming to the new mode of silence wins voice at this time. He clearly remembered that the manual ignition was replaced by automatic launch in the whole brigades Lijian plateau, and 10 missiles carried out continuous fire assault, which made a brilliant performance.

Missile launching is no longer second reading. Behind the subtle changes is the significant improvement of the informatization level of missile weapon equipmentu2014u2014

Integration of weapons and equipment. The missiles have become smaller and lighter. The chariots have integrated multiple functions to gradually realize field mobile launch, and attack and receive orders.

Simplified operating system. The automatic operation replaces part of the manual operation, reduces the number hand and simplifies the movement, not only shortens the growth cycle of the fighters, but also reduces the operation error.

Systematization of fire assault. With the increase of missile operational radius, important breakthroughs have been made in the accuracy of fire attack and the types of damaged targets, forming a new combat effectiveness system with orderly range connection.

At the beginning of the year, the scene of sword sharpening was unfolded in the South and north of the river, and thunder was bred in the calm. The long sword of a great country was ready to show its strength at any time. (Li Yongfei, Yang Yonggang)

The sword points to the sky. Wang Lu she

Reporters notes

Innovation is particularly needed in the implementation of reform

u25a0 Li Yongfei and Yang Yonggang

The essential requirement of reform is innovation. The new system is the product and platform of innovation. In order to promote the implementation of reform, we need to drive innovation, turn around to break through barriers and transform beyond ourselves.

Once, because sword is inferior to man, generations of missile soldiers painstakingly studied and practiced Dongfeng sword technique. Nowadays, information technology makes missile weapons and equipment more powerful. It is more necessary to practice the new sword technique to the extreme, to bring the efficiency of new equipment to the limit, and to constantly explore and form new quality combat effectiveness.

With the development of information technology and intelligence, the operation of weapons and equipment is simpler, but the requirements for the ability and quality of officers and soldiers are higher. Only by continuously strengthening the muscles and bones and forging the iron leg and steel fist that can win the battle, can we forge a credible and reliable trump card and base card for the country.

The pace of reform never stops, and the practice of innovation never stops. The farewell to the second reading era is only a small step in the transformation of the army, but as long as we create a strong atmosphere for innovation, let the sparks of innovation spark up and prairie fire, we will surely open up a new realm of reform and break through a new world. (PLA Daily)