The price of a 3.4m-wide small house sandwiched in a villa after renovation is twice that of the next door

 The price of a 3.4m-wide small house sandwiched in a villa after renovation is twice that of the next door

Before renovation, the style of the building is exactly the same as that of the villa next to it, and a small window in the middle of the wall. Originally narrow, but also lower than both sides, do not know people, will definitely regard it as a part of the villa next to it. Its too bad.

But after the architects selenky and Parsons carefully designed and transformed it, it finally looked like a home. It took 15 months to complete the transformation. After the transformation, the most obvious thing is that the height has been raised, which is basically the same as the height of the villa on the right. Moreover, a small window has become a transparent floor to ceiling window, which can see part of the indoor scene and remind passers-by that I am a separate house.

If you look carefully, you will find that the brick laying on the exterior wall is also very special, which is more hierarchical than the monotony of the villa nearby. Floor to floor windows are added with a black frame, coupled with the gray floor protruding from each floor, very industrial design.

In addition to the 3.4-meter-wide location in the front, in the back garden part, the designer also carried out an L-shaped expansion, adding a comfortable living room. The position lost to the next door on the front of the door, occupied back here.

Horizontal living room design, because of the L-shaped expansion, the width has been widened a lot, looks very broad. The living room has also made a very popular sunken design. The sunshine is sprinkled into the living room through the glass door at the back, which is pleasant and beautiful.

Because of the small space, the stairs naturally use the rotary type. Because the space is small, it looks very deep in the longitudinal direction, and the designer makes good use of this point and makes some chandeliers. These chandeliers are different in length, which can solve the problem of lighting well and have a very good sense of design at the same time. Its a perfect match for a deep spiral staircase.

However, although the house is well decorated and designed, it has nearly doubled the premium, which has deterred many buyers. What do you think? For details, please stamp the atlas below