Post-90s girls set up doctors post to help medical staff

 Post-90s girls set up doctors post to help medical staff

Xiao Yaxing, founder of Wuhan doctors Posthouse: at that time, it was really a sudden surge. The hotel was empty. Why not take it out and let them (medical staff) stay? Its really very simple to think so.

Xiao Yaxing did not expect that her initiative, once spread, immediately received the response of many local hotels.

Xiao Yaxing, founder of Wuhan doctor post: I remember that it was built at five forty oclock in the afternoon of thirty of the Lunar New Year (Wuhan medical Hotel support) group. By ten oclock of the second morning, there were five hundred people, one group was full, and the two groups started to be built at ten oclock. Its really like this. All of a sudden, its a chain (hotel), two chains (hotel), three chains (hotel). When brand stores join in, everyone will be very happy. The whole team felt that the medical staff in Wuhan did not make efforts in vain, and we are all supporting you.

Medical staff: because I live in Hanyang, I have to ride a bicycle for a long time. Fortunately, she has provided us with this condition. Its a short walk, about 10 minutes (to the hospital). Im very grateful to the government and the caring people of the society for the concern of all the front-line staff of our medical staff. Everyone is united front, there is love, and the epidemic will be overcome soon. We will stick to it together, China refuel, Wuhan refuel, and we will survive.

Xiao Yaxings wechat group, as well as many volunteers from other provinces, has gathered the strength of caring people from all over the country.

Xiao Yaxing, founder of Wuhan doctors post, said: we have a QR code in the group, which is widely publicized and spread in wechat. Some medical staff can see the hotel information as soon as they scan the code. A lot of statistical work, such as the production of two-dimensional codes and the statistics of tables, is done by small partners. They are all volunteers, some in Guangzhou, some in Shanghai, some in Xian.

Because in order to provide services for medical staff, it is necessary to prepare a series of protective articles such as disinfectant. After Xiao Yaxings creation of the doctors post spread, some manufacturers actively contacted her to provide free disinfectant water.

Xiao Yaxing, founder of Wuhan doctors post, said: when there is a constant supply of (disinfectant water), I must have extra quantity. Then we will spread this information to drivers and community groups and tell them that if you lack this disinfectant water, you can come to me to get it. Slowly, there will be many community hospitals and community staff, who will come to me to collect them. I roughly estimate that there are at least 30 community hospitals.

Xiao Yaxing, founder of Wuhan doctor station: I dont know which volunteer sent me more than 2000 masks from Thailand, or which volunteer sent them.

Many caring organizations and people also sent Xiao Yaxing a large number of protective materials, such as masks and gloves, and even food supplies, such as vegetables. They want to pass her on to Hubei hospitals and provide them to front-line medical staff, units and communities in need.

Donor: Hello, Madame. I sent you 12 cases of masks with Cheng.

Xiao Yaxing: 12 pieces, are they masks sent from Thailand?

Donor: right, right.

Xiao Yaxing: Yes, its here.

Donor: then there will be a filial piety (team) who will come and take three boxes.

Xiao Yaxing: I was looking for the masks yesterday. I said who sent them? The Xiaogan team is already here. Ill let my driver give them to him.

Xiao Yaxing, the founder of Wuhan doctor post: every day, many people (tell me) say refueling, find my phone number and add my WeChat just to say refueling. Its hard for you to imagine that you really are not fighting alone. There are many small partners around you. Lets do this together to make Wuhan better and get through the epidemic faster!