Monologue of a new crown pneumonia self-healing nurse

 Monologue of a new crown pneumonia self-healing nurse

On the evening of February 4, Jia Na, a 24-year-old nurse in the emergency department of Wuhan University Peoples Hospital, published a long article on her microblog, reviewing the whole process of her recovery in 11 days, from the discovery of infection to the isolation at home, and finally relying on drugs and her own immunity. Overnight, her self-healing Diary attracted 1.79 million fans and received more than 250000 praise.

Jia Nas success self-healing seems to bring a glimmer of light to the long suppressed netizens, and her comment area is boiling. I gave the screenshot of your microblog to my sick colleagues and friends. All of a sudden, it was full of hope. One netizen said.

Jana decided to take a CT scan for the safety of the Department on January 23 after her colleagues were found to have pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. At that time, she had no other discomfort except for a slight pain in her throat.

I went to take CT at that time to eliminate the new crown pneumonia, so that I and the Department can rest assured and continue to come back to work. What she didnt expect was that the CT results showed that her lungs were frosted glass like, with viral pneumonia to be discharged. In the early morning of new years Eve on the 24th, the nucleic acid test results of the virus came out. On the report sheet, there were two plus signs of new coronavirus.

That day I stayed up all night thinking about when I was infected. Was there any protection in place? Im afraid Ill die. Im scared.

Janas job in the emergency room is to care for patients in the observation room. She recalled that many of the febrile patients who stayed for the transfusion were suspected cases of new crown pneumonia, and she may have been infected by contact when she gave the patient an injection.

In the early morning of new years Eve, Jana took the examination sheet to consult the doctor, and came to the conclusion that the focus was relatively small and the clinical symptoms were not obvious, so she should be a mild patient. In view of the current situation in the hospital, the doctor advised her to go home and take medicine in isolation to avoid cross infection. Before leaving, the doctor specially asked: go home and be a good student, eat well, sleep well and have a good attitude!

In the evening, Jana reluctantly turned on her mobile phone, found the video she had played when she was on the rise outside, and published it in her circle of friends. In the essay, she wrote that today is the 30th of the lunar new year. I wish you all a happy new year in advance. Around has been about this virus pneumonia news, to you send a video adjustment. Come on, fighters.

In this video shot a long time ago, she smiles and grimaces at the camera lens, like every post-95 youth. Its actually my plan, so my parents wont doubt that Im sick. After recovery, Jana told the truth.

A single battle

Jia Na graduated from Zhengzhou University, majoring in nursing, and just joined the peoples Hospital of Wuhan University in 2019. She shared a house with others outside the hospital. Before the Spring Festival, her roommate left Han, leaving only Jana at home.

I dont go out alone, I dont pass it on to others, and I cut off the transmission channel. Next, its my fight against the virus. Jana wrote on Weibo.

The immune system is fighting against the virus. How can we do without enough food. On the day of isolation at home, Jana ate on time, worked regularly, cooked chicken soup, fish soup, ribs soup, millet porridge, Babao porridge Wake up in the morning to drink hot milk and eat eggs to enhance the bodys nutrition. She understood that the biggest weapon in this battle was her own resistance.

Every day, colleagues take the initiative to buy meat and vegetables and put them at Janas door. She never missed protein and fresh vegetables at her table.

She also began to clean and disinfect the house. On Weibo, she shared, I will wipe the table with 84 diluted mops, spray 75% alcohol on the quilt and clothes. Do it every day. Open windows and ventilate at least twice a day for half an hour. Keep warm and keep cool. If the weather is fine, lets have a sun. Take a hot bath in the evening to kill the virus. Wash your hands frequently. Do you know how to wash them in seven steps?

As ordered, she began to take the oral medicine prescribed by the doctor. Some drugs will produce uncomfortable reactions. She will drink water, then rest quietly, most of which will be relieved after an hour.

Like every new coronavirus infector, Jana also experienced fear, sadness and helplessness in the face of unknown results. On New Years Eve, his father sent her a small video of trembling voice, which shouted Wuhan refueling and told her to pay attention to protection. At that time, her parents had no idea about her infection.

On the first day of the Spring Festival, she still calls each elder to greet the new year. Her symptoms also gradually appeared: body pain and weakness, strong vomiting, dry mouth. With a little window open, she began to cough violently. Fortunately, she never had a fever.

In front of my family, Im just pretending to be calm.

Maybe its because of her optimistic character since she was a child, and she began to adjust her mind gradually. Among the requirements of three good students, good mentality is undoubtedly the most difficult option.

In the morning of the 28th, Jana wrapped herself up tightly and walked to the hospital to recheck CT and nucleic acid. There were a lot of people that day, and she spent many hours in a row.

Maybe in many peoples eyes, the medical staff will have the convenience of treatment when they are infected, but this is not the case. At present, only the fever clinic of Wuhan hospital has the right to prescribe the right medicine. The right of staff to see a doctor and the right of emergency treatment to prescribe the new crown pneumonia medicine has been stopped. So Im in line with the average outpatient. No one knows who I am.

In the line of inspection, some people came from 3 a.m., some of them were seriously ill, and some of them were quarreling with each other. Jana stood in the line, her heart breaking.

Im also ill. Im not able to relieve the sufferings of the patients now. Its so helpless. Later, I sat alone in the hospital chair and cried for a long time.

The results of the CT examination were very encouraging. The inflammation in Janas lung disappeared. Although the nucleic acid test is still positive, she has enough confidence to comfort herself: the organ disease is under control, and the rest will come slowly. Even if its a cold, its a recovery period of 7 days, let alone a pneumonia?

On February 4, she went to the hospital again to reexamine the nucleic acid and turned negative!

The feeling of waiting for the result is like the mood when watching the results of the college entrance examination. Some people dare not face it. That means Im really healing.

In this invisible battle, Jana is getting closer to victory. That night, she summarized her experience on Weibo as follows:

An experience of keeping watch and helping each other

These two days, Jana felt that she was not so afraid of the cold. She would occasionally look at the scenery by the window. She lives in a beautiful corner of Wuhan. In Wuhan in winter, the sky is blue and the trees are still green. The road pen under her window leads directly to the Yangtze River Bridge, which is the Yellow Crane Tower in the distance.

In her micro blog comments, more and more netizens care about her, and her blessings are filled with messages. When Jia Na is free, she will answer the questions of netizens one by one and use her experience to relieve their anxiety. For some of the patients, she advised them to see a doctor without delay. But at the same time, voices of doubt began to appear.

Everyones physique has its own particularity. My experience can only be used as a reference and reference for you. Its absolutely impossible to copy. My micro blog is not for everyone to imitate, but to encourage everyone to have confidence. Everyone will be better, but Im better than them. Ill get better first, and then Ill help you.

In the interview, Jana always stressed that scientific prevention and treatment is the most important means to deal with new crown pneumonia. And a positive and rational attitude is just as important.

Qiu Haibo, a member of the expert group of the National Health Commission, vice president of the affiliated Zhongda Hospital of Southeast University and a famous expert in critical medicine, explained at a press conference held by the peoples Government of Hubei Province on February 3 that people who have been exposed to the virus may have several different reactions. The first one has enough resistance to eliminate the virus itself; the second one can reproduce in the upper respiratory tract, but without symptoms. Patients with mild illness show symptoms of fatigue, low fever, fever and dry cough. Only a few patients will develop severe or micro severe.

On February 7, Wang Xinguang, a 91 year old new crown pneumonia patient, was discharged from the third peoples Hospital of Yichang City, Hubei Province. By 22:00 p.m. on February 7, 1753 cases of pneumonia infected with new coronavirus had been cured in China.

She said she was lucky to be 1 / 1753.

To win this battle, everyone is making their own efforts. For us, we should not spread rumors or believe them, and protect ourselves. She wrote on Weibo. Not because there is hope, so stick to it, but because stick to it and see hope.

Jana said that in her 11 days of isolation, she received all kinds of greetings from leaders and colleagues every day, which made her feel deeply that there was not a single person fighting, but a lot of love surrounding her.

China s strength of working together in the same boat and trickling into the sea is building a strong backing for the concentric war epidemic in the land of Jingchu.

In recent days, Jaina will test the nucleic acid again. If it is still negative, she will return to her job as soon as possible and return to the battle.

No winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come. At that time, Wuhan was the same city, but the Chinese people were more connected. She wrote at the end of her microblog.