Li Wenliangs parents: my son is a very kind-hearted person. Its his wish to learn medicine

 Li Wenliangs parents: my son is a very kind-hearted person. Its his wish to learn medicine

As of 24:00 on February 7, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps have reported 31774 confirmed cases (including 6101 severe cases), 2050 cured and discharged cases, 722 deaths, 34546 confirmed cases (14 cases reduced in Heilongjiang Province) and 27657 suspected cases.

Ill watch from now on until I die. u2014u2014Those who are ashamed

On the afternoon of February 7, Dr. Li Wenliangs work unit, Houhu Hospital District, Wuhan Central Hospital, put a card on a bouquet of yellow and white chrysanthemums and pink carnations, which read as follows. In front of the temporarily closed outpatient gate, more than 30 bouquets of flowers gathered together.

In the evening, the bleak whistle sounded in front of the hospital door. Two members of the clouded leopard rescue team blew the whistle on their chest together, and then hung the whistle on the top of the bouquet, dedicated to Dr. Li, because he is a Whistler.

I regret it now. I should give my cell phone to the doctor and ask them to take some pictures of him for me. In a quiet community in Wuchang, Li Wenliangs mother sat on the sofa and said quietly. There are variety shows on the TV. Li Wenliangs sons toy car is placed in the living room, but the family cant go back to the original track. In the early morning of February 7, Dr. Li Wenliang finally fell down after a long rescue.

At 9:00 p.m. on February 7, reporters from the daily economic news came to the residence of Li Wenliangs parents and expressed their grief in person. They welcomed the reporters into the house without too many questions. For the first time, the old couple counted the sons stubbornness and growth to the outside world. From the rescue all night to the family, the two old people are very tough to remember. Li Wenliangs mother described his son as a very kind child. Look at his face, they are very kind.

Members of the rescue team hung a whistle on the outpatient gate of Wuhan Central Hospital with a red tape for Dr. Li (photo source: Zhang jianphotographed by every reporter)

Son: I didnt expect him to go so fast

In the early morning of February 7, after the announcement of Dr. Li Wenliangs death, various rumors about his relatives appeared on the Internet. Knocking on the door of Li Wenliangs parents house, the reporter wanted to confirm their situation and send a bunch of flowers to express his condolences. Come in and sit for a while. Youve come so far. Li Wenliangs father, a native of Jinzhou dialect in Liaoning Province, welcomed the reporter in.

Once in the living room, Li Wenliangs sons large toy car is very conspicuous. Li Wenliangs parents sent the hospital and the governments sympathizers away during the day. Needless to ask, the old couple recalled their recent situation.

From dying to dying, Li Wenliangs parents stayed up all night. Her daughter-in-law also called me and said that the eldest son (the 5-year-old son) seemed to have an emotional reaction and didnt sleep that night.

On the night of February 6, we received a phone call from our daughter-in-law, who was crying all the time and said that he was suddenly in a bad condition. My daughter-in-law and her children are in Xiangyangs hometown. At about 10 oclock in the evening, the hospital leaders come to pick us up and go to the hospital. Li Wenliangs mother recalled, when we arrived at the hospital, we were asked to stay on the sixth floor. The hospital leader told us the rescue plan, but because of the fear of infection and the regulations, we could not see him. After his death, he was directly sent to the funeral parlour. The leader of the funeral parlour said that you should go to the funeral parlour. Maybe you can see him. But the funeral parlor said that the disease can only be cremated immediately, for fear of infection, so he did not see him.

In my imagination, the child must have suffered a lot. He must have suffered a lot. Li Wenliangs mother sat down and sighed on the sofa.

The black-and-white sketch in front of the flower may be the freeze frame in the eyes of countless people when they know the Whistler. (photo source: Zhang Jianzhi, a journalist)

I didnt expect my son to walk so fast. He said that he could get out of bed and eat. All of a sudden, the disease turned so serious that we couldnt accept it. More than a week ago, he also sent us wechat, saying that we must actively cooperate with the treatment, so that we dont have to worry. This is the last contact between the mother and her son. The last time they met was before Li Wenliang became infected.

When it comes to righting the name of children, the two old people are unambiguous. Thats necessary. Now its true. The state has asked for an investigation.

Li Wenliang was also infected because of the infection. Li Wenliang first sent the child back to Xiangyang, his wifes hometown, and then went to the hotel to isolate himself. After two or three days, he found that he still couldnt, so he went to the Central Hospital of Wuhan. At that time, the parents were also hospitalized because of pneumonia.

My son came to pick up the baby. He didnt know that he was infected with the disease. At that time, the mask was brought to us, but he didnt wear it. It wasnt that serious then. Li Wenliangs father said.

On January 31, Li Wenliangs parents, who had lived in the hospital for more than ten days, were cured and discharged from the hospital. The nucleic acid test is negative twice, and I dont have a fever, otherwise I wont be discharged. Li Wenliangs fathers speech also appears to be strong.

However, due to the treatment requirements and high infectivity of the new crown pneumonia, the family members are not allowed to visit Li Wenliang in the hospital. The wife in Xiangyangs hometown is pregnant. In addition to the current traffic control, she cannot return to Wuhan. Family members can only contact Li Wenliang through wechat. Li Wenliangs microblog and ER Lao have been paying attention to it.

Li Wenliangs mother can also quickly remember what her son said. Many netizens have affirmed my behavior, and I am very pleased. When I get well, I will return to the front line and never be a deserter. Its all written by my son, and I cant forget it no matter what.

Li Wenliang said in his microblog that thank you for your support, I will actively cooperate with the treatment and strive for an early discharge.

In the future: we must hold on

My grades have always been very good. I was admitted to the key high school in my hometown. He chose to study medicine. He likes it. Li Wenliang, a boy from Jinzhou, was admitted to the seven-year clinical medicine major of Wuhan University. He met his wife when he graduated from practice. After graduation, he went to work in Xiamen for three years. In order to reunite with his girlfriend, he went back to Wuhan and settled down.

Five years ago, Li Wenliang and his wifes first child were born. Parents come to Wuhan from their hometown in Northeast China to help bring their children. Now the daughter-in-law is pregnant with the second child again. You can see his head is a family of four. Xiao Liang loves his family and his children very much.

We usually dont go to his hospital. When we go to the hospital this time, his colleagues tell us that he is a very good person. We, as a child, are willing to take losses on our own, but also to do a good job of asking for help. We are very, very kind. Hard man, when encountering any information, whether you like it or not, carry it on your own, for fear of worrying our old people. Very thoughtful.

From the lines of the microblog, you can also feel li Wenliangs tenacity and magnanimity. You can see that he is quite calm. On February 1, he tweeted that he was diagnosed and the dust was settled. His high school principal, seeing the microblog, sent him wechat and said, are you so calm? You are a human being.

At the outpatient gate of Wuhan Central Hospital, a bunch of mourning flowers and the watchmans oath wrote the footnotes of life for Dr. Li Wenliang. (photo source: Zhang Jianzhi, a journalist)

During the interview with father Li and mother Li, relatives and friends kept calling.

I ate in the evening. From last night to now, I have eaten some tonight. If I dont eat, I will starve to death. What should I do? There are so many things to take care of. She hasnt come back yet. Now she wont let her. Now their Dean has gone to her with a group of people. Its not easy anywhere. I havent slept all night. Mother Li said to her relatives and friends on the phone, dont worry, I have to hold on. Now that this is the case, what can we do? It cant be retrieved.

It is not hard to find out where Li Wenliangs tenacity comes from. We have to survive. What if we dont. There are so many things I need to do at home. He has children and a wife with a second child.

Today, leaders come to see us and say hello to me if you need anything. I said we didnt ask for anything. A lot of people called to donate money to him. We said we dont need it now.

Strong so, talking about their future life, there are many practical problems in front of them. Our salary adds up to more than 4000 yuan, which is OK in our hometown, but not in Wuhan. And old, dont say later, even now also dont know what disease, go to the hospital a lot of money. The key is that our son is gone. Otherwise, we should take care of our children and the elderly. My son is filial and takes good care of us. Every time I come here, Im looking at what Im missing. I can buy everything. Im like a girl. Im very careful.

We are in good health. His father is 63, and I am 61. I havent had any disease. Its just this disease. Its very serious. We didnt think about it when we went in. I didnt expect On the contrary, if you look at my son, he is more spiritual, and you say no, he will be gone.

Li Wenliangs mother also seemed open-minded and reasonable. Talking about the mourning activities for Li Wenliang, she said, we havent studied the matter of mourning with the hospital. Now the epidemic hasnt passed, and its not appropriate to have more mourners.

My friend said: he is an ordinary person gentle, kind and considerate

On the night of February 6, Chen Xiaowen stayed up all night. Like tens of thousands of netizens, she was looking forward to the miracle.

Chen Xiaowen and Li Wenliang met in Xiamen. They were colleagues of Li Wenliang at Xiamen Eye Center. From 2011 to 2014, when Li Wenliang lived in Xiamen, they and other friends went through the streets and lanes of Xiamen for many times to search for delicious food. He has invited me several times. The Japanese material self-service of Fuyou Hotel, the roast lamb chops of Lianban, and the tea yuan house are all vivid memories, but I only invited him once. Chen Xiaowen said.

From April 2013 to September 2013, Chen Xiaowen and Li Wenliang successively went to the second hospital of Fuzhou to rotate their posts. Their friendship was also deeper. Weve been scolded by the same director, and weve sorted out cases to collapse. In August 2013, Li Wenliang wrote that people were scolded and Chen Xiaowen appeased his poor baby.

In Chen Xiaowens memory, Li Wenliang loves to develop a circle of friends in his life. In Xiamen, the most common content is a variety of food close-up pictures. After returning to Wuhan, he shares the happy moments of his lover and son. He will publish the same content on various social platforms at the same time. I asked him if he had any special software, and he laughed at me for creating such a brain hole.

Li Wenliangs Micro blog is trivial and ordinary, but it reveals his love for life. (photo source: screenshot of Weibo)

Chen Xiaowen remembers that Li Wenliang was still a loyal apple fan. In April 2011, he bought the iPhone 4 just when it was launched in China. Since then, as long as apple produced new products, he would buy it. Even in order to buy the apple computer, he was cheated by the driver working in the hospital for more than 10000 yuan. Chen Xiaowen asked why he didnt call the police, and he just smiled and said, forget it, forget it..

I only know about him through Weibo. On January 23, I sent him a wechat to ask him about his recent situation. He never replied. On January 29, I sent another wechat, brother Liang, I have experienced so much in this period of time. I dont say much. I only hope you and your family can recover as soon as possible. Everything will be OK, and there will be a bright and smooth way behind. He replied thank you.

If you stay in Xiamen and we make happy fat house together, how nice it is for you to send food pictures every day as before. I dont want you to know you in this way! Everyone will finally meet, just sooner or later. See you. See you. See you Chen Xiaowen tweeted.

He is just an ordinary person, gentle, kind, considerate and excellent. He is really a rare person who can afford these words. Chen Xiaowen is looking forward to the early passing of the epidemic, hoping that everyone can take off their masks and take a walk in the sun.

At the Suzhou eye annual meeting on September 7, 2019, Chen Xiaowen had a big meal with Li Wenliang for the last time. She touched Li Wenliangs bulging stomach and said, you have a good life in Wuhan!

Qi mourning: Thank you for coming. I hope you can tell me

Even before the diseases of all living beings have been cured, I would like to be a doctor and a doctor and a nurse -- on practice

This is one of the sentences in the Sutra entering Bodhisattva, which means that until the suffering of all beings has not been cured, we should provide medicine and medicine for all living beings, take care of them and protect them.

I didnt open the door to do business, but there are too many people calling today to ask about the cost, so I started business at noon, and today I sold eight to ten times as much as usual. A flower shop owner near the hospital told reporters that he had just received Qujing, Yunnan and Chongqing citizens from the Internet to book flowers for mourning.

16 bundles a day today. There will be orders tomorrow, there will be orders tonight, and there will be deliveries tomorrow, said a staff member at a delivery platform

In front of the gate of Wuhan Central Hospital (Houhu hospital area), a take out boy sent flowers ordered by netizens from all over the country. (photo source: Zhang Jianzhi, a journalist)

In the special period of national isolation, people from all directions chose to send their beloved Doctor Li Wenliang off in this way. Dr. Li Wenliang, thank you for coming. tell the truth, be a real person, pay homage to Dr. Li Wenliang. Dr. Li Wenliang has gone all the way, thank you for your bravery Carefully read the attached honorific words on the bouquet, the words are everyones voice.

Someone traced Dr. Li Wenliangs picture in black and white and placed it in front of the door, with a few cigarettes beside it. There is a bottle of wine beside some photos.

On December 30, 2019, Dr. Li Wenliang took the lead in disclosing the relevant situation of unknown pneumonia in wechat group, which was forwarded by screenshots. On January 3, he was warned and admonished by the police, saying that he had published false statements on the Internet. Later, in the process of work, after receiving patients with new coronavirus pneumonia, Li Wenliang was infected with new coronavirus pneumonia, and his parents and many colleagues were also infected.

Late in the night of February 6, Li Wenliangs life was in danger.

Wen Liang doesnt wake up, we dont sleep. In the early morning of February 7, netizens commented on the microblog of Wuhan Central Hospital. In the end, Li Wenliang, 34, fell down on the windy night in Wuhan.

On the night of February 7, the lights of Wuhan Central Hospital (Houhu hospital area) were on, and the miracle of countless netizens praying the previous night could not happen. (photo source: Zhang Jianzhi, a journalist)

On February 7, the Chinese Medical Association sent a letter to mourn Dr. Li Wenliang. At the beginning of the epidemic, Dr. Li Wenliang keenly reminded his colleagues to pay attention to infection and prevention and control. We admire his scientific spirit of seeking truth from facts, the Chinese Medical Association said

So far, Li Wenliang still carries the name of the rumor maker, only to conclude that his plot is relatively minor, he is still an illegal actor, and he has not been given a proper name, hoping to give him a proper name, which is also a confession to him. A Wuhan citizen who accompanied his father to see a doctor at the gate of Wuhan Central Hospital told reporters.

As a common people, its a pity. The government still needs to reflect on this, and nothing can be decided too early, a young man who came to accompany his friend to the clinic told reporters. After all, doctors have their own professional fields, but also certain assurance, to remind. Disease, as a matter of fact, can be minimized only if more people pay attention to it earlier.

National Health and Health Commission: serious case study

State Supervision Commission: comprehensive investigation

The death of Li Wenliang not only stimulated the public nerves, but also attracted the attention of the relevant departments of the state.

On February 7, Song Zhi, a spokesman of the National Health Commission and director of the publicity department, said that Dr. Li Wenliang, from Wuhan Central Hospital in Hubei Province, was infected with a new type of coronavirus pneumonia in the fight against the epidemic and died after full treatment. The National Health Commission expressed its deep condolences and sincere condolences to Dr. Li Wenliangs family.

CCTV news, Xinhua news agency, peoples daily, global times and other media also highly affirmed Li Wenliangs professionalism and medical ethics as a doctor: Li Wenliangs body shines with the light of medical ethics. He is an excellent representative of the medical workers and an ordinary hero around us.

Wen Liang is gone, the battle is not over! Li Wenliangs actions and wishes before his death are to stop the epidemic and ensure the health of my compatriots. We must continue to be energetic, resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic, and resolutely win the battle of prevention and control of the epidemic. CCTV news wrote in an article on February 7, beating the devil to comfort Dr. Li Wenliang.

It is of great concern that Li Wenliang did not count as a confirmed patient from Jan. 10 until Jan. 30 due to the negative nucleic acid test for many times. On Jan. 24, he was even sent to the intensive care unit. His sudden death due to the deterioration of his condition also refreshed peoples cognition of new crown pneumonia to a certain extent.

The national health and Health Commission said it would seriously study the case of Li Wenliang. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the majority of medical workers have bravely fought in the front line of the anti epidemic, regardless of personal safety, leaving their families for everyone, facing difficulties, and made great contributions to the protection of peoples lives and health. We pay high tribute to them.

According to the website of the National Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of the CPC Central Committee, with the approval of the CPC Central Committee, the National Commission decided to send an investigation team to Wuhan, Hubei Province, to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the issues reported by the masses concerning Dr. Li Wenliang.

Photo source: website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC Central Committee

In response, Hu Yabo, member of the Standing Committee and executive vice mayor of Wuhan Municipal Committee, said at the 17th press conference on prevention and control of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus of Hubei provincial government on the evening of February 7 that Wuhan will fully cooperate with the investigation team in relevant work.

And earlier in the day on the 7th, Wuhan municipal government, Hubei Provincial Health and Health Commission and other official wechat also issued an announcement affirming Li Wenliang: we deeply mourn and deeply regret! I would like to pay homage to his persistence in fighting the epidemic and express sincere condolences to his family!

Just like this mourning: to Dr. Li Wenliang, the hero of our time, may the dead rest in peace. (photo source: Zhang Jianzhi, a journalist)

Today is the 15th day of the lunar new year, the Lantern Festival. Many families will eat Tangyuan, which means a happy new year. But Li Wenliangs parents and wife, as well as his five-year-old son, never had the chance to spend the Lantern Festival with such a good son, husband and father. We will never lose a good doctor, a gentle, kind and considerate ordinary person. Its what this ordinary person did and what happened to him that moved the hearts of all Chinese people.

Go all the way, Dr. Wen Liang. May there be no tears, no pain, no lies in heaven.

(at the request of the interviewer, Chen Xiaowen is a pseudonym)