Manchester United are suing the sun: they knew in advance that Sandro was attacked

 Manchester United are suing the sun: they knew in advance that Sandro was attacked

At the end of January this year, the house of executive vice president Woodward of Manchester United club was attacked by dozens of United extreme fans. The fans fired fireworks at the house, shouted threat slogans, and sprayed slogans on the wall. The sun made a special report on this.

Manchester United have filed a formal complaint with independent press standards about the suns report of the attack on Woodwards home, the club said in a statement. The Sun reported on January 29, 2020 that Manchester United fans threw fireworks at Woodwards home, and the protests continued to escalate. According to Manchester United, the sun has received advance notice of the attack, including criminal damage and attempted intimidation, and there were reporters at the scene at that time, and the quality of the photos distributed in their reports also indicated the presence of photographers.

The Manchester United announcement went on: the reporter not only failed to perform his basic duty as a member of society, that is, to report the impending crime and avoid potential danger and criminal damage, but also his presence encouraged and rewarded the criminals. We believe that this is a clear violation of the code and ethics of the independent press standards organization. Our decision to file a formal complaint with the independent press standards organization is not easy to make, and we are looking forward to a decision, which is an important test of the media self regulatory system and the ability to uphold ethical standards in the press.

The sun is a well-known British tabloid, which often causes dissatisfaction from football clubs due to some reports. For example, in 2017, Liverpool Club announced to completely block the sun at home and training base. It is worth mentioning that in January, Woodward hired Neil Aston, the former chief football reporter of the sun, as his PR consultant, hoping to help him improve his image in the hearts of Manchester United fans.

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