Li Ronghao is a real hammer! Wang Junjie, a member of August 1, shows off his piano talent at home

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Wang Junjie shows Piano Art (source: Netease sports)

In the video, Wang Junjie is wearing a gold watch and a ring in formal clothes. The music is smooth and beautiful, which shows that he has a certain foundation. Because he looks like singer Li Ronghao, fans have always called him August 1 Li Ronghao.

Born in 1999, Wang Junjie was the main defender of the National Olympic team and had a brilliant moment when he scored 3 points to kill Lithuania. This season, under the guidance of Wang Zhizhi, Wang Junjie began to make a figure. He can get the comprehensive data of 7 points, 3 boards, 2 assists and 1 steals per game. He was also invited to participate in this years all star star sharp competition.

Source: editor in charge of sports of Netease: Wang Hongyu, nb12517