On the bars? Ramos fell down and stormed Edgar: I x you son of a bitch

 On the bars? Ramos fell down and stormed Edgar: I x you son of a bitch

The 21-year-old Norwegian midfielder joined Real Madrid in 2015 and has since been loaned out to the Dutch team. Last summer, Real Madrid loaned him to real society for another two years. This season, Edgar has become the core of Royal Societys attack with his outstanding performance. In this kings Cup match, Edgars long shot at the broken main goal helped royal society to take the lead. Many Real Madrid fans have hoped that the club will recall Edgar from his loan earlier this summer.

I think what we are talking about is a gentlemens club and a player with a clear future. I think we have reached an agreement and it will continue to be fulfilled, said Joaquin aperibe, President of the royal society club. The players belong to Real Madrid and if they ask (for a recall in advance), we will have to talk to each other and listen to each other. But we want erdergen to play here for two years

President aperibe also said: Edgar was very happy after yesterdays match against Real Madrid. We will think about his future in the near future, but his chances of returning to Real Madrid are zero. He has done very well at Real Sociedad and if we can achieve our target for the season, it will be very beneficial to keep him. As long as Edgar is willing, he will continue to play for real next season

Now its up to Edgar to decide. Real want him back to take over Modric ahead of time, but Edgar can stay at Real Sociedad for another season. When Edgar was replaced in the kings cup, Real Madrid fans at the Bernabeu stadium applauded him to show their love for him.

However, not everyone in Real Madrid appreciates Edgar. According to Spanish TV, in this kings Cup match, real captain Ramos has been rude to Edgar. It was in the 11th minute that Edgar was given a yellow card warning after he fouled Ramos, and Ramos shouted Hey, Edgar! I x you son of a bitch. In Real Madrids La Liga match against Real Sociedad in November last year, Ramos got a yellow card for kicking over Edgar from behind. It seems that the two players have already matched each other in the match.

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