No body hair offside! Premier League or improved var: 10 cm offside space

 No body hair offside! Premier League or improved var: 10 cm offside space

Under the guidance of FIFA, VaR technology has been introduced into the football world, and it has been used in various competitions organized by FIFA and many leagues in Europe. The Premier League didnt use VaR until this season. In the Premier League, 25 goals have been ruled invalid by VAR due to offside.

The use of VaR in the Premier League has seriously affected the normal order of the game and caused dissatisfaction of FIFA. In January, according to former sky sports commentator Richard Keith, FIFA has given the Premier League an ultimatum to use VaR as required, otherwise the Premier League will be revoked the VaR license. According to the FIFA Council Secretary General brueder, the main role of VaR is to correct the wrong decisions made by the referees, rather than over calculating some details. If var replays offside through 15 angles and tries to find evidence of player offside, it is obviously unreasonable.

It is reported that many teams in the Premier League have made suggestions to the Premier League authorities to improve the VaR system and leave 10 cm space for attacking players in the offside judgment next season. We all think its a wise choice to leave 10 cm of room for attacking players, because offside within 10 cm will not have too much positive impact on attacking players, an insider told the times

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