7 cases confirmed by the crew of dream of the world luxury cruise ship

 7 cases confirmed by the crew of dream of the world luxury cruise ship

They are going to take the Star Dream Cruise Line - world dream cruise line with the number of wd05200119, which is a well-known cruise brand in the industry, famous for luxurious facilities, rich entertainment and delicious food, which Hanxin Tong has been looking forward to for a long time. On this journey, the cruise ship will depart from Nansha Port Wharf in Guangzhou and sail to Vietnam, stop at Nanzhuang and Danang, and then return to Guangzhou.

At 8 p.m., passengers began to board the ship. There are so many people who speak any dialect all over the country.. Han Xintong didnt know at the time that 108 of the thousands of passengers who would spend six days and five nights with her came from Hubei, 28 of them from Wuhan.

On February 3, Guangdong CDC issued a notice saying that several newly reported people with new coronavirus had taken the cruise. Guangdong CDC called on all personnel of the cruise line to contact the CDC of the city where they live for filing as soon as possible and cooperate with the CDCs follow-up work.

As of February 7, among the crew of the world dream, 7 confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia have been found in Zhaoqing, Jiangmen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai and Dongguan of Guangdong Province, including 1 case with family clustering epidemic.

At present, the dream of the world has returned to Hong Kong. Before the quarantine work is completed, all passengers and employees cannot disembark without the permission of the health department of the SAR.

Danger is undetected

Six water slides on the world dream.

Han Xin Tong ran to the cafeteria that night and had a big meal. There are free cafeterias on the 7th, 8th and 16th floors, especially large, so there are many people who eat at night, which is in line with my idea of shopping, eating and eating

On the same day, Jiang Mou, 33, a family of three from Duanzhou District, Zhaoqing City, and her husband and eldest son were also boarded; a mother and daughter, 59 and 33 years old, from Dalian, Liaoning Province, lived in Humen Town, Dongguan; a 65 year old man and family from Jinwan District, Zhuhai City. In addition, there are 108 passengers from Hubei, 28 of whom are from Wuhan.

That night, after all the passengers boarded the ship, Wu Yilin, a 28 year old from DAAO Town, Jiangmen City, got off the ship. According to a later report from Jiangmen Health Bureau, Wu Yilin has lived in a rental house in Panyu District of Guangzhou for a long time. He has not been to Wuhan recently. He is usually engaged in Internet marketing and occasionally works as a part-time ground crew on the world dream cruise ship.

On January 19, Wu Yilin worked on the cruise until 9:30 p.m. when passengers boarded the ship for an hour and a half.

However, Han Xintong had no time to pay attention to all this at that time, and she and her family were soon immersed in the joy of the holiday. They booked two balcony rooms with sea view. During the day, the deck was full of people. Children like to stay in the open pool and play with water slides; some elderly people in wheelchairs like to sit in the outdoor cinema and watch movies; middle-aged people like to hold the fence and put all kinds of models to take photos.

The only thing that made her feel inconvenient was that as the ship gradually pulled away from the shore and close to the high seas, the cell phone signal weakened one by one. Finally, only one software can be collected by Alipay, which can send simple conversations, and even pictures cant be delivered.

The world dream provides paid network traffic service. A crew member told the Beijing News, Wi Fi on board can be bought, but its very expensive. 80 yuan is only 1 g of traffic, and almost no one buys it.

Han Xin Tongs family of five didnt buy it. No Internet didnt bother her. On the contrary, she was happy to enjoy the leisure world without Internet, lying, shaking and eating on the boat.

The epidemic is coming quietly

On the morning of January 21, the world dream arrived in the central city of Nazhuang, Vietnam, and all the passengers went ashore for a day.

Replaced the local mobile phone card in Vietnam, and restored the Internet life. The first thing Han Xintong did was to brush Weibo. She saw that the microblog was full of news about academician Zhong Nanshans claim that the new coronavirus can be confirmed as human to human , and the confirmed and suspected cases of new coronavirus pneumonia began to be reported outside Hubei Province.

At the time of the departure of the world dream, only one new reported case of pneumonia was found in Wuhan. Experts said the epidemic was preventable and controllable. Han Xintong told the Beijing News, I use Weibo a lot, but before I got on board, I had no idea about the disease, and I didnt think it had anything to do with it.

Seeing the trend of aggravating the epidemic situation, Hanxin Tong began to consider, should I wear a mask?

Bud village is not big, during a short period of play, Han Xin Tong did not find a place to sell masks. Returning to the world dream in the evening, she found that the masks in the only Japanese drugstore on board had been sold out.

At that time, however, no one was wearing masks. Han Xin Tong remembers that on the night of January 21, the atmosphere on the deck was still lively, and the music party held by the 17th floor swimming pool was still carnival, just like a large-scale dancing scene, with more than 100 people swinging with the music.

On the world dream, the night performance hasnt started yet, and the open-air performance area is full of passengers. Picture provided by interviewee

On this day, Wu Yilin left his rental house in Guangzhou, and then went back to his home in DAAO Town, Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, to be reunited with his parents.

On the morning of January 22, the world dream arrived in Danang, Vietnam. As soon as we got off the ship, we immediately turned on our mobile phones to check and found that the epidemic was further intensified. The number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia has increased from 291 announced the previous day to 440, and the number of provinces with cases and suspected cases is also increasing.

There were obviously more passengers discussing the epidemic. One of the itineraries of the day was a 40 minute supermarket purchase. The passengers went to buy masks at the same time. Han Xintongs mother bought 30 masks.

However, when he returned to the ship at 8 oclock that night, Han Xintong noticed that, in addition to a few passengers, most of them still didnt wear masks. Maybe we all think its not so serious, and we all think pneumonia only exists in China, and the ship is quite safe for the time being.

As cruise ships continue to sail and lose the network again, the situation of pneumonia has changed dramatically. At 2 a.m. on January 23, Wuhan announced that the citys public transport, subway, ferry and long-distance passenger transport were suspended from 10 oclock, and the airport and railway station departure channel from Han was temporarily closed. Zhejiang, Guangdong and Hunan have also successively launched the first-class response to major public health emergencies.

But on the ship, there were no special disinfection measures in those days, said Han Xintong. The basic cleaning in the room is dumping garbage and putting toilet paper. Even the carpet in the room has not been vacuumed.

Soon, the five night six day trip was over. On the morning of January 24, the world dream returned to Nansha Port Wharf in Guangzhou. When I stepped out of the cabin, all the passengers, including Hanxin Tongs family, wore masks, and many of the crew on board also wore masks for the first time..

When I got off the ship, the atmosphere suddenly became tense. Two ambulances were stopped at the wharf, and several medical staff in white protective clothing walked around. Some staff sprayed disinfectant water on each passengers hands and measured the body temperature of some passengers. My family measured my grandma, said Hanxin Tong. At that time, everyone felt, its really abnormal.

After disembarking, the passengers went home. Three members of Ms. Jiangs family in Zhaoqing, two mothers and daughters in Dongguan, 65 year old men and their families in Zhuhai all drove home by themselves. Han Xin Tongs family stayed in Guangzhou for several days because of the air tickets.

On the morning of January 24, the world dream arrived in Guangzhou. Two ambulances were stopped at Nansha Wharf, next to the medical staff in white protective clothing. Picture provided by interviewee

The passengers are getting sick one after another

Before the world dream returned to Nansha port, Guangzhou, more than one person had been ill.

According to previous media reports, Nansha Customs said that they received a report from the ship doctor that Ms. Jiang from Zhaoqing had fever symptoms on January 20. After taking antipyretic drugs, the temperature was re measured at 37 u2103 the next day. Since then, she has no fever.

At the time of disembarkation, Ms. Jiang was screened for new crown pneumonia, but it was not identified as abnormal at that time. According to the written reply from the Publicity Department of Nansha District, Guangzhou to the reporter of Beijing News, Nansha customs carried out body temperature monitoring and medical inspection on all inbound passengers and crew members after the arrival of the world dream cruise ship on January 24, including 18 passengers with fever, 7 passengers with fever history but normal body temperature at the time of entry (including Zhaoqing cases), 6 close contacts and key tours reported by the shipping agency After epidemiological investigation, medical investigation and sampling and sending for examination, the results of the night were negative

However, according to the report of Zhaoqing Health Bureau, Ms. Jiang had fever again the next day (January 25). She was hospitalized on January 31 and diagnosed with new crown pneumonia on February 1.

She was not alone in the discomfort of the voyage. According to the Zhuhai Municipal Health Bureau, a 65 year old male passenger from Jinwan District, Zhuhai, was ill on January 23. Due to the limited information, it is not clear what specific symptoms he had at that time, and it is impossible to know whether he was among the 31 people mentioned above.

After leaving the world dream and returning home, the Zhuhai mans body apparently did not recover. Two days later, he took a private car to Zhuhai Hongqi hospital for treatment, and then went to Jinwan hospital for treatment. On February 2, he was transferred from 120 ambulance to the fifth hospital of CUHK for isolation treatment, which has been confirmed.

Wu Yilin, who returned to his hometown in DAAO Town, Jiangmen, also fell ill on January 23. According to a later notice from Jiangmen Health Bureau, Wu Yilin began to suffer from fever and fatigue in the early morning of January 23. He walked to the outpatient department of DAAO health center that night for treatment. He had been infusing in the injection room of the outpatient department of DAAO Health Center for the next five days. At 8:00 p.m. on January 28, he was admitted to the single room, room 4, floor 1 of DAAO Town Health Center for treatment. For several days, he did not get better.

He was diagnosed with new coronavirus pneumonia on February 1, and has been transferred to Jiangmen Central Hospital for fixed-point isolation treatment.

In the report, he went back to his hometown on January 21 and was hospitalized on January 28. Like countless young people returning home during the Spring Festival, he visited relatives and friends, went to the second aunts house, had lunch and dinner with the second aunt, the eldest cousin and the second cousins family; had dinner with his sisters family of three; went to the eldest aunts house to pay a new years visit, chatted with six relatives in the same room; he had a party with many friends and fellow villagers, and even rode a motorcycle to take a friend home; maybe he was not satisfied with his appearance He also went to the peoples Hospital of Siqian, Xinhui District, Jiangmen City to have his teeth fixed.

In particular, Wu Yilin did not wear a mask when he was with his family, relatives or friends.

On February 4, Jiangmen Health Bureau released the details of Wu Xilin, the latest confirmed case of pneumonia. He once worked as a part-time ground service on the world dream cruise ship.

According to the results of epidemiological investigation, 21 close contacts of Wu Yilin were temporarily identified, Jiangmen Health Bureau reported. At present, the health department of Jiangmen City has contacted all the 21 close contacts, among which 18 close contacts have been intensively isolated and observed, and the relevant situation has been reported to the prevention and control headquarters of the other three close contacts for follow-up.

Jiangmen new crown pneumonia prevention and control headquarters appealed that those who contacted with Wu Yilin at the same time and in the same environment should report to their communities and villages for registration as soon as possible, report to the municipal health and health department and continuously track the physical condition of the registered personnel, or call the local epidemic prevention department for telephone registration and consultation, test and treatment methods, and please observe at home for 14 days by yourself The body temperature was measured twice a day (once in the morning and once in the afternoon).

On February 4, Wu Yilin, a staff member of the former peoples hospital who had gone to have his teeth fixed, told the Beijing news that after receiving the news, the dentists, radiologists and facial features doctors who had contact with him have all been tested for nucleic acid, which is negative. Hes been here for a short time. Its been 13 days since he came into contact. The doctors dont have any symptoms.

The reporter of Beijing News called Wu Yilins DAAO health center, which had infusion and hospitalization for 9 days before the diagnosis. A person in charge told the reporter of Beijing news that during Wu Yilins treatment, because of fever, cough and other symptoms, the hospital also asked him if he had contact history in Hubei and Wuhan. He said that he did not contact foreigners very much. The person in charge did not disclose whether there is any infection or isolation of medical staff in DAAO health center.

A village cadre from Dongsheng Village in DAAO town said that the village began to publicize the prevention and control of the epidemic on January 20, cancelled large-scale activities, and told the villagers to prevent and control the epidemic through the whole villages broadcasting, electronic screen rolling prompts, distribution of leaflets and other forms.

Regarding Wu Yilins return to his hometown, the village cadre said that he knew that Wu Yilin usually worked outside, but did not have his contact information, and was unclear about when he would return to the village and when he would leave.

After leaving the world dream, the mother and daughter from Dongguan were also diagnosed. According to a report from Dongguan Health Bureau, after returning to humens home, on January 24, the mother had fever, muscle ache and other symptoms, and no obvious improvement was found after taking the medicine by herself; on January 26, the daughter had cough symptoms. On February 2, after being hospitalized for isolation treatment, the two were transferred to the Ninth Peoples Hospital of the city for treatment. At present, they have been diagnosed with new crown pneumonia.

Ms. Jiangs family in Zhaoqing has also seen a family gathering epidemic. According to Zhaoqing Health Bureau, in addition to Ms. Jiang, her husband and eldest son, her mother-in-law, father-in-law and 3-year-old son were also diagnosed.

Han Xin Tongs family was lucky. After more than ten days, they didnt have any discomfort.

During her stay in Guangzhou for three or four days, she saw that the prevention and control of the epidemic was becoming more and more strict. The subway and the airport were all equipped with thermometers, and the temperature was measured at the entrance and exit stations. The whole family keeps a high degree of vigilance, wash their hands frequently and wear masks as soon as they leave the hotel room. When they returned home, they also took the initiative to stay at home and isolate themselves.

On February 7, the Propaganda Department of Nansha District Committee of Guangzhou replied to the reporter of Beijing news that the dream of the world Liner landed on January 24, 11 days ago, and the incubation period of the virus was 14 days. So far, the chance of infection for people who have not yet been ill is getting smaller and smaller, so the masses do not need to panic excessively, and they can cooperate actively according to the guidance of the professional sector.

After Han Xin Tong goes home, he still keeps the bag on the cruise ship. Picture provided by interviewee

Cruise suspension

After landing from Nansha port, Guangzhou, world dream returned to Hong Kong. Two days later, on January 26, the general office of the Ministry of culture and tourism issued the emergency notice on the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus and the suspension of the business activities of tourism enterprises, saying that from now on, the national travel agencies and online tourism enterprises will suspend the operation of team tourism and air tickets + hotels tourism products.

In response to the Beijing News, the Propaganda Department of Nansha District Committee of Guangzhou said that the world dream was originally planned to set off from Nansha port on January 26 with more than 3730 passengers, including about 200 from Hubei. After the coordination and communication between the relevant departments and the cruise line, the cruise company cancelled the voyage, and carried out full refund or rescheduling for the tourists who purchased the tickets.

Star Dream Cruise Company also issued a statement on February 2, in order to actively respond to the governments measures to curb the spread of the epidemic, it has suspended the operation of all its cruise lines in the mainland of China and the flow and replacement of all Chinese employees from January 26.

Not only Xingmeng cruise line, but also the reporter of Beijing News found that at present, several cruise lines, such as Royal Caribbean cruise line and Costa cruise line, have issued announcements to suspend some voyages from Chinas home port, and have launched corresponding return and endorsement guarantee policies.

However, despite the cessation of operations in Chinas interior, the world dream still sails in other areas.

Xiao AI (pseudonym), an employee, told the Beijing news that at 9 a.m. on January 26, the world dream started its 5-night 6-day Subic Manila voyage from Hong Kong. After a days sea voyage, the world dream arrived in Manila, the Philippine port, on January 28, the tourists basically got off the ship to play, sailed from Manila in the afternoon, and returned to Hong Kong on January 31.

At 8 oclock that night, the world dream started its weekend excursion without stop. At 8 oclock in the evening, it left Hong Kong for more than one day at sea and returned to Hong Kong early on February 2.

In the early morning of February 4, when chatting with reporters of the Beijing News, Xiao AI was already on the route of Taiwan tour. On February 2, the cruise ship set out from Hong Kong, passed through Keelung and Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and returned to Hong Kong on February 5. When I docked at Kaohsiung port on February 4, I was not allowed to disembark because of the epidemic prevention work, Xiao said. We only stopped for a moment and left.

With the emergence of a number of confirmed cases related to the world dream, the prevention and control work has been strengthened on the cruise ship. Xiao AI said that since January 27, the ship has disinfected the ship. It is recommended that all the staff wear masks, take their temperature every day, send disposable gloves to the staff, and wear them at work.

However, Xiaoai is still a little worried. There are a lot of people on board. In the entertainment field, many people dont wear masks, and there are elderly people. What she is most afraid of now is to hear someone cough.

The world dream returned to Hong Kong on the morning of February 5, after the end of the Taiwan march. According to Hong Kong Radio, the staff of the port health section of the SAR have been on board for health quarantine. Before the quarantine work is completed, without the permission of the Department of health, all the passengers can not get off the ship.

On the morning of February 5, the world dream arrived in Hong Kong, and employees watched the quarantine of the cruise ship by the staff of the health department of the port of the special administrative region through on-board television. Picture provided by interviewee

The staff of the port health department collect the health application forms of more than 1800 passengers and crew members on board, understand the symptoms and carry out temperature examination for each person. Preliminary data showed that three people claimed to have had a fever but had fever abated. One of them was positive for influenza B. all three people had been sent to public hospitals for isolation and new pneumonia tests. So far, no results have been released.

Xiao AI told the Beijing news that in the late night of February 4, the ship called a meeting of the crew to inform that after the quarantine, all passengers would get off the ship, world dream would be suspended from operation, and all the staff would be isolated on the ship at that time. At present, they are still waiting for the result on board. Now, I just want to know whether these three people will be diagnosed

Japans Ministry of health, labor and welfare announced Monday that 171 people were newly identified in the virus test of the Diamond Princess, 41 of whom were found to be infected with the new coronavirus. This brings the number of confirmed cases on board to 61.

A Hong Kong man boarded the cruise ship in Yokohama on January 20 and disembarked in Hong Kong on January 25. Subsequently, he developed fever and was diagnosed with new coronavirus on February 1. On February 3, the cruise ship arrived in Yokohama, but did not touch the port and kept a certain distance from the land. Then the Japanese government sent dozens of quarantine teams to board the ship for inspection.