Convicted hero

 Convicted hero

More than 110 people were injured, two seriously injured and two killed in the explosion. Juvier, the first security guard to find the bomb, was investigated by the FBI as a suspect for 88 days and fell into darkness overnight. Many years later, his story was adapted into the film Richard Jewells lament.

There is no doubt that juvier is the most common little man in American society. He has worked hard to be an excellent policeman all his life. Contrary to his wishes, in real life, he is fat and clumsy, and no one takes him seriously.

On the day of the explosion, as a security guard, he patrolled the park as usual, and found several drunk young people throwing beer cans around. Just as he was arguing with these drunk people, juvier found a suspicious green backpack under the park seat. Having law enforcement experience, he felt something was wrong, so he gave an early warning at the first time.

However, the security supervisor didnt realize the seriousness of the incident, and even thought that juvier was making a fuss. Several suspicious packages had been found in the past few weeks, which proved to be a false alarm. Another security guard was ready to open the backpack by himself, which was stopped by juvier in time. He insisted that the security guard line should be set up and reinforcements called according to the procedure.

At the same time, 911 received a strange police call, claiming that there was a bomb in the Olympic Park, which will explode in half an hour. The explosion-proof team quickly arrived at the scene. After opening the backpack carefully, they were stunned. The bomb hidden inside was extremely powerful. Juvier immediately assisted security personnel in evacuating the crowd, but the park was shrouded in noisy music, and people in the distance could not hear them clearly, so the explosion happened.

In spite of the tragedy, juviers action reduced the explosion damage that would have caused mass casualties. Overnight, he became a civilian hero sought after by the media, appeared on various programs, told his story, and the press invited him to give autobiography and tell this legendary experience.

But it didnt last long. After only three days, the hero became a bear.

On July 30, 1996, juvier was reported as the number one suspect of the FBI by the Atlanta constitution, the main local daily newspaper in Atlanta. Ironically, the uninformed yingnu also invited Tim aitavi, a friend of the FBI, to have dinner. During the dinner, they kept talking about the explosion. He didnt expect that his friend had a bug on his body, and he kept saying the same thing.

Soon after, two FBI agents came to visit, hoping that juvier would cooperate in shooting a training video, and he readily agreed. On the way, juvier found that several cars were following him all the time. However, he was still not suspicious. During the recording, juvier was asked to sign a waiver, and instinctively remembered that he would not ask anyone to waive his rights when enforcing the law unless the person was under investigation. Then he realized that the situation was not good and asked to call his lawyer.

After several twists and turns, Jewell finally got in touch with lawyer Bryant, who flew into a rage and told him not to sign anything and to leave the room at once. Juvier finally understood that he had fallen from heaven to hell.

These guys think I did it, Jewell said. Accusing me of being a murderer is one of the top crimes in the United States and even in the world. If they can, they want to put me on the electric chair.

Why is the case so reversed? Who is the originator of Richard Jewells lament?

To understand the seemingly absurd logic of the FBI, the first thing we need to understand is that Jewell used to be a policeman. Even after he took off his uniform, he still talked and thought like a policeman. However, the mediocre and even some failed law enforcement experience in the past did not let juvier get trust, but increased his suspicion. Its sad, hard work and responsibility that made him a suspect. Hes proud of being a policeman. Ironically, hes become a typical representative of a case of wrongdoing, Jewells lawyer said

In 1990, juvier became a jailer in the Habersham County Sheriffs office. He also worked as a part-time security guard in an apartment to help his family. Once, a couple made a noise in the bathtub and Jewell arrested them as police. Due to the light circumstances, he was given a suspended sentence and received relevant psychological counseling.

A year later, juvier was promoted to deputy sheriff and enrolled in the Northeast Georgia Police Academy for further study. After graduating with the top 25% of the class, he had the dream of law enforcement status. Juvier inherited his mothers diligence and worked more than 14 hours a day. However, he was not a clever law enforcement officer. In 1995, he crashed the police car during a patrol and fell to prison. Juvier described the prison as a smoking cage. He refused the job and transferred to pittmont College as a police officer.

The school police are only in charge of the campus and the surrounding area within 500 feet. Juvier is still working hard. He chases speeding cars on the highway, competes with other police for territory, and has caught a suspected thief. However, he was forced to quit the job because of several controversial arrests. In order to take care of his mother, who operated on her foot, Jewell moved back to Atlanta to work as a security guard in the Olympic Park.

How could a white house at the bottom of America, a loser who is not recognized by the mainstream society, get to the top of his life overnight?

Ray collier, the president of pittmont college, reported the news to the FBI, believing that the security guard, who likes to carry a chicken feather as an arrow, was suspected of a major crime.

After receiving the report, the FBI made a psychological profile of juvier. They reasonably believed that juvier might be a former law enforcement officer who hated the police. After a carpet search of juviers home, the FBI found two hollow grenades, as well as fragments of the fence that had been damaged in the bombing.

In the film, the FBI is portrayed as a stupid and stubborn waste, and many of their practices are also criticized in the real investigation, such as luring confessions by shooting propaganda films, and repeatedly asking juvier to repeat the suspects call to 911 as many as 12 times when searching evidence. And their biggest mistake was to divulge the information that juvier was the suspect to the media.

This is also the most controversial part of the film. Kathy scaggs, a female journalist played by Olivia Wilde, bought this heavyweight news by selling her body. She believed this news without analysis and confirmation. After the news appeared in the newspaper, it was expected to cause a sensation all over the country. The female journalist walked into the office, everyone cheered her, and she laughed excitedly.

In the 1990s, scaggs was a star reporter in charge of police affairs in the Atlanta Gazette. Her relationship with the Atlanta police and the FBI was unusual. One colleague called her the Star chaser of the police. Another editor, who didnt want to disclose it, said that scorgass tough attitude was very unpleasant, but his ability was impeccable.

The film is based on Mary Brenners in-depth report American Nightmare: Richard Jewells lament published in Vanity Fair in 1997, and Kent Alexander and Kevin Sullivans book suspect. Among them, suspect mentioned that in the male dominated office, scragus likes to wear short skirts and low chested jackets, and the usual strategy is to tease the police in the bar, but sleeping with the informant is just unconfirmed rumors.

Shes one of the best journalists Ive ever worked with, tough and stubborn, and when shes interested in a story, shell do everything in terms of law and morality, said Ron mattz, who worked for the Atlanta Gazette for 26 years. She may be a little frivolous, but she will never do anything abusive, because she knows the responsibility of a reporter, and she wants to be a trump reporter. Such a description is not only insulting to her, but also insulting to other female journalists.

She didnt disclose the source of the information from the end of her death in 2001. American Nightmare: Richard Jewells lament mentioned that at that time, scragus got the information from a close friend of the FBI, and then confirmed it through an informant of Atlanta police. Other media outlets have revealed that it was FBI agent Donald Johnson who tipped off to scraggs.

Reporters actor (left) and prototype (right)

The plot of the film has a fictional element, but the FBIs leaks are true. In 1997, U.S. Attorney General Janet Renault publicly apologized for the leak: Im sorry about this. I think we all owe him an apology.

After receiving the news, the editorial department of the Atlanta Gazette discussed for several hours. In order to defeat the other 10000 Olympic journalists, they decided to release it first. The headline was FBI suspects that the hero security has planted a bomb, which was jointly signed by scraggs and mattz. Intern Kent Walker wrote another article the bombing on the same page The suspect is seeking media attention.

In addition, Tom brocao talked in NBCs Olympic special program: now they may have enough evidence to arrest him or prosecute him, but you always want to have enough assurance to convict him. There may be loopholes in this case.

At the words of his favorite host, Jewells mother Bobby Jewells face turned ugly. Brocao said that her son was a murderer, and she began to cry. What can I tell her? She couldnt hear anything, she became hysterical

When juvier and his mother fell apart, their home had become a hunting ground, surrounded by hundreds of reporters. In order to take valuable photos, some photographers live in apartments across the street, with a daily rent of up to $1000. Every time Bobby Jewell goes out, he is chased and stopped by reporters.

Did he do it?

Did he blow up those people?

You should all die!

Jovier was helpless and helpless: they just want to annoy my mother and me, and then take pictures. You dont know how upset my mother and I are. She just wants to walk her dog. She cant hear it. I particularly want to ask, Mom, tell me, who dares to say such a thing? Then I went up to the guy and introduced myself to him, Hi, Im Richard Jewell, who are you? Where do you work? Who is your boss? Finally, I went home to call 911 and apply for an arrest warrant.

When someone kept watching with a high power telescope, juvier found that a person could speak with his lips and kept recording his conversation with his mother, so they began to communicate in the most primitive way - writing notes. Bobby Jewell will throw the shredded paper into the trash when he goes to work the next day. Mother and son talk most about the progress of the case. In addition to keep faith, juvier sometimes writes a note: can I borrow 10 yuan to refuel the truck?

The New York Times described juvier as a fat and failed former sheriff, and the famous host Jay Leno joked, dont you think juvier is very similar to the guy who attacked Nancy krigan? How can these fat and stupid people come out and make waves as soon as they arrive at the Olympic Games? Atlanta Gazette columnist David kindred compares juvier to serial killer Wayne Williams.

Only a small number of media maintained impartiality and restraint, and CBS reporter Jim Stewart stressed in a program: dont rush to conclusions. An article in the New York Times played down the suspects identity, warning that there was not enough evidence to charge him. The American news review has publicly criticized the Atlanta Gazette for their insufficient evidence and lack of questioning spirit.

After 88 days of investigation, Kent Alexander, Georgias northern district attorney, announced that juvier was no longer the target of the bombing investigation. The extraordinary propaganda reports were not led by the FBI or wanted by them. In fact, these news seriously interfered with the investigation.

At the press conference, juviers voice choked: I hope and pray that others will not suffer from the pain and suffering I have experienced, and that the authorities should remember the rights of citizens. Thank God, its finally over. Now you finally know that Ive always been innocent.

After that, juvier sued a number of media. Except for the Atlanta Gazette, they finally reached a settlement and got compensation. Later, Rudolph was arrested, and juvier completely cleared the charge.

Juvier prototype but the damage caused will never be recovered. A person who regards the police as a career dream complains to the symbol of Justice: if a person like me is wronged and arrested, will someone come forward in the future in similar situations... Every anniversary after that, juvier would come quietly to the Olympic Park, usually in the evening when no one noticed, and put a bunch of roses and a card on the place where the victims were. Im in pain, thinking about it every day, for the rest of my life. On August 29, 2007, juvier died at the age of 44. Source: Netease sports writer: LAN Jian XIII editor in charge: Lu Ting, ns5242

Juvier prototype

But the damage caused will never be recovered. A man who regards the police as his career dream complains against the symbol of Justice: if a person like me is wronged and arrested, will someone come forward in the future in similar situations...

Every anniversary after that, juvier would come quietly to the Olympic Park, usually in the evening when no one noticed, and put a bunch of roses and a card on the place where the victims were.

Im in pain, thinking about it every day, for the rest of my life.

On August 29, 2007, juvier died at the age of 44.