And love beans to wear the same pajamas is not lovers wear!

 And love beans to wear the same pajamas is not lovers wear!

How about a new Pajama? After all, home business has to be a little ritualistic~

You can go out on the street and walk on the red carpet. You can stay at home and make a house

In fact, this kind of style with the same color on the top and the bottom is quite ceremonial, and it is convenient to wear and take off. It can show different effects with different materials.

The shirt style pajamas with pure cotton texture are the most popular choice. The style with simple geometric pattern can be worn by men, women, old and young. The ones with cartoon pattern are more lovely.

After get love beans wear the same style, isnt it lovers clothes? Oh, just think about it and feel beautiful!

In addition to the pure cotton material, sister Yi and her boyfriend recommend you to try the silk satin material. The greasy feel is not too good!

Hidden in a thick coat with slightly exposed skin, there is a kind of sexy, as a coat, it looks more comfortable at home.

Its not hard to see the figure of shirt pajamas on the show. Wuli Fanfan has recorded trend partner through a set of improved pajamas.

The more colorful style is even put on the stage by the peas. The exaggerated accessories look very attractive under the light.

Shirts and pajamas, especially Satin Pajamas, are very recommended to pick up, go out on the street, walk on the red carpet, and make a house at home. Who else is it?

Plush pajamas

Although they are more lovely, they are the strength of warmth

Most suitable for autumn and winter & the most suitable non Plush pajamas for little cute people are nothing more than soft and warm when they look at them, and they also bring their own milk sprouting properties.

In the past, during the Spring Festival, the stars concentrated on the travel photos. This year, they changed to home-based selfie business. Zhang Xueying updated his pajama selfie two days ago. The lambs wool coat matched with the plush pajamas, and the short hair was fresh and lovely.

Wait! How does this Pajama look familiar? Isnt this the same Pajama as three years ago? Its really a lovely love of being thrifty.

Meiqi also took a self portrait on the social platform a few days ago. The plain and clean, plush pajamas look a little naughty.

Animal ears are cute to foul! Wear it downstairs to get a express delivery or something, which can be adored by yourself.

Is plush pajamas exclusive for girls? Of course not!

Its suggested that girls also give themselves a male ticket. Its lovely and lovely to have two people together.

Its sexy to the point

Bathrobe pajamas are fixed with only one belt, and the left and right lapels are crossed in front of the chest to form a V-shape, which makes them have a natural sexy tone.

Even the most simple white towel, with wet hair style, can complete bathrobe killing in the moment of lifting eyes.

Qiwei also wore a white bathrobe on the press conference, with a slightly messy sleep do not wake-up hair, lazy white to light with sex.

If you think that the white style is too Hotel style, you can try this velvet texture below, which is lighter and slimmer, and the velvet is as high texture as the satin, which can also be worn out of the street style.

And velvet texture is thicker than satin, and it can even be used as a small coat in spring and autumn.

Here we are today! Tell sister Yi, what kind of pajamas are you wearing to read this article? Source: Netease fashion editor: Chen Siyu nb12921

Here we are today! Tell sister Yi, what kind of pajamas are you wearing to read this article?