Play minimalism after Ouyang Nanas glass circle

 Play minimalism after Ouyang Nanas glass circle

The whole peoples glaze body, playing a new era

From Tucao to play stem, the emergence of big Li Luo Li style is the embodiment of the gradual popularization of the media. In this era, everyone can become a clipping hand and a media player. Many interesting settings in film and TV dramas have become the peddling material of netizens. Lori Siri style creative video editing, social platform chat imitation, translation of normal sentences into Lori body and other very entertaining playing methods are gradually implanted into the public life with the spread of fans, fans and other groups, and thus formed a stage of network popular keywords.

Simple communication, entering the world after 00

Big master and luolichi can be played by netizens, not only because of its interesting, but also because of its own expression. Today, after 00, we all pursue the minimalist way of communication. On the one hand, this way of communication can spread rapidly, on the other hand, it is to protect privacy. The well-known rice circle language is one of the minimalist ways of communication. Luolishi is just similar to it. The short key words are similar to the code in the words of rice circle. People who understand each other can know it at a glance. Therefore, it also has the function of protecting privacy in the minimalist communication, which is very suitable for girls in rice circle to communicate.

In addition, a representative pop blockbuster of film and TV plays is also a way to make friends and get to know each other quickly after 00, throw a blockbuster to each other, see each others reactions, and immediately know each others preferences in culture and entertainment, and quickly find out the same good. For example, when you open the luolichi chat, if the other party uses it to respond to you, he will be the audience of the great master.

Big master respects young audiences with an attitude of daring entertainment and communicates with fans. It not only entertains the public, but also gains good reviews. This is a win-win situation between fantasy drama and fans in the new media channel. At 20:00 tonight, iqiyi will continue to be wonderful. More interesting and interesting stems are waiting for you to find out.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jin shuou nbj4322