National Health and Health Commission: 16 provinces one province, one city to support Hubei

 National Health and Health Commission: 16 provinces one province, one city to support Hubei

At 15:00 on February 7, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference to introduce the work of epidemic prevention and control in key areas, improve the cure rate and reduce the mortality rate of infection, according to the comprehensive report of global network.

The following are some actual records:

Reporter: according to media reports, there are still many serious cases in Wuhan, but the professional doctors and nurses in ICU are insufficient, which affects the development of some work. Now the national medical community has a strong support for Wuhan. Is the shortage of ICU nurses alleviated and can it meet the treatment of severe cases?

Guo Yanhong, supervisor of the medical administration bureau of the national health and Health Commission: you are right. In Wuhan, there is a large demand gap for professional resources in the process of severe treatment. After a long period of continuous work, the medical staff in Wuhan area, especially the critical medical staff, are exhausted physically and mentally. Based on such a problem, the national health and Health Commissions assistance to Wuhan is increasing. The total strength of the medical staff has reached more than 11000, among which more than 3000 medical staff are doctors and nurses of the critical professional. At the same time, I We also have the countrys strongest and highest level of expert team in critical care. In Wuhan, in charge of guidance, consultation, patrol, nursing staff, in the intensive care ward, the work of nurses is very important. In the process of strengthening the critical strength, we pay special attention to the deployment of additional ICU nurses, including the first group of 600, and then increasing. Now there are more than 2000 ICU nurses working in Hubei and Wuhan. Today, we will send more than a dozen teams, which are also the medical strength of ICU. In fact, there are also contradictions between medical resources and patients needs in some cities except Wuhan. So now we have established a one-to-one support relationship between 16 provinces to support Wuhan and other cities. In the way of one province for one city, we fully support Hubei Province to strengthen the treatment of patients and safeguard the life safety and physical health of the people. Thank you.

National Health and Health Commission: the support force of medical staff in Wuhan has reached 11000

The total strength of medical staff support has reached more than 11000. Among more than 11000 people, more than 3000 medical staff are serious professional doctors and nurses. We also have the strongest and highest level of critical care expert team in China, who are also in charge of guidance, consultation and patrol in Wuhan.