In Zhejiang Province, the number of confirmed cases in Qianhu prefecture has remained single for four consecutive days, with no new cases

 In Zhejiang Province, the number of confirmed cases in Qianhu prefecture has remained single for four consecutive days, with no new cases

Huzhou City style. Image source: Huzhou release

Early operation and strict management can reduce the number of cases

At about 12 oclock on January 25 (the first day of the first lunar month), I drove back to my hometown of Huzhou from a city in Zhejiang Province where I lived. When I got on the highway, I didnt see the inspectors. The atmosphere was tense when I got down from Huzhou North Expressway. There was a special checkpoint, and the staff wearing masks strictly required to measure the temperature and register the information. And whether Huzhou local or foreign vehicles to check. Mr. Hu told the surging news.

However, Huzhou is fast but not disorderly, and quickly targets key areas and key groups. On January 21, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government clearly put forward the deployment requirements of keeping an eye on Wuhan and keeping away from fever.

If you think early, you must think far. Huzhou fully considered the severe situation of prevention and control that may be brought about by the epidemic situation. On January 21, a leading group for prevention and control of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus was established, headed by Ma Xiaohui, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, Wang Gang, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and acting mayor. The double leader configuration of the top leaders of the party and government is the highest in Zhejiang Province.

Ma Xiaohui, Secretary of Huzhou municipal Party committee, inspected the situation of epidemic prevention and control

Yu Zhongxian is the leader of the patrol squadron of special police brigade of Nanxun District Public Security Bureau of Huzhou. Since January 23, he and nine colleagues have registered and screened the basic information of vehicles entering Huzhou at Nanxun checkpoint of national highway 318 (Jiangsu Zhejiang inter provincial checkpoint). Beside them, there are medical staff dispatched by the health department who are responsible for measuring body temperature.

Where are you from, please? Where are you going? Please show relevant certificates - Yu Zhongxian has to repeat it thousands of times a day, asking and checking every driver carefully.

Wang Gang, deputy secretary and acting mayor of Huzhou City, inspected the situation of epidemic prevention and control

Such a rigorous investigation has led many people to mistakenly believe that the situation of the epidemic in Huzhou is particularly severe. But the truth is that the first confirmed case in Huzhou was only reported in the latest epidemic announced by the provincial health and Health Commission on January 26.

With the rapid change of the epidemic situation, the prevention and control strategy must be adjusted as soon as possible, which is particularly evident in the screening of key groups at Huzhou checkpoint. Yu Zhongxian changed from focusing on Wuhan to focusing on Hubei; with the increase of cases in Wenzhou and other places in the province, they turned their focus to focusing on Hubei and Wenzhou and isolating fever.

Surging news learned from relevant departments that as of the early morning of the 6th, Huzhou had inspected 223000 vehicles, 452000 people, 12700 vehicles and 23000 people.

Huzhou carries out checkpoint inspection on Expressway and provincial National Road

There are also enterprises in Huzhou who have overall thinking and quick response to the epidemic. Ilubo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the only medical device manufacturer with disposable medical mask registration certificate in Huzhou. Since January 22, dozens of workers have been recalled in succession. It operates at full load from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. to fully guarantee the market supply. For the workers who work overtime during the Spring Festival, the enterprise pays three times of their wages, but the company promises that the factory price will not rise.

Through planning incremental prevention input, early deployment, early response and layout of iron bucket array, Huzhou gained valuable time and space for epidemic prevention and control, so that Huzhou achieved a better epidemic control force than the spread force.

From 0:00 to 24:00 on February 6, 52 newly confirmed cases were reported in Zhejiang Province, while no new cases were reported in Huzhou, and there were no new cases for 4 consecutive days since 3. By 24:00 on June 6, a total of 1006 confirmed cases were reported in Zhejiang Province, of which 9 cases were confirmed in Huzhou, next to 7 cases in Zhoushan. However, Huzhou is located at the junction of three provinces and is the gatekeeper of the northern gate of Zhejiang Province. Compared with the island city Zhoushan, there are a lot of imported personnel from other provinces, and the pressure of prevention and control is self-evident.

Every day, climb up ten thousand stairs, and check the carpet style washing the building

Mao Yan, Secretary of the Party committee of Hongfeng community in Wuxing District, Huzhou, started the first level response of epidemic prevention and control. At 8 oclock every day, she and her partner Zhang Guoying visited every building and every family in her area. 11 people including Mao Yan are responsible for 2376 households in Hongfeng new village.

Maoyan told the surging news that they were in charge of the old community. There was no elevator. They had to climb ten thousand stairs every day. Considering that most of the residents are old people, in order not to disturb their lives as much as possible, the arrangement is usually completed before 8:30 p.m. Some old people cant hear well, so they shout at their voices again and again; some cant write, so they take the old mans ID card to help them fill in the form. When there is no one at home, take out the prepared warm tips and stick them on the door, record the door brand, and focus on the review.

Yi Juexin, a member of the Finance Office of Miaoxi Town, is also one of the few young Party members in Yangwan village of Miaoxi town. His current job is to go door-to-door investigation in Yangwan village, register everyone, and track and follow up key control groups.

What Mao Yan and Yi Juexin did was to start Huzhous self-made building washing investigation for epidemic prevention and control on January 27.

Huzhou carries out building washing investigation

This method, which was often used for door-to-door merchandising before, was transplanted to epidemic prevention and control in Huzhou, with a wide range, detailed investigation, high intensity and unprecedented frequency. According to the requirements of no dead corner, no blind area and no clue, the city has carried out one house, one household, one factory and one person tabular management for all unit buildings, natural villages and enterprises in the city, registered and followed up key control groups one by one.

This intensive cultivation brings in accurate control of the important information of every person in Huzhou. By 19:00 on May 5, Huzhou had 2557219 registered population, including 4933 returned from Hubei and 1834 from Wenzhou; 291758 temporary residents were screened, including 5522 from Hubei and 2292 from Wenzhou.

The effective fine control makes the effect of Huzhou in reducing stock and preventing proliferation obvious. At present, 8 of the 9 confirmed cases have a travel history of Hubei Province, 1 has a travel history of Thailand and has contact with the confirmed cases, all of which are imported cases. There is no second-generation transmission case in Huzhou through close contact with the local confirmed patients. A total of 194 close contacts have been traced, all of which have implemented medical isolation and observation measures, and no first-line cadres, medical staff and volunteers have been found People are infected.

On this basis, Huzhou attaches great importance to three aspects: first, data check, relying on the city brain and communication operators, to check the Hubei people entering the lake one by one through the phone number; second, landing check, the public security department to check the Hubei people on the spot; third, clue check, according to the ticket data such as train ticket and bus ticket, to comprehensively check the Hubei people entering the lake.

At the same time, we should implement centralized hard isolation + home isolation hard control for medical observers, establish a one-to-one and many to one management responsible person mechanism, and strictly implement tracking management. In addition, we took the lead in formulating and implementing the work plan for regulating the disposal of discarded masks during the epidemic prevention and control period (Provisional), effectively blocking the secondary pollution.

Through the combination of fists, we will consolidate the achievements of Huzhou in reducing stock and preventing proliferation layer by layer.

Two hands hard to recover the losses caused by the epidemic as much as possible

The severe and complex epidemic situation not only poses a threat to peoples life and health, but also challenges the survival and development of enterprises. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are facing multiple pressures, such as order extension, wage and rent expenditure. Strict epidemic prevention and control and efforts to protect economic development have become two sides of the coin. How to avoid one side of the coin and lose the other side of the coin is a difficult problem in front of all regions.

Zhejiang is a strong province of private economy, and the confirmed cases are second only to those of Hubei Province. The epidemic prevention and control must be strictly guarded, and the challenge is even more arduous. However, early operation, strict control, detailed investigation and relatively few cases make Huzhou have more room for strict control and economic protection. Focusing on the key to gradually let the enterprises return to production and work on the right track, the municipal Party committee and municipal government play the piano with ten fingers, with goals, rhythm and coordination, try their best to recover the losses caused by the epidemic as much as possible.

The first reassurance pill for Huzhou to catch the resumption of work and production and boost the confidence of enterprises is the eight opinions of Huzhou municipal government on responding to the epidemic situation and supporting the healthy development of enterprises (hereinafter referred to as eight opinions of Huzhou) issued on February 3, which includes strengthening the financial support, reducing the burden of enterprises, supporting the employment of enterprises, strengthening the foreign trade support, supporting the entrepreneurship and innovation carrier, increasing the investment subsidies and speeding up the investment Gold cash and other aspects helped enterprises overcome difficulties. Eight lakes is the first special opinion to support the healthy development of enterprises in response to the epidemic in Zhejiang Province.

According to the surging news, for those enterprises trapped by epidemic, the eight rules of the lake are highly targeted and valuable. For example, enterprises affected by the epidemic situation and facing difficulties in production and operation and enterprises involved in the production of epidemic prevention materials shall not blindly withdraw loans, press loans and break loans. Banking institutions shall be encouraged to float down by more than 10% on the basis of the original loan interest rate, and municipal policy Guarantee Corporation shall float down by more than 30% on the basis of the original guarantee rate. Due to the need of resumption of work, with the approval of the local government, enterprises shall charter cars to take back the relative For the centralized non local employees, the expenses shall be shared by the government and the enterprise in a ratio of 2:1. For the employees who return by themselves, the return road fee can be deducted from VAT; for the insured enterprises who do not reduce the number of staff or reduce the number of staff, 50% of the actual unemployment insurance premium paid in the previous year can be returned.

Support policies must not be a showplace. After the introduction of the eight rules of the lake, the courts and banks of Huzhou, as well as Deqing, Anji and other counties and urban areas immediately issued detailed supporting and landing policies to ensure that enterprises get real support and real benefits. On the morning of July 7, Huzhou nordun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. received an emergency subsidy worth 354400 yuan, which is the first emergency subsidy allocated by the municipal finance since the implementation of hubatiao.

Protecting the economy does not mean that prevention and control can be loosened. Huzhou clearly requires that enterprises returning to work must establish a prevention and control leading group, formulate a detailed plan for returning to work, strengthen health monitoring of returning and reworking personnel, do a good job in adequate material support, and establish automatic control mechanisms such as epidemic emergency plan. The enterprise shall make a commitment to the local epidemic prevention and control office to implement the return to work plan, employees to make health declaration and self-control commitment to the enterprise, and practically strengthen risk management and control.

At the same time, Huzhou issued two incentive documents for epidemic prevention on February 4 and 5. Among them, according to the subsidy policy for urgent production of emergency materials such as medical protective masks during the Spring Festival holiday in 2020, enterprises undertaking the production task of emergency materials such as masks shall be fully subsidized by the financial department in terms of the overtime wage remuneration of employees and the cost of returning to work during the Spring Festival holiday. Ten measures to encourage and care for the talents of Party members and cadres at the front line of epidemic prevention and control require that the prevention and control personnel should have no more than 8 hours per shift, and those who work overtime for a long time should be forced to rest; after the medical personnel returning from the assistance mission to Wuhan, they should be given no less than 15 days leave, and be promoted to the next higher professional and technical posts.

By 17:00 on February 5, there were 123 industrial enterprises in production in Huzhou, with 21248 employees on duty. More and more enterprises meeting the requirements and epidemic prevention specifications are stepping up their orderly resumption of production.

Zhejiang primary and secondary schools will carry out online teaching to eliminate the epidemic