Under the heavy pressure, we need a tranquil atmosphere

 Under the heavy pressure, we need a tranquil atmosphere

Under heavy pressure, we need a reserve. The Chinese nation has come through difficulties and hardships, which is the historical background when we are under the pressure of reality. Under the leadership of the party, the whole country is playing chess. This is the institutional foundation we have when we are under heavy pressure. The whole society has taken action, performed its duties and fought together, which is the foundation of the whole people that we have constantly added to ourselves.

Under the heavy pressure, there is a special need for a calm atmosphere.

There is calmness in every event.. This is an ancient motto for thousands of years, which is buried in the spirit of the Chinese nation. In the University, it is said that when you stop learning, you will be determined, then you can be quiet, then you can be quiet, then you can be safe, then you can think about it, then you can get it - clear, firm, pure, calm, thoughtful, and finally you will get something.

The development of the epidemic situation is complex and severe, and the prevention and control work is multifarious. Under the glue, in the contest.

The tranquility of standing still in danger is reflected in keeping a firm eye on the main position. Throughout the country, the main position is in Hubei, especially in Wuhan. Only by concentrating on fighting in the main positions can we fundamentally reverse the spread of the epidemic nationwide as soon as possible. It is an outstanding task to do our best to treat patients and ensure the supply of medical protection materials. It is the most critical task for the main position in the next few days to improve the ability of reception and treatment. Only by firmly and continuously providing sufficient material and spiritual support to the main force in the main position - the medical staff, can we win the battle finally.

The tranquility in the face of danger is reflected in the calm and scientific judgment of the situation. The epidemic is changing every day, even every hour. Although the final goal must be to win for us, how long this process will take needs to be evaluated dynamically and calmly. The number of positive changes is on the rise, and there are many numbers of grim situations or unknown factors. We should not lose our heads for a while, nor be frightened by anything. We should always be realistic, scientific and rational.

The tranquility in the face of danger is reflected in everyones responsibility. Party and government cadres have the responsibility of leadership and responsibility, medical and medical personnel have the responsibility of struggling to help, scientific research personnel have the responsibility of stepping up research, material production and transportation personnel have the responsibility of stable guarantee, community cadres have the responsibility of accurate service, journalists have the responsibility of accurate reporting, and each household has the responsibility of good door and good leg Due diligence is not only a daily charge, but also a long run. The more serious and complex the situation is, the more we need to settle down.

The tranquility in danger is reflected in careful consideration and precise work. Epidemic prevention and control is an overall battle. All local departments, party, government, army and all sectors of society stand in the same overall situation. To do the prevention and control work, we should not lose the thoroughness because of the urgency; we should not generalize, but be precise and meticulous; we should not use documents to convey documents, but use our feet to measure the defense line. Day after day, time after time, matter after matter, do things with calmness, then you can do things well.

The tranquility in danger is not confused by false words. In the era of mobile Internet, the fight against the epidemic will generate a huge amount of information every day, which will come with various media. When you cant see or know for a while, your heart is not disordered, your fingers are not disordered, and your steps are not disordered. We should know where the main forces driving the country forward are, what are the decisive factors affecting the situation of prevention and control, and what are the channels for obtaining accurate scientific information, and be clear-minded and determined.

Calmness comes from self-confidence, and also comes from honing. In the face of danger, those who are calm are brave and resilient, and can finally turn the crisis into safety.

(Yang Yu, special commentator)