Can disposable masks continue to be used after disinfection? Is there any risk of removing mask after security check?

 Can disposable masks continue to be used after disinfection? Is there any risk of removing mask after security check?

Li dongzeng: if we wear it continuously, we need to change it in 4 hours. It has been found that after 4 hours, the protective effect of disposable mask will obviously decrease. N95 mask also needs to be changed in 4 hours, because it is more airtight, and its inside is easier to be wet. In addition, N95 is mostly used by medical staff. If some operations are carried out in the ward, The mask will soon be wet and may be contaminated by some secretions, excreta and splashes, so it needs to be replaced at any time. If it is used by ordinary people, the principle of 4-hour replacement can be followed.

Do you need to wear a mask all the time when you return to work?

Li dongzeng: whether we go out or work in the company, we wear masks to prevent others from infecting us. One is to prevent ourselves from infecting others. For example, wearing masks by our medical staff is a two-way protection. In the outdoor with good ventilation, no one can take off the mask and do not need to wear it all the time. In the unit, if the unit conditions are good, no one is around within two or three meters, or do not need to wear the mask all the time, because wearing the mask for a long time will also lead to poor breathing. In addition, after wearing it for a long time, the mask will become moist and its service life will be shortened, so we dont need to wear it all the time, especially when you only face the computer and there is no one around.

In addition, there are many people who wonder if they need to take off their masks for face recognition when they go back to work by train or by plane, which will cause the spread of the virus?

On February 7, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference on further prevention and control of epidemic situation in key areas, improving the cure rate of treatment and reducing the mortality rate of infection. Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist and researcher of China CDC, replied that in the process of security check, face recognition requires taking off the mask in a short time, and taking off the mask in such a short time generally does not cause transmission. In this process, we should pay attention to keeping a certain distance with others, and the security check also sets a distance Off line, wearing it soon after the security check will not cause propagation.

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