Look at hannanda? Detailed explanation of Kias new generation Sorento

 Look at hannanda? Detailed explanation of Kias new generation Sorento

New car features:

1. Brand new design, strong sports atmosphere

Its not so much a spy photo as a wild official map. From the picture, the new Sorento has been in a state of no camouflage. The Huxiao style front and middle net is different from the previous new design.

The new car on the side of the body continues the basic shape of the current Sorento, but exquisite chrome decoration is added to the wing and C-pillar parts.

The shape of the D-pillar is also slightly adjusted. It looks like the car has been lengthened after the B-pillar, with a better third row of riding space.

The most striking part of the rear part of the car is the double vertical bar type longitudinal LED headlamp group, which has a high degree of identification, the roof spoiler is also larger, showing a more sporty style.

2. Modern interior, strong sense of science and technology

From the perspective of interior spy photos, the fourth generation Sorento has a strong sense of technology and high-level sense. The suspended central control screen, knob handle and suspected full LCD dashboard all improve its quality sense.

In addition, the fourth generation Sorento is based on the platform shared by Hyundai and Kia, so the wheelbase is expected to be further increased on the basis of the current model.

In terms of power system, the gasoline version of Sorento adopts 2.5L naturally aspirated four cylinder engine and 2.0T, 2.5t turbocharged four cylinder engine. The diesel version uses 2.0T and 2.2t turbo diesel engines and is expected to have a maximum output of 305 horsepower.

In addition, the new generation of Sorento will also launch hybrid and plug-in hybrid version options.

Sorento has achieved sales of 3 million vehicles since it was put on the market in 2002, and now it has developed to the fourth generation.

The first generation of Kia Sorento was released in 2002. With the design of Mercedes Benz M-class style, Mitsubishi engine, Chryslers four-wheel drive system and non load-carrying body, the sales volume of the first generation of Sorento has been booming since it came into the market. In only three and a half years, the global sales volume has exceeded 500000.

With the outbreak of the global financial crisis in 2008, the first generation Sorento with high fuel consumption and large displacement no longer meets the market demand. In order to recover the market decline, the second generation Sorento gave up the design concept of hard SUV and returned to urban SUV with load-carrying body, meanwhile, the engine displacement was also reduced accordingly. However, the precise market positioning has made it a new success. In only four years, the accumulated sales volume has reached 1.16 million vehicles, twice as fast as the previous generation.

With the gradual rise of domestic SUVs, Kia launched the third generation Sorento in 2015 in order to compete for the Chinese market. As soon as it goes on the market, it will launch 3 models of power, 4 models of configuration, 5 / 7 seat models and 2 models with different emission standards. For the first time, the number of models exceeds the sum of the first generation and the second generation. Although the performance of the third generation Sorento in the European and American market is acceptable, its performance in the Chinese market is still not ideal.

At the Geneva auto show in March 2020, Kia is about to release the fourth generation Sorento model, which is expected to be introduced into the Chinese market in 2021. The launch of the fourth generation Sorento is not only a routine iterative replacement, but also a key to Kias impact on the domestic SUV market.

Competing models:

Sorento, as a star model on Kia product line, has now become a standard seven city SUV, which is a hot spot in Chinas automobile market.

At present, the mainstream medium-sized SUVs in the market are mainly hanlanda, Infiniti qx50 and Audi q5l, but the above three models all have a very obvious brand premium effect, and Sorento may have a more price advantage.

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