91 years old! The oldest new crown pneumonia patient in China is discharged today

 91 years old! The oldest new crown pneumonia patient in China is discharged today

I am very happy to be cured and discharged from the hospital. Thank all levels of organizations for their care and care for me. Thank all the medical staff for their meticulous treatment. At about 10 a.m., in front of the new inpatient building of Yichang Third Peoples Hospital, the old man in the wheelchair was very excited. He said that he had participated in the war of liberation, and compared with the war, the disease was nothing terrible.

The beneficiaries of early diagnosis and treatment of the elderly family members. Du debing, group leader of the medical treatment expert group for pneumonia infected by new coronavirus in Yichang City and vice president of the Third Hospital of Yichang City, introduced that the patient had fever, cough, fatigue and other symptoms on January 19, and was admitted to the Third Hospital of Yichang City for treatment of pulmonary infection of unknown causes on January 23, and was diagnosed two days later. For patients with coronary heart disease, having been on cardiac stents and other situations, we organized experts from respiratory department, cardiology department and critical medicine department to form a treatment team and implement comprehensive strategies. Du debing said that psychological counselors in the ward provide psychological counseling to the elderly every day, and optimistic and positive attitude also helps the treatment.

After more than ten days of careful treatment, Wang met the National Health Commissions new coronavirus infected pneumonia diagnosis and treatment program to lift the isolation treatment standard, and was cured and discharged from hospital on the morning of February 7 to lift the isolation.

It is understood that the old man, whose ancestral home is Shandong, joined the army in the Northeast in 1945, joined the party in 1946, and participated in the war of liberation of Yichang in July 1949. Now he lives in a rest house in Yichang city.

The average length of stay in hospital is about 10 days

The joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference to introduce the prevention and control work of new crown pneumonia and answer questions from reporters. Guo Yanhong, an inspector of the medical administration bureau of the National Health Commission, said that among the patients who were cured and discharged from hospital, there were not only mild diseases but also severe ones. The average hospitalization time of more than 500 patients who were cured and discharged from hospital was about 10 days. Wang GuiQiang, chief professor and physician of infectious diseases department of Peking University First Hospital, believes that from the small sample data of Wuhan, severe cases and critical cases can be cured and discharged after active treatment.