The truth will emerge

 The truth will emerge

With the approval of the Central Committee, the State Supervision Commission decided to send an investigation team to Wuhan City, Hubei Province, to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the issues related to Dr. Li Wenliang reflected by the masses.

Last night and this morning, the life and death of Dr. Li Wenliang affects the hearts of countless Chinese people. But the sky didnt meet peoples wishes. People didnt wait for a miracle after all

After Wuhan Central Hospital officially announced that Dr. Lis rescue was invalid and he died, people in microblog, wechat circle of friends and other social media highlighted candles and mourned the young white soldier who fell in the fight against the new crown pneumonia.

Since the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, the majority of medical workers are not afraid of risks and stick to their posts, and have made great efforts to protect the life safety and health of the masses.

Dr. Li Wenliang is undoubtedly a glorious member of the anti epidemic white soldiers group. At the beginning of the epidemic, he didnt know enough about the virus. Without any protection, he faithfully performed the duties of a doctor in the face of patients with pneumonia of unknown causes. During the treatment of infection, he expressed through the media that after recovery, he will go to the front line.

There is no doubt that Li Wenliang is a doctor with high medical ethics. It is a pity that he died, not only because there is no good doctor in the world, but also because he took the lead in sending the epidemic warning message to people around him.

It cant be assumed that if it wasnt for some later social disputes, Dr. Li Wenliangs early warning would help us avoid this serious epidemic. But it is certain that Dr. Li Wenliang, who dared to speak up when the danger came, showed his moral conscience as a common social citizen.

The Standing Committee meeting of the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau, chaired by general secretary Xi Jinping in February 3rd, stressed that the epidemic is a major examination of our governance system and capabilities. We must sum up our experience and draw lessons from it. We should improve the national emergency management system and improve our ability to deal with urgent and dangerous tasks in response to the shortcomings and shortcomings exposed in the response to the epidemic.

We believe that as the investigation team of the national supervision commission enters, a comprehensive investigation will be carried out on the issues related to Dr. Li Wenliang, some mysteries in our hearts will be gradually solved, and some truth we care about will gradually emerge - especially the issues related to Dr. Li Wenliangs encounter will be solved.

We also firmly believe that as long as we face up to the problems and dont avoid the contradictions, and give Dr. Li Wenliang and all the people who care about him a clear explanation, we will be able to eliminate the doubts and disputes, and gather the common people of the world to overcome the epidemic.

Dr. Li is gone. May he rest in peace! At present, the prevention and control of the epidemic is still in progress, and the prevention and control situation in Wuhan and other epidemic core areas is still grim. Lets turn grief into strength, take the spirit and style of white soldiers and many retrograde groups in this fight against the epidemic as an example, follow the same path with goodness, race against time, fight against the epidemic, and complete the unfinished business of Dr. Li Wenliang.