Reporter Yi talks to Li Wenliang: he claims to be a little doctor to save the earth

 Reporter Yi talks to Li Wenliang: he claims to be a little doctor to save the earth

The day before that, I got the news that he was critically ill. At that time, my first reaction was unlikely. After all, just a few days ago, he told me on wechat: there should be no life risk, and most of the lung functions can be recovered in about half a month.

With the emergence of more and more sources of information, I began to panic. I quickly called Dr. Li Wenliang, wechat him, left a message via SMS, and checked with several friends in Wuhan Central Hospital. However, Dr. Li Wenliangs wechat never replied.

Dr. Li Wenliang.

On the afternoon of January 30, I contacted Dr. Li Wenliang after a lot of attention was attracted on the Internet. It was the first time I heard the real name of the Whistler.

Before that, he was interviewed by the media anonymously and was also a pseudonym in news reports. In order to do a good job of interview in advance, after getting the contact information, I repeatedly searched for the doctors public information, but found that the information about him was limited.

Through keyword search, I finally found an article on the official website of Wuhan Central Hospital, the third season of civilized workers fresh out. This article, published on October 15, 2015, lists 20 award-winning employees, including Li Wenliang (Ophthalmology).

At 16:32 that day, Dr. Li Wenliang passed my wechat friend verification. After a brief introduction, I forwarded to him an article issued by the judicial organ evaluating the admonition of being tolerant in Wuhan. About half an hour later, he replied with two words: thank you, and then added: thank you for the support of netizens and the reports of journalists and friends.

Li Wenliangs circle of friends.

Because Li Wenliang is inconvenient to talk in the ward, we have been typing through wechat and chatting for an hour intermittently, mainly interviewing his admonition after releasing information in the students group and the course of infection when he received the patient. In retrospect, Dr. Li Wenliang seemed to be in good health at that time. He said that he was in a better state of mind and could type intermittently and Im optimistic that I can recover most in half a month.

In the chat, Dr. Li Wenliang has been very gentle, only twice specially used exclamation mark. Once, he said, someone on the Internet said that it was wrong for me to have my license revoked. It needs to be clarified! Another time is, after recovery or on the front line, the epidemic is still spreading, do not want to be a deserter!

At 20:00 on January 30, I hastily organized the chat content into a dialogue manuscript of about one thousand words. In the process of editing and distributing the manuscript, I asked Dr. Li if I could send a work photo as the article map with a try attitude. Later, he sent a self portrait of working with a mask and replied, ha ha, this is the only one Not much.

Screenshot of the interview.

This self portrait has become a turning point in our somewhat restrained interview. I found that this rigorous professional doctor of medicine also has a life side. He confessed in the follow-up chat, its hard to endure for a while after being ill. I cant sleep after taking sleeping pills. Im always thinking. However, it will be better to adjust slowly later. It has to be positive.

When talking about the lack of public information about him, he replied: I am a small doctor, not an expert Professor, and I have no resume. He also said, when my wife and children are not around, I love wechat video chat every day, and they will cheer me up.

Li Wenliangs circle of friends.

In Dr. Li Wenliangs previous open circle of friends, I have seen that his wechat personal signature is theory is the grey tree of life evergreen. Before the arrival of the new year, he sent a message that at 22:30 on December 31, 2019, Dr. Li Wenliang sent pictures of four dishes, namely, charcoal roast pork neck, Thai sweet and sour chicken, fried fish balls and fried cabbage.

The text distributed by Dr. Li Wenliang at that time was, if there is no accident, these four dishes are my last dinner in 2019. If I get hungry in a moment, its the second to last meal. In the new year, come on and lose weight.

Earlier, in December 2012, he wrote in a microblog: friends, you may not be able to contact me from today, because I am going to save the earth..

Investigation team of the national supervision commission stationed in CCTV: mourning for Li Wenliang and making up for the past

With the approval of the Central Committee, the State Supervision Commission decided to send an investigation team to Wuhan City, Hubei Province, to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the issues related to Dr. Li Wenliang reflected by the masses.

Wuhan municipal government and the national health and Health Commission expressed their deep condolences and regret for the death of Li Wenliang.