96 confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Liaoning Province

 96 confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Liaoning Province

Up to 19:00 on February 7, 2020, 96 confirmed cases of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection have been reported in Liaoning Province, and 7 cases have been cured and discharged. Among 96 confirmed cases, 25 were in Shenyang, 14 in Dalian, 3 in Anshan, 3 in Benxi, 7 in Dandong, 7 in Jinzhou, 1 in Yingkou, 7 in Fuxin, 2 in Liaoyang, 3 in Tieling, 6 in Chaoyang, 11 in Panjin and 7 in Huludao.

At present, 89 patients in treatment are isolated in designated medical institutions, including 11 cases of severe cases and 1 case of severe cases. Of the 89 patients under treatment, 64 were imported cases and 25 were local infection cases.

At present, 1850 close contacts have been traced, 1015 have been removed from medical observation, and 835 are under medical observation.

The most forbidden order issued by many cities in Liaoning Province: closed management is carried out in all communities

Tiexi District (Economic Development Zone and Sino German Park) of Shenyang City issued the most forbidden order: the community implemented closed management and would be banned if it did not follow the advice to have dinner in the hotel. The risk of epidemic spread will be brought by the continuous input of foreign population, the gathering of residents and going out without masks.