Sorry to say goodbye to Li Wenliang: a real and kind ordinary person has gone

 Sorry to say goodbye to Li Wenliang: a real and kind ordinary person has gone

Wuhan Central Hospitals official microblog released the news early Sunday morning. On the morning of the same day, the Wuhan municipal government paid tribute to Li Wenliang, saying that it pays tribute to him for sticking to the front line to fight the epidemic.

Li Wenliang was admonished for publishing false information about the epidemic situation. After that, he was infected with new crown pneumonia in diagnosis and treatment. When he was hospitalized in the ICU, he told the media that he wanted to go to the front line after recovery and didnt want to be a deserter.

On the evening of the 6th, Li Wenliangs college classmates told the surging news that his wife was six months pregnant with a second child. Li Wenliangs parents have been infected and have been discharged from the hospital.

His mother told the surging news on the 7th that the elder brother lived at home and was not in a stable mood. The child had just left and had a lot to deal with, so she hung up in a hurry.


Li Wenliang, born in 1986 in Beizhen, Jinzhou, Liaoning Province, graduated from Wuhan University with a seven-year program of 2004 clinical medicine. He was one of the two students in his tutors class. The tutor commented to the surging news that the student was diligent and true, with good nature.

But the tutor would not talk more. He said that he had already called Li Wenliangs family on the morning of the 7th, and it was inconvenient to disclose the specific situation. Now the state (Supervisory Commission) has sent an investigation team, which is believed to give him a fair evaluation.

In the impression of a college student, Li Wenliang is cheerful, active and likes playing basketball.

Photos of Li Wenliang when he was in University

Its not hard to see from his renren.com that this is a person who loves life: like music, as long as its good to listen to! The hobby is sleeping, watching TV, eating delicious hot pot, surfing the Internet, listening to music! ; watch good movies; play super musicians, dance troupe, go kart and Cs; like the fairy tale pipiru biography - pipiru is not a good kid the school teacher likes, but he is kind-hearted, naughty and lovely, and he is also a little boy who loves invention and creation. Li Wenliang also listed the Decameron in his favorite book, which is a realistic novel criticizing the darkness and evil of the Middle Ages in Europe.

After graduating from University, Li Wenliang went to work in Xiamen Eye Center. One of his colleagues at that time recalled that Li Wenliang was an ordinary person, who had been scolded by the director of the hospital, who had also sorted out the cases until they collapsed. He was a loyal fan of apple. He was even cheated by the driver who had worked in the hospital to buy an apple computer. His colleagues asked him why he didnt call the police, and he said, Hey, forget it..

Photos of Li Wenliang in Wuda

He still remembered that Li Wenliang loved food and wanted to get fit after eating. He bought a fitness card for more than 3000 yuan and went there once when he applied for the card. He was reluctant to transfer 1500 yuan to him.

After working in Xiamen for three years, Li Wenliang resigned and returned to Wuhan in 2014. He worked as an ophthalmologist in the Central Hospital of Wuhan. His wife also worked in an ophthalmic clinic in Wuhan. After marriage, they had a child.

A medical student who practiced in Wuhan Central Hospital was impressed by Lis patience. He recalled to the surging news that the ophthalmology department was very busy. Most of the elderly patients had poor hearing, but Li Wenliang would never be impatient because he could not hear clearly or understand.

He is still fond of eating. He often Posts food photos on Weibo with a humorous comment. He often forwards lottery and red packet links, but only gets a package of wet paper towels. He likes Lao Luo, music, marvel and handwork. He usually pays attention to the information of patients in need. He donated twice in the earthquake in Yaan. He once complained about dont want to go to work and so on You will also feel happy when you leave work on time.

Li Wenliangs Micro blog

Li Wenliangs Micro blog

A few months ago, after a busy days work, he ate the deep fried chicken legs and stepped on the creaking leaves. He felt with emotion that the autumn in Wuhan was gentle and unheated. He hoped to be a simple person in the new year, seeing the complexity of the world but not leaving traces in his heart.

Li Wenliangs Micro blog


Before the outbreak of the epidemic, Li Wenliang was following up the popular drama Qing Yiyue. Zhang Ruoyun, the hero of Qing Yiyue, commented and encouraged him under his latest microblog: come on! I wish you a speedy recovery.

The man, affectionately called little fat by his friend, was suddenly hit by misfortune.

On the afternoon of December 30, 2019, Li Wenliang sent a message to his classmates: seven cases of SARS were confirmed in the South China fruit and seafood market. Isolated in the emergency department of Houhu District, Wuhan Central Hospital. An hour later, he added in the group, the latest news is that the coronavirus infection is confirmed and virus typing is in progress..

Later, he explained on his microblog that on the 30th, he saw a patients test report and found a positive indicator of high confidence of SARS coronavirus. In order to remind students to pay attention to protection, because students are also clinicians, he released the news in the group.

Li Wenliangs Micro blog

After the news was sent out, on January 3, Wuhan police found Li Wenliang and asked him to sign a letter of admonishment: warn and admonish according to law the illegal act of publishing untruthful remarks on the Internet... Wuhan police said afterwards that they had carried out education and criticism at that time, and failed to give them warnings, fines and detention.

After being admonished, Li Wenliang went back to work in the hospital. He once interviewed caixin.com and recalled the process of his infection: on January 8 or so, he admitted a patient who was admitted to hospital with acute angle closure glaucoma. The patient had a poor appetite on that day, but his temperature was normal, and Li Wenliang was not protected. The next day, the patient had a fever. The CT examination of the lung indicated viral pneumonia. The next day after the patient turned away, Li Wenliang began to cough and had fever the next day. On January 12, we checked the respiratory tract virus and did CT. When we were highly suspicious, we were hospitalized with new coronavirus pneumonia. His parents were hospitalized three or four days later.

On January 28, Li Wenliang said in an interview with beiqingshenyi, at first, it was mainly fever and nausea. Later, the high fever gradually subsided, and there was hope. However, after the 16th, it became more difficult to breathe and could not get out of bed at all. Transfer to ICU of respiratory department on the 24th. Now we use antibiotics, hormones, antiviral drugs and high flow oxygen therapy.

Li Wenliang was hospitalized after being infected

On January 30, when Caixin interviewed Li Wenliang, he was still lying in the isolation ward of the respiratory and intensive care unit, after a deterioration of his condition.

On February 1, he wrote on his microblog that the third nucleic acid test results came out and confirmed that he was infected with the new coronavirus. Before that, he did a nucleic acid test and found no result. After treatment, he did another test, which was negative, but he still had difficulty breathing and was unable to move.


The last time Li Wenliang spoke in the college group was on the afternoon of February 3.

His classmate recalled to the surging news that he said that his blood gas was better in the morning, the oxygen partial pressure was 100, he still couldnt move, and he would pant when he moved. Other things were OK. The doctor in charge of the bed said that the recovery of lung function would be slower, and he was expected to be hospitalized for another two weeks.

At that time, he told his classmates, nucleic acid is still positive, and now we are using Coriolis, symptomatic treatment, transnasal high flow oxygen therapy.. The students encouraged him, come on, steady down..

Unexpectedly, on the 5th, his condition suddenly repeated.

Li Wenliangs last rescue was in Houhu District of Wuhan Central Hospital. According to China News Weekly, he stopped his heartbeat at around 21:30 on the 6th, and then used ECMO (artificial lung) to rescue him.

Ge mingningtu, a reporter from the intensive care unit of respiratory and critical care medicine, Wuhan Central Hospital

He worked in Wuhan Central Hospital at 0:38 a.m. on the 7th, released a message that all efforts are being made to rescue. . Three hours later, the hospital announced his death.

At 15:00 on the 7th, outside the intensive care unit, which had left the last trace of his life, the surging news saw that it was very quiet here, only heard the dripping sound from time to time in the door, and a fully armed nurse came out and discarded a bag of medical waste, which should be another rescue.

The other half of the building is the outpatient area on weekdays. Now the lights in the waiting hall and the clinic have been turned off. Apart from the isolation ward, most of the patients coming to the fever clinic are the elderly. Some people put pink plastic bags on their heads as protection, and the elderly are at a loss to find out whether they can be matched with drugs for chronic diseases.

The emergency center in Houhu District of Wuhan Central Hospital was changed to fever clinic, and the access to internal medicine clinic was turned off. Reporter Ge mingningtu

Outside the hospital, there are many flowers for mourning. The owner of a flower shop nearby said that the people who came to buy flowers today are all people who came to mourn Li Wenliang, mostly from other places. They placed orders online and customized greeting cards.

In his wifes hometown, a volunteer in Zaoyang, Hubei Province, brought 1000 yuan, 3 sets of protective clothing and 20 masks to visit his wife after hearing about his death. After arriving at the village, I learned that Li Wenliangs wifes family was resting in a nearby hospital. A doctor at the hospital told him that the local government had intervened in the morning and would properly place her and her family.

Im sorry I didnt see anyone. I hope society will not forget everyone who has paid and their families, the volunteer told the surging news

Many flowers were placed outside the gate of Wuhan Central Hospital. Reporter Ge mingningtu

A former colleague heard of Li Wenliangs death and told surging news that she hoped it was a fake news. When Li Wenliang worked in Xiamen, they were familiar colleagues. After the outbreak, because he was in Wuhan, he was greeted. Unexpectedly, he told me that he was in hospital... In the meantime, former colleagues greet him every few days, he is very optimistic, so I think he will get better...

On December 21, 2012, it was said that it was the end of the world predicted by the Maya people. People played various jokes on the Internet. Li Wenliang, who was working in Xiamen at that time, wrote a micro blog, my friends, you may not be able to contact me from today, because I am going to save the earth. If the sun rises as usual on the 22nd, it means that I have succeeded. Dont thank me, it should be!

Executive vice mayor of Wuhan: expressed condolences to Li Wenliang and fully cooperated with the investigation team. Hu Yabo, member of the Standing Committee of Wuhan Municipal Committee and executive vice mayor of Wuhan, said that Comrade Li Wenliang was infected with a new type of coronavirus in the fight against the epidemic and died after full treatment. On behalf of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the people of the city, I would like to express my deep condolences to Dr. Li Wenliang and all the compatriots who were killed by the virus and their Relatives expressed sympathy.