Ministry of Public Security: close the road and open the circuit without permission and resume normal traffic as soon as possible

 Ministry of Public Security: close the road and open the circuit without permission and resume normal traffic as soon as possible

Du Hangwei, Vice Minister of the Ministry of public security, demanded that local public security organs should scientifically optimize traffic control and resolutely ensure the smooth operation of the road network. We should overcome the departmentalism, adhere to the one chess game of the whole country, do not close the entrance and exit of expressways, block the national and provincial trunk roads, or cut off the rural roads without permission, and resolutely guarantee the smooth access of the road network; for those who close, block and isolate without permission, we should immediately report to the Party committee and the government, punish according to laws and regulations, and restore normal access as soon as possible. In order to meet the demand of urban logistics and ensure the normal operation of the city, it is necessary to guarantee the urban traffic, assist the transportation department to restore the urban public traffic in an orderly manner, and combine with the actual situation to launch measures to facilitate the people and benefit the people, such as logistics and distribution vehicles entering the city and parking.

It is reported that the local public security organs will also take all aspects into consideration, carefully do the second half of the article of the Spring Festival games, firmly tighten the safety strings, focus on the prevention of major accidents, pay close attention to key safety hazards, strictly check and control the fatigue driving of passenger vehicles, illegal behavior of overloading passengers, firmly prevent the sick operation of freight vehicles, effectively control the safety gate of vehicles entering and leaving the countryside, and firmly guard Live in the bottom line of traffic safety, resolutely stabilize the road traffic safety situation, and create a safe road traffic environment for the overall situation of epidemic prevention. At the same time, strengthen the cooperation with the transportation department to jointly guarantee the safety of the centralized transportation of migrant workers, students and other key groups.

Vice governor of Hubei Province: it is forbidden to interrupt the road traffic by means of stacking open circuit, etc

In some places, the road is cut off and blocked. In addition, the road is piled up to block the soil and stones, and the road is completely blocked. In view of this situation, it is clearly required that the provinces traffic should be a chess game. It is necessary to prevent and control the flow of personnel, and ensure the smoothness of the green channel. It is forbidden to block the road traffic by stacking, breaking the circuit or setting permanent isolation Tong.